If K-pop idols were K-Quorans, what type of K-Quorans would they be? Would they make aesthetics or write informative answers? What spaces would they be in?

Black and White Aesthetic pinterest

QUESTION: If K-pop idols were K-Quorans, what type of K-Quorans would they be? Would they make aesthetics or write informative answers? What spaces would they be in?,,RM (BTS)Type: The comforting poet,K-Quoran most similar to: Cadence Jackson,RM would write the most poetic and profound answers about lifeu2019s meanings.

Most likely, he would use light academia headers with hues of cream and sage green that he found on Pinterest.

Regularly posts icons in Icon Factory and Cookie Shop.

,Sunmi (soloist, former Wonder Girls)Type: KQuorau2019s girl crush,K-Quoran most similar to: Joanne Shin,You can find her writing kpop opinions, making aesthetics for other people, and being super friendly.

Her aura is cool and she is the ultimate girl crush, and her personality is sweet and caring.

Sunmi can be seen hanging out in her personal Quora space updating people about her life as well as promoting her socials and song covers.

,Jhope (BTS)Type: Aesthetic king,K-Quoran most similar to: Estel,Definitely owns a Pinterest account with thousands of views.

He would be the aesthetics king and would focus on kidcore icons.

Most likely an admin or moderator of Kuorau2019s Claw Machine.

,Jungkook (BTS)Type: Meme king,K-Quoran most similar to: Meraki,Heu2019d focus more on memes and spam rather than the aesthetics or literature portion of KQuora.

He would be in The Potato Hub spamming everyone with pics of Bam, Song, and Paeng in cute outfits, cursed memes or Tiktok links, or random u201chit Tweetsu201d.

,Jeon Somi (soloist, former I.


I)Type: The social butterfly,K-Quoran most similar to: Adora Koo,Somi would run annual fun and interactive Quora spaces.

She would unite KQuorans together and always bring something to the table.

Everyone and their mom is friends with her.

,Chaeryeong (Itzy)Type: The mom friend,K-Quoran most similar to: Stellar in Neverland,Incredibly caring.

Chaeryeong would do check-ins with her followers, write updates about her life, and would post/answer questions about her ults, and praise them (as she should, we love to see it!).

People closest to her can describe her as drinking honey chamomile tea on an autumn morning.

,Chaeyoung (Twice)Type: Girlboss,K-Quoran most similar to: Serena Hunt,Chaeyoung can be found writing informative and captivating answers about kpop opinions and world issues.

She always has inspirational quotes about activism.

Her aesthetic would be either y2k or black and white with hints of strawberries sprinkled throughout.

Moderator of any of the 3 biggest KQuora spaces.

Everybody looks up to her, and she regularly gets massive views and upvotes.

,Sana (Twice)Type: KQuorau2019s sweetheart,K-Quoran most similar to: Sydney Jeon,Owns the cutest minimalistic aesthetic, complete with earth-toned colors along with cute animal emotes.

She would hold social events on KQuora to bring positivity to the community.

Very welcoming and warm to everyone.

Probably posts on her own space a lot, and her close followers will always comment u201cwake up, Sana postedu201d.

,Suhyun (AKMU)Type: KQuorau2019s sister,K-Quoran most similar to: Lavender Heartz,Can never harm a fly, yet she is a total badass.

She loves lots of colors in her answers and is always coming up with the smartest ideas for the KQuora community.

Her answers are always super cool and to-the-point, which is matched beautifully by her cute aesthetics.

A master of both energies.

,// BONUS!! //,Nayeon (Twice)Type: KQuorau2019s number one bestie,K-Quoran most similar to: Katherine,Friends with everyone.

Nayeon has been on KQuora for years and has gotten to know everyone and everything.

An older sibling or mentor to many.


Black and White Aesthetic Girl

Actually, what Howie wrote was actually very sarcastic and invalid.

,I am a girl that wears all black.

I can tell you i am not a ninja, i am not lazy to do my laundry and much like everything Howie listed haha.

,its hard to explain everything but basically the concept of wearing all black is more like a mindset, for minimalists like myself and others.

Why we wear black? Because we enjoy and we like it.

Its just like how some people prefer red over yellow or orange over blue.

We just prefer black.

,Also if you know about streetwear / streetfashion, all black is also a thing and a movement, for people that dont like a lot of colors (or a lot of people just like neutral colors) to get together as a community and just do what we like and wear what we want.

,So thats basically it.

A lot of people outside of the streetwear community think that we are emo and all goth but its actually very inaccurate.

We are not that at all, its just that we find aesthetic in minimalism and in basic colors such as black and white (some like grey too).

,so yeah i hope that answered your question :) dont listen to trolls that actually going around and try to be funny haha.

Have a nice day!