Why should you install a shower cabin inside your bathroom?

Bathroom with Shower Cabin

Adding shower cabin in the bathroom is copied from the western countries.

,it is just to divide the bathroom into parts.

From the last one decade in India bathroom are divided into wet area and dry area,Dry area - wash basin ,Water closet commode and dressing room.

,Wet area - shower cabin.

,just to avoid passage of water to dry area separation of shower cabin is provided.

Shower Bath

I think pools do better than showers, and sometimes baths too.

Immersion cleans a lot more thoroughly, and then you have the disinfectant of chlorine.

You should not use a swimming pool as your sole source of hygiene if you have consideration for pool chemistry and pump maintenance though.

,Some people have no issue not bothering to rinse out the chlorine even handle keeping chlorine-water-wet clothes on and letting them dry on them.

Some people are very sensitive to chlorine and need to install water filters in their showers (they usually donu2019t tolerate pools at all).

Most people are in between where a basic rinse shower after swimming is fine.