Why is interior design important?

Psychology of shapes in interior design

Interior design is essential for people, why?,There are still many people think that interior design is not really important, even though itu2019s very beneficial just like its purpose.

,Interior design is purposely to create comfort, which is not enough.

And the u201ccomfortu201d here has a very broad meaning; comfortable in the ambiance, visual, and even function.

And without us realize, they are closely related to the productivity and psychological of the users.


AmbianceThe right interior planning concept will provide an ambiance that reflects the brand or character of its users.

This will make a comforting interior space because it fits their personality, especially in a private area like a bedroom.

,Restaurant with Italian ambiance (Source: Pinterest),Its the same thing in the interior planning of restaurants or hotels.

Lets say an Italian restaurant.

Not only with comfort, but we also have to highlight the Italian ambiance to create an authentic feel.

That ambiance will affect the taste when the customer is being served with the dishes (of course taste is number one but the ambiance is also would help and have an effect on it).

As well as city hotels, resorts, etc.

Interior design built an ambiance that would represent the concept of the branding or the characteristic of its users.


FunctionMultifunctional Furniture.

Source: Pinterest,Wherever the interior planning is, whether its an office, a cafe, or a residence, of course the function must be very concerned.

A good interior planning will provide a good and beneficial function in every interior element, which leads to productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness of activities inside the room.

This function point is usually related to the use of effective furniture (like the multifunctional one) or a layout arrangement that can save up more space.


VisualsOf course this is the highlight of an interior planning, and everyone knows it.

Most people hire interior design services to achieve this point.

This affects the users psychology whenever they are using the room just like the first point (ambiance).

And you wont realize until you feel and think about that.

,Bright and Colorful Interior Design.

Source: Pinterest,Dark and Gloomy Ambiance.

Source: Pinterest,In a room dominated by bright and colorful colors, you will feel more energetic and passionate, while in a room with the use of calm colors with a nature decoration you will feel soothed and relaxed.

And on the other hand, when you are in a narrow room with boldu2014dark colors and rigid decorations, you will feel gloomy, not always because it depends on peopleu2019s taste but most of us will feel that.

Why? Its the color and shape that influence the ambiance that unconsciously affects our psychology.

Shape psychology in logo

Psychology is the root of most modern disciplines.

People say if you search any topic on Wikipedia, it boils down to Philosophy.

But Philosophy also boils down to Psychology of a human.

Plato wrote his philosophical work when Athens and Greece were involved in a war and his mind couldnu2019t bear it.

Rousseau wrote his work because he was not considered sane by society.

Mahatma Gandhi was also influenced by the ideas of Rousseau.

Machiavelli produced his philosophical work under the hood of u201cThe Princeu201d when Florence, Italy was burning.

Karl Marx wrote his work when his brain couldnu2019t bear the suffering of workers and asked them to unite.

,Michel Foucault is known for this theory of u201cKnowledge and Poweru201d.

His work u201cMadness and civilizationu201d challenged the myths of Psychiatry as an exact medical science and ended up contributing to it.

,Not only Philosophers, sociologists like Freud had a troubled childhood.

Never did he know his works would be greatly acclaimed after some time.

,,Psychology and its disciplines:,Aman Khannas answer to What is Psychology?Aman Khannas answer to What is the purpose of psychology?Some of the importance of studying psychology in points:,BEHAVIOUR: It studies human behaviour.

,BRAIN: It establishes the relation between mind and brain.

,COMPLICATIONS: It envelopes less complicated things of managing time to more complicated psychological complications such as Schizophrenia.

,MOTIVATION: You already know Maslowu2019s need hierarchy theory to psyhological disorders such as Dementia or Bipolar disorders.

,MOVIES AND BOOKS: Sidney Sheldonu2019s u201cTell me your dreamsu201d is based on Multiple Personality Disordersu201d (MPD).

So, yes, Psychology is in movies.

,To know various example of Psychology in movies: What is the most psychological Bollywood movie?HELPING: It primary deals with helping other people.

To study it and come out with an effective diagnosis.

,MARKETING: The logo of brands in red, blue and some other colour is not only because of aesthetics but also has different meanings associated with different colours.

,ADVERTS: You see flashy cars and half naked women in adverts to promote the shoe; they are playing with your minds.

What is the psychological effect of advertisement on our lives?POLITICS: It helps study the politiciansu2019 behaviour and how they shape a countryu2019s political scenario: Aman Khannas answer to Why is political psychology important?LOVE: It tells you why you fall in love and how to go about it.

some psychological hacks about love?A