What are the best ways to generate good business ideas?

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One can get the best ideas for starting a business by reading this answer till end:),1.

Real Estate Photo ServiceHeres an industry to look into for all you photographers who want to make money from your passion.

,As more people attempt to sell their own homes through online platforms, the demand for real estate photo service is increasing.

,A basic shot from a professional photographer costs around $250.

If you do just 8 shoots per week, then you can earn up to $2000 per week.


Selling Airbeds at FestivalsA huge amount of people turn up to festivals planning to sleep on the ground and then change their mind after the first night.

,Buy air beds in bulk off Alibaba.

200 airbeds will cost you around $1000.

,From what Ive seen, the demand for these sorts of things at festivals is huge and there is often very little supply.

A great way to make a bit of money if you ask me.

Sell these for $35 each on Amazon and give offers to pump them up.


Hostel OwnerRent out a building in an area frequented by tourists.

The rent will be around $4000 per month.

,Convert rooms into dorms with bunk beds.

For e.


6 rooms with 8 beds per room.

,Advertise cheap and social accommodation for tourists.

Charge $15 per bed per night and make your annual income up to $211,200.

,So, how many of you would love to quit your job and own one of these? You meet plenty of new people every day and all you have to do is make sure they all have as much fun as possible!,4.

Tourist Guide WebsiteThis business idea is for those of you that live in a relatively touristy area.

Theres plenty of money to be made, marketing your business is the hard part.

,Choose the town or a city that you know well and make an attractive website where tourists can ask for a tour guide.

,Hire some professional tourist guide who can take groups of tourist on walking tours, showing them all the best sights and things to do.

,Do marketing of your site through social media marketing and Google Ads.

Charge your clients after adding a reasonable margin to your cost.


Stationery Vending MachinePurchase a bunch of vending machines costing $5K.

,Fill vending machines with an assortment of stationery items.

For e.


pens, pencils, notebooks, rulers, etc.

,Set up these machines at local schools and colleges.

Students are always losing their pens or breaking their rulers.

Setting up stationary vending machines in schools or universities would almost certainly prove a profitable venture.


Recipes by Ingredients AppCreate an app where it suggests recipes based on the ingredients you have available in your pantry.

Make it easy for people to decide what to cook for dinner using whatever is left in their pantry.

,Use site such as Upwork, Freelancer, etc.

to get app created or simply contact us to create an attractive application.

,You can easily earn up to $200,000 per year through Ad revenues.


UNI Essentials PackageHere is a business idea for all students looking to make some extra money.

,Buy things in bulk that students need when they first arrive at university.

For e.



Kitchen utensils, bed sheets, etc.

,Sell a UNI Essential welcome package to freshers on their first day of university.

,Market on fresher Facebook groups, at university open days, putting up posters around campus, etc.


Boot CampThis business idea is for those of you that love to stay fit!,Find a local park that is suitable for running an outdoor business boot camp.

,Market your boot camp at local offices where people may be looking for after work exercise.

,Charge $15 for a one hour fitness session.

Grow the size of those classes and you really dont have to be charging much per person to be making very good coin.


Mobile Car DetailingDont make people come to you, instead drive round to their place and clean their car while they watch TV.

Now here comes a service that people wouldnt mind paying for.

,Buy necessary car cleaning equipment.

For e.


pressure washer, buffer, sponges, etc.

,Hire few workers and ask them to visit client houses and clean their cars at their requested time.

,Start with a low price and increase over time.


Gluten Free Subscription BoxThis service is for gluten free customers who struggle to find a variety of cheap, gluten free snack.

,Buy a wide range of gluten free snacks in bulk.

For e.


$1000 worth snacks split into 100 boxes.

,Now deliver a small box of snack to each customer and charge $25 for your weekly service.


Reviewing WebsitesHeres a money making idea for students to earn a bit of side income from home or for those people who have some free time.

,com is a site that allows you to review new websites and apps.

Tasks dont take long and you can earn some decent money if you spend a few hours each day pumping out some work.

u2060,Get paid $10 for every task each, taking around 15-20 minutes.

If you do just 10 reviews per week, then you can easily earn $400 per month.


Car DiffusersThese appear to be a pretty successful product to make money from at the moment.

Buy car diffusers in bulk from Alibaba costing $485 for 80 items.

,List on Amazon for $19 each.

Market on social media, targeting working professionals in a city where driving is a primary mode of transport.

,If you are able to sell items per day then you can easily make $285 daily.


Vintage ClothingStart visiting yard sales and buy nice pieces of old clothing.

This will cost you around $10 each.

,Sell as vintage clothing on ETSY and get up to $100 per item.

10 sales weekly will make you $46,800 per year.


Office Space RentalThis is the simplest way to increase revenue from real estate.

Rent out a building in an easily accessible area.

The rent will cost you around $5000 per month.

,Refurbish the interior to convert into a shared office space.

This will cost you around $50,000.

,There is a surprising amount of demand for this sort of thing.

Rent out the desk by the day, month or year.

For e.


if you rent out 50 desks at $500 per month, then you can make around $240,000 per year.


Bar CrawlsAre you a sociable person, whos great at making sure that everyone is enjoying themselves? If yes, then theres a lot of money to be made from this sort of thing, most people just lack the dedication to set it up and market it properly.

,Advertise on Meetup, Tripadvisor, Couchsurfing, etc.

the partner with a number of bars that will give you deals, free drinks, etc.

,Take a group of people out each night.

For e.


If you take 20 people and charge $10 per person, then you will be earning $200 per night which will make your annual income $73,000.


Makeup Subscription BoxBuy a wide range of cosmetic products in bulk.

,Package products into assorted boxes which will cost $10 per box.

,Ask your customers to pay $15 to have a new range of cosmetics delivered each month.

,A few businesses are making good money from this concept already.

Have a think of how you could take this idea and focus it on a more specific niche to get a foothold in the market.


Sell CoursesThe online course market is expected to hit $275 billion dollar by 2020.

,Create a series of lecture videos teaching any skill you know well.

For e.


using software, playing a game, learning an instrument, etc.

,List your course on Udemy and Coursera and earn passive income.

This has been getting big in 2020! Just remember, provide people with genuine value and they will be happy to pay a small amount.


Online SurveysHeres another idea for those of you that have some extra time on your hands and are looking to make a bit of extra money.

,Usertesting is a website that allows the user to screen for online or in person focus groups and surveys.

,This site pays average at around $125 per focus group that takes roughly 1 hour.

,Focus groups are done via webcam so you donu2019t even have to leave your house!,19.

Dropship Hiit EquipmentHiit workouts are greatly rising in popularity.

This is a great trend to jump onto for those of you interested in making money from Amazon FBA.

Ive also done some Google trends analysis and noticed big spikes in interest around January, probably due to New Yearu2019s resolutions.

,Choose a type of equipment to focus on for e.


medicine balls which will cost you $2500 for 500 on Alibaba.

,Create a YouTube channel providing training programme for beginners.

,List your range of medicine balls on Amazon and use your channel to market.

If you sell 10 items per day at $25 each, then your annual income will be around $73,000.


Removals CompanySo many youngsters nowadays are looking to take up cushy office jobs or start their own tech business.

The matter of the fact is that the demand for traditional manual labor work such as removals isnt decreasing.

You dont need me to tell you what happens when the supply for something decreases while the demand remains the same.

,Buy a van and a supply of professional packing materials.

,Create a website, logo and brand and market yourself online and locally.

You can hire few workers if you want.

,Charge according to local market.

For e.


$280 for a 2 bedroom house.

5 houses per week will make you $1400 per week.


Print on Demand Phone CasesLets get creative with print on demand services! There is always a huge demand for merchant related to internet crazes when they go viral.

If you can get onto a craze right before it goes viral, theres a lot of money to be made! Some crazes over the past year or so: Fidget spinners, tide pods, Cash me outside etc.

,Keep updated of the latest viral crazes or memes using Google trends.

,Use website such as Printify that allows you to create your design, choose which products you want the design printed on, and ship the product directly to the customer as soon as the order is made.

All you have to do is create your own Shopify, Woocommerce, or ETSY store and link it to your Printify account.


Designing App ScreensAre you an artist? A graphic designer? A creatively minded individual? Heres a big money field for you to get into.

nDespite what you might think, creating app screens isnt an idea for technology experts or programming gurus.

Quite the opposite actually! Every button, widget, heading, background etc.

needs an image designed for it.

Nowadays many companies are buying these images off marketplaces such as Unity Asset Store.

Anyone can create their own images and list them on the store.

So what are you waiting for?,There is a huge market for high quality mobile app user interface design.

,Create images for an array of buttons and icons for an app design (GUI).

,Repeat and create image packages for a selection of GUIs.

,Market your work and sell on places such as Unity Asset Store.


On Campus Deliver CompanyAnother idea for all you college students.

Create a site that offers service of delivering food, alcohol, and lecture notes, etc.

to students living across the campus.

,Hire few workers who deliver the products whenever an order is placed.

Market your site through Social Media and Google Ads.

,Try delivering a range of different products, find out what works best and what price people are willing to pay.



perhaps students are willing to pay significantly more for alcohol delivery on Friday and Saturday nights.


Crowd Sourced Beta TestingLarge companies spend millions getting their games/software/apps tested by their market audience before release.

Smaller companies and startups often cant afford to assemble a large pool of people to test and give feedback on their product.

Theres almost certainly money to be made in developing a marketplace where people can test software in exchange for a small payment.

,Create an online market place where people can test games, software, etc.

in exchange for a small payment.

,Marketplace can be monetized by charging companies to list their product for testing.


Protein PowderThis market is increasingly becoming profitable as more and more people are becoming fitness streak.

,Create a website, logo and brand and start marketing it.

,Find an industry compliant bulk manufacturer in China from where you can buy your protein powder.

The average cost of 2000 lb of protein powder is $1000.

,Sell online at a price based on local competition and brand recognition.

To make it easier for yourself you can buy generic tubs of protein in bulk on Alibaba.

Get in contact with a printing company and get your own custom labels printed.

Building up a well-recognized, reputable brand is the key to this one.

,If you can market well and get a few big Instagram influencers to promote your brand, you can be looking at a multi-million dollar company in a few years.

,So these were some of the best business ideas to start in 2020.

,Thanks for reading.

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