What is the difference between the human eye and a camera? What are the similarities between the human eye and a camera?

5 differences between human eye and camera

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,Both can focus the light and capture the image.

However, the two are different in anumber of ways.

Let us have a detailed look at the important difference between human eye and cameraud83dudc41ufe0f Vs ud83dudcf7Human eyeVs,Leica Camera (1950s),Hasselblad 500 C/M with Zeiss lens,human Eye vs camera (DIFFERENCES)Following are the important difference between human eye and camera.

,Outer Cover :Human eyes vs camera,Cornea is the outer cover.

(human eyes),Lens is the outer cover.

(camera),Function of CoverCornea protects light and causes the light entering it to bend.

(human eyes),The lens only protects the camera.

(camera),PupilPupil is the pinhole through which light enters the lens.

(Human eyes),Camera has a hole through which light enters the lens.

(cameras),Location of LensThe lens is located very deep in the eye.

(Human eyes),Camera lens is visible in front of the device.

(Camera),Focusing of LensThe ciliary muscles maintain the internal focussing quality of the lens.

(Human eyes),Camera lens can be adjusted by the photographer.

(cameras),ResolutionResolution is 576 mega pixels(Human eyes),Camera has 2 to 20.

now a days its upto 108mp and Samsung has challenged to make upto 600 mega pixel resolution camera(cameras),RetinaThe image is formed here(Human eyes),The image is formed over a film(camera),Stereoscopic VisionIt captures 3D images also in the eyes.

(Human eyes),It can capture only 2D images.

(camera),These were some of the important difference between a human eye and camera.

Both possess certain structures performing similar functions.


vitreous body 2.

ora serrata 3.

ciliary muscle4.

ciliary zonules 5.

Schlemms canal 6.

pupil 7.

anterior chamber 8.

cornea 9.

iris 10.

lens cortex 11.

lens nucleus 12.

ciliary process 13.

conjunctiva 14.

inferior oblique muscle 15.

inferior rectus muscle 16.

medial rectus muscle17.

retinal arteries and veins 18.

optic disc 19.

dura mater 20.

central retinal artery 21.

central retinal vein 22.

optic nerve 23.

vorticose vein24.

bulbar sheath 25.

macula 26.

fovea 27.

sclera 28.

choroid 29.

superior rectus muscle30.

retinaNow its time for SIMILARITY,1-Both capture the image using the same principles.

,2-Both possess components to regulate the amount of light entering.

,3-Both can focus the light and capture the image.

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