What does a $200,000 house look like where you live?

Duplex staircase for small house

I live in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Which happens to be the capital of our small nation.

And thus as with every other capital, houses here are expensive.

First of all you canu2019t have a house at that price here.

A decent sized plot in the city will set you back at least one to four million USD.

And while there are few who can afford that, they are beyond the price rage placed in the question.

,As for apartments, there are option like this one.

,This Apartment complex is called Drizzle, made by Cube Holdings.

Located in the Bashundhara Residential Area, it consists of six 2,005 sft luxury apartments and one duplex.

The average price for each apartment was around BDT 15,000,000 or around 178,582 USD .

,Here are few shots of the interior:,Parking:,Staircase:,Floor plan:,And the few more shots of the exterior:,During daytime:,Rooftop:,I wish I could post some pictures of the actual apartments but since all of them has been sold and were customized to the customers preference, doing so will be a violation of privacy.

,The price for this kind of apartments outside the capital drops significantly however.

For example in Chittagong (Our second largest city) the price will be around 2,000,000 (~23,811 USD) BDT less