Why is Laurie Baker called u2018the conscience keeper of Indian architectureu2019?

Sustainable materials for interior walls


Laurie Baker was a British born Indian architect.

Influenced by Gandhi.


He emphasised on building cost conscious and sustainable architectural structures.


Low cost,high quality and beauty were hallmark of his work.


He built houses for lower and lower middle class clients.


His architectural style includes,A.

curved walls to enclose more volume at lower material cost than straight walls.


Brick jali walls which utilises natural air movement to cool the homes interior and allows natural light to enter.


Slopping roofs and terracotta Mangalore tile with gables and vents allowing rising hot air to escape.


use of discarded and rejected material for decoration.

ex-broken pottery,pens and glasses.

,he devoted his entire career for rural development and low cost housing for poor.

he started the concept of affordable housing by using locally available material.

his work made him the architect of poor.

,Jai Hind

Sustainable design materials

All materials for which a large fraction are recycled after use are in some measure sustainable.

See my answer here.

What materials are recyclable? However, some consumer product end users may have a preference for materials that are more visibly non-industrial in origin such as plant-based bio-degradable polymers or bioplastics (see Bioplastic) which are becoming more common or kraft fiber paper plates which break down more easily in the recycle refuse stream.

Many non-plant-based plastic products have a stamped or molded in recycle symbol (see Recycling codes) and plastic type which in theory makes them 100% recoverable for reuse.

However, there may be limitations on what are allowable 2nd uses.

For example, PET soda bottles are highly recyclable and highly re-cycled but the re-cycled plastic waste stream may not be fed into in bottled drink applications for sanitary or aesthetic reasons.

All of the most common plastics have a recycle symbol and acronym type code so if you use simply needs this, you have a range to choose from.

At this time, there are operating IR Raman spectrometer based high speed plastic sorting systems beginning to be used which will potentially improve the economics and increase the use of recycled plastics.

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