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Chivla beach!Chivla beach, is hardly a kilometre from Malwan region, Maharashtra.

It is a fantastic destination which is a blend of historical traditions and thrilling water sports.

,Midst of corona waves, my husband wisely selected this place for our honeymoon trip! He planned it all and booked one day before we started for the trip! Though mask was mandated everywhere except water sports!,To give an outline of what will excite you at chivla beach -Coastal area (very very Neat!),Malvani foods,Moderate climate with windy atmosphere,Nice beach view,Splendid Water sports,Parasailing,Banana ride,Motor boat ride,Scuba diving,Dolphin point,Boat ride to Simpla point,Places of high value, beauty and heritage -,Sindudurg fort of Mahraj Shivaji,Simpla point,Rock garden and Water show,Sun set point,Stalls near the beach area,Gift articles and artworks for sale made in shells and conches,Earrings, bangles and key chains made of shells and conches,Ganapathy staues carved in big conches,A well maintained Fish spaHe had booked our room at a resort named Annapoorna, which was a peaceful, spacious safe and air conditioned resort.

,At the coast of chivla, there will be number of such resorts but one thing that makes Annapoorna special is that it is very spacious with has bunch of coconut trees around the resort and the view of the sea is spectacular from the resort ! There are no words to praise about the food provided in the resort which is simple and tasty.

Dining is arranged on the veranda of the resort owners house.

Gentle breezes continously touch you while you dine!,It is a medium size thaali which has Varan (Toor dal tempered with spluttered mustard seeds, fried garlic and red chili) one dry sabji with fresh coconut topping, one vegetable curry, Solkadi (A drink prepared in Maharashtra), lemon pickle, mixed vegetable dry salad, 2 chappatis, 1 medium size plate rice and Aamrakand dessert!,Yes! Homely it looks right?!,Am a vegetarian.

But Annapoorna resort provides Nonveg food as well.

The owners are too considerate and sweet people as they are quite flexible with serving time.

,,The water sports were very interesting and the professionals were well trained who made the the games fun filled, safe and memorable one!,The most exciting one was scuba diving! My husband booked this trip mainly upon getting fascinated for scuba diving! The divers take 15 people in a batch and the rest in next.

In our batch, I was given tag no 1 for identification but as I was nervous my husband interchanged it with me and was the first person to get into the water in that batch to meet the fishes at the bottom! He is so daring!!,Then once he came back from his diving, he gladly explained all what he saw and building up my confidence level! I stayed inside water only for about 25 seconds.

The scuba professional guides were so kind and cooperative.

We were taught of some signs before we dive into the waters.

Yet I came up soon due to my fear.

But husband saw it for entire one and half minutes until the guides pulled him up!,It would be incomplete if I dont tell you one smart thing my husband did during this trip which will prove an amazing idea for anybody who are planning to go for a scuba! The day before our honeymoon, we went to a big mall to purchase some trendy casual wears suitable for beach trip.

Then while returning from there he got a bunch of self locking cable ties from a shop.

(See pic attached below.

) The use of it at that moment was something that I was totally clueless about.

,When I came to know his idea behind it, I was shocked with his amazing presence of mind.

He said it will useful to tie my u2018Mangal sutrau2019 along with my bra strap on both sides so it will not come off while we go under water dive! ud83dude05 It really worked well and I was tension free and didnt even think about loosing mangal sutra in the waters! Remember this tip when you plan for a scuba anytime!,Para sailing and Banana ride was two other fun events in the sea.

The professionals took us to a distance in a boat over the waters and upon reaching some distance they provided us with a jacket for each other well tied by thick rope to the boat.

And upon providing us with other safety stuffs and instructions, one of the professionals operated a lever in the boat and we started to fly up in the air.

We were allowed to parasail as couple and it was like fairytale experience.

Though one disappointment was the time we were allowed to stay up in the air was only for 30 secs which was too less.

Otherwise it was simply mind blowing!,Coming to banana ride then, was fun to ride in motor boat tied with a banana like six seater structure which follows behind the motor boat that is moving.

We are provided with life jackets.

Upon reaching a certain distance suddenly, the co professional in the boat presses a lever and the entire banana seater is toggled in the water and we all get a good splash of salt water and get fully drenched in water and in ecstasy too!,,The next galvanic time was on the way to dolphin point.

We were all excited to watch dolphins jump and dive in the waters then.

It took about half and hour to reach the point from the shore.

We spotted plenty of jelly fishes on the way as we slightly peeped out of our seat.

But we could not see dolphins during our trip and we were told by the guide that it was little bit late to see dolphins as it was around 12 noon.

It was said that they come in the mornings! After few minutes of watching the wonderful natural beauty around and a couple of selfie sessions, our boat was turned back to return to the shore.

As we were half way back, the tides got heavier and the boat was moving so hap hazardly.

We all made noises in fright but the professionals kept calming us and safely drove us back after 20 mins of struggle due to high tides.

They seemed more like water heroes as they performed some brave stunts to keep the boat in control during the high tides.

,,Next point was another amazeballs! Yes its the Simpla point.

Again to were taken in boat from the shore to the point for about half an hour.

We found zillions of shells and small conches piled up in the sandy shore edges! Me and hubby collected so many different shells and conches hoping to make some artworks.

There were two big rocks midst of shallow waters there at the simpla point.

It is so ideal for taking couple candid pics.

Couples were posing romantic waiting for their turns!,There is yet another Simpla point near Sindudurg fort built by shivaji maharaj.

There were different types of pebbles and colorful stones in the there.

,,Without seeing Sindudurg Fort and knowing the history of how it was built and other background stories about how organised and planned Shivaji maharaj had built the Fort, the trip is not complete.

And a true patriot will never miss it too!,The tour guides explain everything from history to current changes and materials used those days in building such a massive fort! They explain in Marathi as well as Hindi and few things in English too.

Listening to it will simply shake you! That brainy their construction tricks and processes were! It is again a very nice place to take candid poses! But be careful while you walk over the stairs and rocks as some are broken.

,Theres a museum inside the fort where it describes the entire history of sivaji maharaj and about the construction of Sindudurg Fort.

It is printed and hung in hindi and marathi on the museum walls.

Capturing photos are not prohibited but few are restricted though.

There is huge exhibit of antiques and weapons used by Shivaji Maharaj and people of that period.

,There is a special room in there where Sword used by Shivaji Maharaj is kept in a locked Glass box.

The guide told it weighed about 70kgs! I got horripilated the moment I heard it.

Imagine lifting a sword of 72kgs itself is an awe inspiring thing while swinging it in the air in the war field to fight enemies is something I really cannot express in words!,There was also a shrine of Bhavani Mata (Goddess Paravathi) and a shrine of Lord Shiva.

Where in it was built in such way that it had a secret passage behind the shrine to help old and needy people escape and store food materials during the furtive attacks of enemies! The planning and architecture is simply impeccable!,Some people reside there inside and near the fort and they are said to be the descendants of the soldiers of Maharaja Shivaji.

There is a temple for Shivaji maharaj and the people worship him by offering flowers and fruits.

Recently about Seven years back that temple has been renovated with marbles.

,,Yet another ideal spot near chivla beach is the Rock gardern.

It is exactly on the opposite side of the beach area.

It is about 15 mins walk from the resort or you can even hire an auto to reach there.

The entrance to rock garden is through a park which is ideal for childrensu2019 play and also it keeps the child inside every adult active! One can various gaming structures like rope walk, different type of slides, swings, see - saws, balancing rods, wheels etc.

The maintenance of the park walls and the various plants planted there were excellent.

,At the end of the park the rock garden is situated where you get to see the natural beauty of rocky mountain.

It is yet another awesome spot for snaps.

See to that you have a lot of space in memory card and full charge in your mobile! You will not feel complete with the photo sessions no matter how much ever you take! It is better to go there in the early evening and before it gets dark to enjoy it the fullest.

,At end of the rocky edges you can sit down dropping your legs down to watch the talking sea! That is the sun set point! Wow what sight it was! It intensely affected us and both being nature lovers became little emotional seeing the beauty of sunset! Make sure that you go on time to catch the setting sun or else that reddish yellow guy will be gone for the day you will have to postpone the visit for the next day!,After 7 pm is the real catch in there! They display a water show with manmade fountains which change colours and there waves in accordance to songs and music played.

It was mind blowing to watch it.

People were sitting gathered watching it and also made lot of happy howls and claps for the songs being played.

Then once the show is over, the guards carefully help the crowd to move out of the park.

,,There were many petty and medium sized stalls near the beach area which had various varieties of gift articles, artworks and jewellery made out of shells and conches.

Most exciting part of these stalls was the fish spa!Large number of small fishes were let to float in a big tank and customers are allowed to put their legs in the tank for the spa treatment.

Immediately upon letting the legs inside, the fishes schools on to our foot and gives nice ticklish feeling! It cleans all the dead cells in our foot by eating them up! The gaurd allows four people at a time for about 20 minutes to enjoy the spa effect after entry fee.

,I am not sharing the pic that we clicked there because seeing it will only make you averse that and I dont want it happen so! Even I saw pics before I went in for a leg dip in the fish tank for pedicure and become over cautious.

Only after my husbands persuasions I tried it and surely dont regret it.

It was such a nice tickling feeling!,,In all, it was an absolutely fantastic beach side trip with jaw dropping historical site and natural scenery to mouth drooling malvani street foods! Non vegetarians can even enjoy sea foods at chivla!,Theres a also Cashew making factory little bit inside the city.

Though the factory does not allow visitors to see the Cashew making process but freshly packed salted and unsalted Cashews can be bought! We bought chat masala Cashew packet and it tasted yumm! Many such varieties of flavouring were there in the shop.

But it was little bit pricy I felt may be for the reason it is directly sold out from the factory or something!,The surprising thing was that tourists who came to visit Goa were brought here for some water sport.

After having brief conversations with few people we found that water sports with nearly same time period is cheaper in Chivla rather than Goa! One couple was really smart who had come to Chivla one day to enjoy the water sports and planned their Goa trip from next day for other enjoyments knowing about this cost differences!,Since the resorts are along the beach there is no shortage of wind and you dont have to worry about drying up your wet clothes after the water sports! It is always windy with mild sunny touch!,,Hope this information will help you if you plan for a trip to Chivla! Keep me posted of your views and fun moments at this place in the comments section.

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