How can I keep a YouTube video open on Chrome, while I follow along with the instructions with Premiere Pro open on top?

Premiere Pro dual monitor not working

If you have a YouTube red subscription, you can minimize chrome and follow along with the auditory instructions from the video in premiere.

This probably isnu2019t the ideal solution for you though, since much of the important information youu2019ll be recieving is visual, and youll have to be clicking back and forth from premiere to chrome in order to see what has been demonstrated.

,You could operate both premiere and chrome in windowed mode so you can see the YouTube video and work in premiere at the same time.

This might still require a YouTube red subscription, Iu2019m not sure.

Itu2019s not an ideal solution either because you have to work with a very limited workspace in premiere.

,If you have dual monitor display, you can set up chrome on one monitor and premiere on the other.

Allowing you to have optimum work space, and still be able to see the vide.