Acting: ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "What is the typical set up for an actors trailer on a movie or TV set?

Small bathroom with shower layout

There are several different common trailer setups for talent.

,Big stars sometimes get a single trailer.

The whole thing is for one actor.

Thereu2019s a bathroom with a shower, a good amount of seating, maybe a coffee table or mini kitchen.

Some stars own their own trailer, tricked out to their liking.

,When an actoru2019s agent negotiates a contract, accommodations are included.

It may be non-specific, simply stipulating that you will accommodations similar to whatu2019s provided for other actors with the same billing, or the best available accommodation.

You might get a dressing room if youu2019re shooting on a sound stage, otherwise youu2019ll be in a trailer.

Depending on their layout, these trailers are referred to as u201cdouble bangers,u201d u201ctriple bangers,u201d or u201cfour-bangers,u201d which are sometimes also referred to as u201choneywagons.

u201d,A double-banger has two actor spaces per trailer, so thatu2019s the most desirable, apart from a single or nice dressing room.

Good amount of space, your own bathroom, a couch, tv, mini-fridge, desk and chair.

Stars/series regulars and guest cast with larger roles often get put in double-bangers.

,A triple-banger has three rooms per trailer.

The rooms are smaller with fewer amenities, but usually along the same lines as double-bangers in terms of decor and comfort.

,Four-bangers or honeywagons are entry-level trailers, and thereu2019s usually a pretty big dropoff in comfort, space, and amenities.

Four rooms to a trailer, very narrow.

Usually thereu2019s a padded bench or chair and a narrow desk, maybe a mirror.

Often the partitions between rooms are foldable plastic walls, so there isnu2019t much privacy.

There may be a small bathroom, just a sink, or neither.

These are called u201choneywagonsu201d because sometimes one or two of the spaces in these trailers are small crew/background bathrooms, and u201choneywagonu201d is the industry term for the trailer with the bathroom in it.

,Other trailers commonly found on set are the hair and makeup trailer, wardrobe trailer, production trailer (for members of the Assistant Director staff), craft services trailer (which may or may not be open to cast and crew depending on the setup,) and various equipment trailers.