What is it that we as Indians are collectively doing wrong?

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Spending money to showcase ourselves, not our society as a whole.

,I grew up in Kolkata, India and now I stay in Amsterdam, The Netherlands for work.

,Let me give you an analysis of what I find the difference between the two places.

This is a long post but with lots of pictures - so you can skim through it in less than a minute.

,Real Estate-Kolkata - one of the upcoming skyscrapers,This is Forum Atmosphere.

A luxury condominium built around the E.

M Bypass, Kolkata.

Neither it is the best location, nor it is unique in its design but categorized as top-end luxury Price/apartment 10 cr ~16cr.

Amsterdam - a similar one there,The building in the center is the HAUT, Amsterdam.

Located in an absolute prime location with gorgeous views to the Amsterdam city and the Amstel river.

The building is made of wood.

This is the tallest wooden residential tower in The Netherland.

Absolute luxury.

Cost 800K ~1.

2 million.

INR 6.

5 crore to 10 crores.

,Weddings-Indian weddingThe grandeur, the guests, the gold everything would set you back by at least 40~50lacs, both the groom and bride combined( No dowry, please).

,Dutch weddingA simple affair with family and close friends.

Cost max 10~15K i.

e INR 8~12 lacs.

And that too most dutch people donu2019t get married, nowadays, for the cost involved.

,Car-Now, this is not an exact comparison.

But assuming a person of my income level would definitely opt for a new car in Kolkata.

In my peer group, the standard car would be a Honda city Petrol ZX version.

,Kolkata Cost around 15 lacsAmsterdamIn Amsterdam, I know of very few people in my peer group who would buy a new car.

They all buy a used car and they are as good as new even after a few years.

So, in all probability, they would buy something like this.

,around 15K = 12 lacs.

,Now the other side of the storyCleaning-Kolkata Rs 1200/ month.

Amsterdam Min 15 euros/hr = INR 1200/hr.

30 times more expensive.

Food-Kolkata: Rs 1200 food in Kolkata.

Enough for the whole family.

,Amsterdam 15 euro/ Rs 1200 food - Mostly unhealthy and cheap food.

So quality food is much more expensive.

,Garbage collection -Kolkata.

Manual cleaning in most places.

All expenses come from the KMC.

No Individual payment per family - hence the Amount paid per person is u2018Zerou2019.

Amsterdam: Separate bins for garbage segregation.

It is picked up by the garbage truck and there is no exposure to the garbage anywhere.

Cost - around 20 euro/month/person so INR 1600/month/person.

Pretty expensive.

,Roads -Kolkata - it is a mess.

Some roads are good while others are potholed and there is hardly any good drainage system.

Road tax paid, letu2019s say for the above Honda city - one time around INR 25,000.

The Netherlands: The roads are flawless, and driving is a dream.

Road tax paid for the same car: euro 50 = INR 4000/month.

That is, one Dutch car would pay the same road tax in 6 months in the Netherlands as what an Indian car would pay in the entire lifetime.

,Entry to heritage buildings-Kolkata Entry to Victoria memorial INR 20.


Amsterdam Entry to Rijksmuseum euro 17.

50 = INR 1400,I can cite several other examples.

The point Iu2019m trying to drive home is that we Indians spend more, a lot more than an average European, on things that showcase our status - expensive homes, fancy cars, royal weddings, gold, etc.

,But, we are not willing to spend on things that collectively improve our lives and all the people who depend on them.

We are not willing to pay for better garbage collection, roads, nor paying domestic maids or cooks more, nor more entry fees for historic monuments, which can then be better preserved.

The dutch seem to understand this way better than us- better services cost extra money and they are more willing than us to spend money on those services.

,This is a thing that I think we all are doing wrong - spending our resources for individual oneupmanship and not for the collective well-being of our society.

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Moving forward in mobility.

Marktaandelen motorrijtuigenverzekeringen.

Combined ratio s en schadecijfers.

Schadeoorzaken en trends - PDF Gratis downloadvictoria memorial - Google Searchamsterdam - Google Search,EDIT 1 - Thanks for the responses so far, I see some patterns in the comments.

Iu2019ll try to answer some of them here.

You cannot compare a developed country with a developing country -Now when is a country called developed? And why do we want to be developed? Does being developed mean growing randomly and chaotically until we reach a certain hypothetical GDP figure to get a tick from the IMF or World Bank and then focus on improving the lives of people and society.

,Or, does it mean we continuously put our best effort to improve the society, the ecology and the lives of the citizens and when we are sufficiently there, we call ourselves developed.

Shouldnu2019t it be the other way round to what we are pursuing today?,Lavish weddings, expensive homes, contribute to the economy and livelihood of people -No doubt, I never doubt the economic impact of them.

Iu2019m only questioning the distribution of the spending so that it improves our society as a whole.

,For example, Greater Kolkata has a population of 1.

5 crores.

Letu2019s say we have 3000 marriages a month with a total average expense of 50 lacs each( both sides included + money spend on gifts by people ) - this comes to a total economic output of 1500 crores a month.

,If we just redistribute this spend where each person in Kolkata contributes INR 1000/month to the municipality for sewerage, garbage collection, and disposal.

This too comes at 1500 crores/month.

,Now, what can we do with 1500 crores/ month - we can employ 4,00,000( 4 lakh) people at INR 25k/month each at these services and still left with 500 crores each month for material costs.

We can buy automatic trucks, underground disposal areas, underground sewerage all within these costs - so that no one has to do the dirty job.

,If we can do this for a couple of years - then I think, it is enough to reach our cleanliness level to a developed country level.

,I already pay GST and income tax and govt should fund these expenses -The problem is when you expect these services to be paid by a central authority - there is no fixed revenue coming to the Municipality every month.

If the GST collections are down there would be a shortage of funds, if the govt wants to pander a different community these funds are the first to be curtailed, if there are funds needed elsewhere to dole out for elections these funds are siphoned off.

With these services of roads, sewerage, garbage collection - we want consistency and not run on the whims of the govt or economy.

,If we pay the municipality directly we can have a clearer idea of how much funds are incoming to the municipality and we can have a body of individuals(local residents) who review the expenditure and budgeting.