Which type of dining table (with chairs for six people) is suitable and good for a small family?

Small dining Table with Chairs

Are you looking for shapes or brands or what?,Most of this will really depend on your space, personal aesthetic and local availability.

,I have a round pedestal table with a leaf to make to oval when we need extra room for our family of 5.

Itu2019s a sturdy table and fits in our eat-in kitchen with a bay window perfectly.

In our dining room, we have an antique Queen Anne style table that has 4 legs.

Itu2019s a beautiful table but actually smaller than the kitchen table once both leafs are put in.

Both fit 6 chairs comfortably.

The kitchen table, if pulled out, can fit up to 8 chairs.

The dining room table is an antique, so not new - I feel like it could have originally had a second leaf that would have made it fit 8 chairs.

IKEA dining table

The table came with directions.

Why donu2019t you pull them out and read them at least twice.

Read thru them completely once then read them again separating the parts.

THEN start assembling the table while reading them again.