What is the smartest thing youve seen a child do?

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How to draw stairs on paper

This happened in an orphanage three years ago.

,There were around 20 kids in that room.

From 2yr old to 15yr old.

When I entered the room, they stood up, joined both their hands making a namaste gesture and said out loudly namaskaara.

This little gesture made me happy and sad at the same time.

,We were a group of 6 friends.

Our agenda was to dedicate ourselves to them and teach them whatever they yearned to learn.

One among us sought to teach a group of young kids how to read and write sentences in english.

Another friend was teaching a little older group on how to solve math problems.

,I was sitting on the floor.

A cute little 3 and a half year old girl came and sat next to me with a paper.

Her name was Abhinaya.

She held the paper out to me and told akka, please look at my drawing (akka means didi / elder sister in kannada.

Our conversation happened in kannada.

I have translated them into english)Me looking at the drawings: It is very beautiful!Abhinaya: I like mountains and sunrise.

Hence i drew it.

Would you like to see some more? Me: Yes Yes! She was very eager and jumping.

She brought her colouring book to me and enthusiastically showed me how she had used crayons to colour them up.

,Me: Lovely colours.

You love to draw and colour is it? Abhinaya: Yes akka.

A lot.

Can you teach me how to draw an elephant ? Someone was asking me to teach them to draw! I was happy and I began looking for a pen and a paper as i had not carried any of these things with me.

,Abhinaya realised that i was looking for a paper.

She gave me her drawing paper and said use the backside of this page.

It is empty.

Another little girl named Sindhu who was sitting next to us and listening to our conversation, gave me her pen.

When i was about to start drawing, Abhinaya got up and started walking towards her bag.

,Me: Where are you going? Abhinaya: I will go and get a pencil for you.

Dont use pen akka.

You wont be able to erase it if anything goes wrong.

I was amazed at her quick thoughts.

I did not think about this as i was only focused on teaching her how to draw.

I smiled at her.

Two other little girls joined me and sat around me.

All of them were around 2-4yrs old.

,She came back with a very tiny pencil that was sharpened on both the ends and said sorry akka, this is the only pencil i have now.

I have only one pen and one new pencil.

My friend is using my new pencil.

This one is the old pencilMy heart wrenched when i saw how extremely sad she felt while giving me that tiny pencil.

And i remembered how my dad used to bring me a box full of apsara pencils and how i never ran out of pencils when i was a kid.

,I pulled her closer to me: Any pencil is a good pencil if you can draw using it.

Isnt it?She smiled.

I drew.

The kids around me observed as i drew.

In the end they were all happy.

,I taught them how to draw, how to spell out difficult words, read out stories to them from their text books.



Time passed this way and finally i had to tell them it was time for me to leave :( This was a difficult thing to do.

Abhinaya hugged me and said promise me you will visit me again.

This kid had already developed a bond with me.

She liked me :),I did not know when i would revisit.

I promised her anyway.

Then Abhinaya, Sindhu and other kids began discussing something furtively.

Abhinaya took out something from her bag and rolled it inside a paper and gave it to me.

,Me: What is this? Abhinaya: This is a gift from me to you.

Thank you for teaching me and reading out stories to me.

She and other kids wanted me to open it.

When i opened it, there was a pen inside and the paper was one of the pages she tore out from her colouring book! This was definitely overwhelming to me.

,Abhinaya: I observed that you dont have a pen of your own.

So i am giving you mine.

Such innocence, i thought.

,Me: If you give me your pen, what will you use? I have plenty of these at home.

She took out a refill.

It was only a refill without a pen.

She held it out and said look akka, i have this.

I will use this.

My eyes flooded with tears.

I told her i could not take her pen.

She was reluctant to take it back.

She hugged me and told me to keep visiting her and as i walked down the stairs, i had mixed emotions.



I was feeling sorry for all these orphaned kids, i was thankful for all the things i had / have in my life, i was impressed by how these kids learnt to share and live together at such a young age!,I still have that pen and that sheet of coloured paper with me.