What is the average standard of living in the UK? I have seen people state it is easy to live off 25euro, $29500 which would be impossible in the US for a family. Without including large cities what is the typical UK salary & lifestyle like?

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Small living room ideas UK

I am not typical, as I am very poor by UK standards.

My total income works out around u00a311,000 a year.

,OK, I have very few of what I would consider luxuries.

I donu2019t go on holiday, I very rarely go to the cinema, I buy nearly all my clothes second hand, I get most of my food from the Reduced to Clear section and my idea of eating out is a u00a33:50 Meal Deal from Greggu2019s, eaten on a park bench.

I have to be very economical with heating during winter.

I do not have a car, and I rent rather than own my own home.

I havenu2019t had hot water for 18 months or a washing machine for a year, because my landlord will neither maintain the property himself nor allow me to do so.

,But I eat very well - last night for example I had roast duck.

I live in a three-bedroom maisonette with a fairly large living-room and kitchen and a small private garden, in quite a nice village.

I have pets, and manage to keep up with their feed and medical care.

My own medical care is all covered by the taxes I paid when I was younger, so even though I am on eight different prescription meds for diabetes and high blood pressure, they donu2019t cost me a penny and I donu2019t have to worry that they ever will.

Since I am on a low income, basic dental care is also free and my spectacles are partially subsidised.

I can travel wherever I want to by public transport - and since I am over 60, travel on the bus is free.

I own a moderately good TV and DVD player, a second-hand Blu-Ray player I havenu2019t actually set up yet, two PCs (one of which was my late motheru2019s), a laptop, a 3D printer, a middle-range smartphone and a landline phone as well (although none of them is worth more than about u00a380, so please note itu2019s not worth robbing me for them).

I have about six thousand books, a collection of interesting or amusing ornaments, enough DIY and craft tools to stock a hardware store, and a genuine Victorian pine kitchen table.