What are the best architecture designs?

Architecture bedroom design drawing

This is one of my ongoing projects.

The site is 40x45 feet.

I must say this is one of my best designs considering the size of plot and the budget.

,we have worked out with the best of natural ventilation and spacious rooms.

,What makes it a good design?,,01.

The design made an impact in clientu2019s life/thinking positively.


Client and Visitors are wondering on how we could do that in such a small plot.


Kept within the budget,04.

Best natural ventilation.


Could fit in all the clientu2019s requirement (2 Bedrooms with Attached Toilets and Wardrobe + Drawing Room + Powder Toilet + Kitchen + Utility + Dining + Family Lounge + Study & Puja + 2 Lavish Balconies + Lavish Outdoor Garden Spaces ),06.

100% - as per Bye-Laws (no deviation),Here are some photos ud83dudc47,Edit: I have earlier uploaded Floor Plan layout.

Since then, some Quorans started to ask for Columns & Brick Work layout.

Hence, I had to remove the Floor Plans.

FYI: This post is not intended to copy design/layouts.

This is a Toilet Ventilator seen from inside the toilet ud83dudc47,Edit:,As requested by a couple of members on the interiors, this project is still going on and Im sharing the kind of interiors I do.

This is from one of my completed projects.