What was the strangest thing you discovered when you moved into a new home?

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Vertical striped wallpaper

A jar of tongues!!!,When I was 12, my parents, my sister and I moved into a new home.

In the closet underneath the basement stairs, there was a jar.

In the jar were things that looked like brains or tongues or some other monstrosity.

My 12-year-old brain reeled with possibilities.


They werenu2019t brains.

They were very pale pickled peppers.

,But they very much looked like tongues.

And besides, who leaves a jar of pickled peppers in the basement when they move?,By the way, two bedrooms in that house had reflective metallic wallpaper.

Another bedroom had striped wallpaper - vertical on 3 walls and horizontal on the fourth.

One room had decidedly orange carpet and decidedly pink walls.

,It was a very interesting place.

Luckily, my dad is in the carpet business.

So the day we took possession, we stripped all of the wallpaper, painted all of the walls, and then replaced all of the carpet.

,2 weeks later it was a decidedly less scary palate of beiges, browns, and a rather lovely purple in my sisteru2019s room.

,But those peppersu2026I still shudder thinking about them!