Whatu2019s the closest thing to magic that actually exists?

Reading corner Design in primary school

u201cAny sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

u201d - Arthur C.


What is u201cmagicu201d after all?,Ask yourself why do you find it stunning when a magician pulls out the same card which you just removed from a shuffled deck and kept away in your back pocket? Or when they make somebody you just saw walk into a cabinet then u2018disappearu2019?,You say u201cHow can this be happening? I saw the whole thing from start to finish with my own eyes.

It just cannot be!u201d,That sense of marvel stems in its essence from the feeling that the act in your view of the natural world then defies the laws of physics.

But that is precisely what technological innovation does to people who are far removed enough in terms of time, who could never even have imagined such a thing happening.

,You know, today we are merely impressed but not stunned into disbelief by technological innovation - but that is only because weu2019re there for each incremental step of the ride.

But if any of you went back a hundred years to the veritable masters of the universe seated around the table at Versailles in 1918 and then showed them your cell phone or the internet or rockets or automated vehicles, they would think that you were some kind of a god or a warlock!,Iu2019m at an age now where my teens and early 20s coincided with the years when the internet and wireless were coming into their own in the late 90s and early 00s.

The start of my adult years then overlapped quite neatly with all of their major developments in the popular imagination of these technologies.

,Here are a few entertaining instances here in my own life (and one from that of my ancestors) which might serve to illustrate how technology produces such an effect of u201cmagicu201d.

Some of you might find them trivial or even pathetic but believe me when I say that I am not exaggerating any of these instances for dramatic effect.

,My father grew up in a community of small time peasants and hunters (rabbit and wild boar) in a tiny village by the edge of a large forest in India (yes, thatu2019s the world I personally am just one generation removed from).

This was a poor place even by the standards of a poor nation with no trace of electricity, plumbing or running water and the first electronic gadget that came to that corner of the planet was a radio sometime in the 1950s when my father was a school boy.

Dad says that several dozen farmers and hunters from the adjoining community came around to see it but the most memorable reaction for him was that of his grandmother (this old woman would have been born and raised in the latter half of the 19th century).

When the radio started to emit voice signals, she went down on her knees and started to pray fervently.

Because it was plainly terrifying to her to hear human voices coming from a metal box, something she found hard to even comprehend and made her instinctively fearful.

,I grew up in the 80s and 90s and learned basic computer programming languages at school.

But I still remember how stunned I was the first time I used a PC mouse as a school boy sometime in the early 90s.

I recall asking my friend which keys I needed to type in to move the cursor up or down on the screen and he replied u201cJust move that thing in your hand around.

u201du2026 to which I had said u201cYou mean stuff will automatically move on the screen? How does my manually moving my hand down here on this table, move stuff there on that screen inside the machine?u201d,Then soon after internet started to explode in the late 90s, I was applying to universities in America.

Right till the end of the last century, the norm was to apply by old-fashioned paper applications which you filled out and posted by mail.

Universities were just beginning to start with this new thing called an u201ce-applicationu201d and were doing their best to encourage applicants to use it.

I filled out my applications the old fashioned way anyhow but then needed to correspond with the professors.

My aunt who lives in New York City asked me to use this thing Iu2019d never heard of called u201cemailu201d.

I remember asking her how long itu2019d take for them to get a message as compared to me mailing them a letter by say 72 hour courier service.

Keep in mind this was from 20,000 miles away in terms of geographical distance.

When she said u201cOh, about a couple of minutes.

u201d, it blew my mind! nnBecause you needed to use the telegraph or fax for such things and those were expensive and charged by the line.

I didnu2019t quite understand how I could just write a long letter to someone and itu2019d reach them within a mere minute right across two vast oceans and all of that for free?The first paper I ever presented in a research seminar at Penn in the early years of the last decade was still on that old-fashioned projector with films on which you wrote stuff out with sketch pen.

Many of our professors would still insist on having presentations printed out on paper, they didnu2019t like electronic copies emailed as PPTs or PDFs.

Technology by then had evolved to the point that the DNA codes of several large proteins could be figured out within a matter of minutes or hours by automation.

But I remember one old professor recounting how decades before, they had to literally read them one by one and there were theses earned for manually decoding the DNA sequencing of proteins.

What then took enough labor over years to earn a degree is now possible to finish off over an afternoon (and you donu2019t even need to watch the machine).

,I remember my first iPhone in the summer of 2007 in Boston (it was the very first iPhone version launched in the US) and then thinking back to just a couple of years before when the Motorola RAZR had been released and everyone was going apeshit crazy over it, the thing was a blockbuster.

A friend of mine once said to me that when he first saw the RAZR come out sometime in 2005, he said to himself nnu201cThis is it.

The end of phone evolution.

Because they just CANNOT possibly make anything slicker or better than this thing!u201d,The first model of the Motorola RAZR circa 2005.

How amusing then then how a mere two years later, the iPhone would make this RAZR (u201cthe phone to end all phonesu201d) seem like a dinosaur.

,,You know whatu2019s the most amazing thing about technology in my eyes?,It is not merely that it will come to do things in the future which you think are not even remotely possible today.

,It is that it will come to do things which your mind today cannot even imagine or visualize.

Let me put it in this way.

,When I was a kid in primary school, this was a high tech car.

In the TV Series Knight Rider.

,THIS was the ultimate shit.

,This Pontiac Firebird was what we looked at and said u201cLord, that stuff is crazy!u201d,Today, it looks like a pathetic joke in comparison to the cars running around.

In comparison to what even your average budget car can do, let alone high end luxury ones.

,But todayu2019s cars and gadgets and technologies will be seen as antiquated in 50 years from now.

,The amazing thing is that we donu2019t know HOW it will happen.

But we do know unmistakably that it WILL HAPPEN.

That sense of u201cThough my mind cannot imagine how anyone will ever come to think of this technology or design as being so outdatedu2026.


my mind also knows that it is inevitable.

u201d,How this Ferrari SP38 today which looks so slicku2026,u2026.

will in a quarter of a century from now be viewed in the manner as how today we view its predecessor 328 GTS from the 80s which was u201cthe worksu201d in its own time.

,We donu2019t yet have much idea how itu2019ll come to happen, all we know is that it will.

How our grand-kids will come to see all of these technologies which we use today and regard as cutting-edge to be utterly antiquated.

,That in a sense is like magic.

Except that with a magical act on stage, it pertains to something in the immediate past.

How you know that it happened because you saw it in front of your eyes, but you just canu2019t possibly imagine how.

,When the internet started to become a big thing in terms of mass usage at the turn of the century, its proponents promised all kinds of changes that would come about.

Wild promises, many of which seemed absolutely preposterous at that time.

But now in retrospect a mere two decades later, their predictions were actually conservative.

Because even they could not have foreseen how this technology would not merely stay limited to being an information hub or someplace to buy, sell or publish a whole lot of stuff, but then profoundly impact such diverse domains as politics, warfare, careers, entertainment and dating.

And how it would upend entire industries.

How the wireless phone - this one gadget - would single-handedly take a sledgehammer to whole traditional industrial sectors like watches, cameras, music players and map-makers, which had lasted previously for decades, if not centuries.

Just like that.

,To end with another favorite quotation which I once read (I canu2019t honestly recollect from where now) about the paradox of most major technological innovations -

Reading corner ideas for preschool

Reasonably decorate the interior space of the kindergartenThe spatial layout is the basis of reasonable interior decoration, as is the layout of the kindergarten space.

Whether the space can be reasonably arranged determines whether the decoration design of the kindergarten can be successful.

Lets take stock of the methods and design ideas for the reasonable layout of each space.


Event space designThe most important thing in the layout of the activity space is the clever use of partitions.

A common method is to use shelves, furniture or partitions in each classroom space to make semi-enclosed learning and living areas and corners.

And put corresponding facilities in each space to improve the layout of each space.

For example, provide seats and cushions for reading corners; or put toys such as puzzles and building blocks for play corners.


Sleep space designSleeping space requires absolute quietness, so when designing, it should be far away from entertainment areas and daily activity areas.

In terms of space layout, separate small beds are generally used, and some cartoon images, such as piggy, bear, penguin, and other plush toys, are used to give children a sense of security and help them.

Go to sleep.


Classroom space designThe equipment in the classroom must be arranged at night, especially the childrens seat arrangement must be reasonable, not only to facilitate teachers to impart knowledge but also to facilitate teachers to move around at any time.

,In addition, teachers should have dedicated storage space, such as staplers, glue, paper clips, scissors, and other items that are likely to cause children to be injured.

They must be preserved to prevent children from swallowing, playing, and danger.


Reception space designThere must be a special reception space in the kindergarten, and do not let idlers and strangers close to the classroom or management area, so as not to carry bacteria and cause cross-infection.

Therefore, the design of the reception space is very necessary.

Generally, if there is a reading space, chairs, toys, etc.

, a good conversation space for children, parents, and principals.

,COWBOY Group with a heart that loves preschool education,Create healthy and diverse space for children