How can I remove kitchen wall cabinets without visible screws?

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Kitchen wall cabinets

Look carefully at the I side of your cabinetry .

Every now and then an installer would countersink the screw into the back of the cabinet and in the face frame to other cabinets .

Then a matching colored putty was used to fill over the screw head.

,There is another possibility that I can think of although I have encouraged very few kitchens done this way.

Take a look up in the very top of the cabinet .

Where the top meets the back and look if you see metal.

Maybe 1/4u2033 deep and 1 1/2u2033 long .

If you see something like that then you may not have any screws.

That metal is actually a clip that hangs the cabinet on a metal track that is fastened to the wall and the cabinets are just hung on that .

Remove and screws that mey be face frame to face frame and lift the cabinet up off the track.