Are Swedish homes all really well organized and nicely designed u2014 almost like an IKEA showroom?

Floor and wall paint combination

No, not really.

And then again, yes.

Let me try to explain:,While it is true that Swedish homes are more often very pleasant to visit than others, you do actually see lots of homes where the prevailing style is not really all perfectly corporate and orderly.

,But I do have to say, the average, Swedish home is unusually good to look at.

,Nice flooring and walls, furniture, lighting, colour combinationsu2026 my theory as to why that is the case is simple:,It is pretty hard to buy something ugly in Sweden.

,Like, if you want to buy an awful rug, or a screamingly ugly table, or a terrible painting - wellu2026 good luck.

The entire country is devoid of these things.

If it is available in a Swedish shop, it will be tasteful.

Itu2019s as simple as that.

You could say, itu2019s a country without ugly things in it, so whatever you drag along on a weekend shopping spree, it will be tasteful, whether you know what youu2019ve bought or not.

,Itu2019s fool proof.

,So, you could send out a person with a sensationally oafish sense of taste to procure home furnishings, and they would still come home with a truckload of perfectly acceptable things.

,That doesnu2019t mean the home owners have taste.

But the shops certainly do.

Best wall color for white tile floor

The best colors are beige or light brown from wooden types of furniture or decor.

Green from indoor plants.

Black, dark blue, teal or orange for a pop of color.

Light pinks for a more feminine touch.

Just make sure to color coordinate to create harmony for your space.