How can I choose the right tiles?

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Choosing the correct tiles for your home can be a tough task particularly with the extensive variety of tiles available.

,Ideally, an experienced interior decorator should help you plan your floor.

The next best option is to discuss the flooring with your architect or contractor.

,There are four main choices for flooring u2013 wooden, granite, marble, and vitrified.

Depending on your roomu2019s function, your flooring will need to be adjusted.

For example, marble will be a good choice for the flooring in your bathroom but granite will be a better fit in your kitchen.

,After laying the floor, you must ensure that there are no gaps in the flooring.

Your flooring will go through a lot of wear and tear, which is why you should pay as much attention to the durability as you do to the beauty.

,Before shopping the floor tiles you have to consider the following points:,a) Picture the area which needs to be tiled- This will help us in knowing the exact location and requirement of wide variety of tiles.

Generally,,u00b7 Ceramic tiles are durable and affordable but are prone to chipping and cracking.

It is highly recommended to go for group-4 or group-5 ceramic tiles which are suitable for areas that handle light and medium traffic.

,u00b7 Porcelain tiles are not only denser and stronger than ceramic but are also scratch and stain resistant.

For a seamless finish, opt for rectified or joint-free porcelain tiles.

Use epoxy grouting to impart a neat look.

,u00b7 Vitrified tiles are strong, durable, stain and moisture resistant.

They are available in different varieties like double charged vitrified tiles which include a two-tone colour, full body have a uniform palette throughout the tile, soluble salt ones are available in different patterns and glazed tiles come with an additional shine.

,u00b7 Also, natural materials like sandstone, limestone, marble or travertine are available in the form of tiles.

,u00b7 For a bold look, opt for cement tiles which are available in traditional patterns.

Since these are porous in nature, they need to be sealed periodically.

,b) Choosing the right size of tiles: Size of tiles should be carefully selected in order to minimise the wastage during cutting.

Generally larger tiles are suitable for living room, dining room and bedroom.

,c) Calculate the cost: Calculate the exact quantity of tiles that are required for the flooring and make sure to add 10 per cent wastage to it.

Keep a budget in mind so that choosing the floor tiles can become a little easier.

,Apart from the economic criteria, always remember to give importance to the quality and durability of tiles.

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