Which country is the most populated in 2020?

What are the 10 countries with the largest population

Itu2019s still China for right now.

However, in a few years, theyu2019ll be overtaken by India.

Chinau2019s population is already leveling off and set to decline.

Indiau2019s is still growing at a somewhat steady pace.

Although its rate of growth is declining, itu2019s still growing faster than China.

India still has fertility rates above replacement level whereas Chinau2019s fertility rate has been sub-replacement levels for decades.

,Some would argue that Indiau2019s population has already overtaken Chinau2019s, if they have reason to doubt the official population figures from China.

The population gap between the two is now small enough such that slight underestimates or overestimates in China or India respectively, can easily put India in first place sooner than expected.

,So right now in 2020, I guess the answer to your question simply depends on whose estimates you use and the degree to which you distrust Chinau2019s official statistics.

Which country has more population game

The US- always the US.

,,I am not trying to be jingoistic here but the reality is that you just cannot beat the US in a conventional war right now.

You can engage a small portion of our army in a guerilla war for over a decade and we may quit after inflicting horrid casualties on you, but thatu2019s about it.

,Let me show you why.

,Reason 1: You cannot attack the USHow on earth does anyone attack the US? Youu2019d have to fly bombers or launch missiles across the Atlantic or Pacific ocean.

Any missile launches will be seen as nukes and invite a terrible response so thatu2019s out of the question- meaning bombers only.

,Do you know how long it takes to get a bomber from China or Russia to the US? The Airforce would have half a day to prepare and intercept.

,Factor in that the US not only has the most military planes, but the most advanced as well, and good luck!,Look at China in comparison.

The US could station planes on Japan, Taiwan, or South Korea and be mere miles from Chinese cities.

US forces will easily be able to strike China and even invade the mainland while China will be forced to conquer multiple island nations.

,Reason 2: Breadbaskets and resourcesWho is the largest producer of oil on earth? The US.

The US produces more than enough oil to supply the entire military AND civilian economy if necessary.

,Additionally, the US is home to frankly insane amounts of farmland and this means food is not an issue for Americans.

We can feed our troops and people with ease no matter the conflict.

,This goes for steel, copper, gold, tungsten, rubber- you name it.

Cut off from the world the US can supply a significant war effort.

,Reason 3: The NavyThe US Navy is the strongest on earth by about 1000 miles.

No other Navy comes close.

The combined Navys of Europe, Asia, or South America doesnu2019t even come close.

,The US current sports 11 u201csuper-carriersu201d.

These are extremely large and advanced carriers that only the US has.

No other nation even has 1 u201csupercarrieru201d.

,China meanwhile has 2 carriers- both miniature, 1 very old, and 1 very new but also very small.

,Carriers rule the waves.

They are force projectors- allowing you to take the deadly precision of aircover anywhere.

A few Jets can lay waste to 100 ships in mere seconds.

,Itu2019s not just carriers though.

The US also has a large number of highly advanced submarines, frigates, corvettes, and destroyers.

Not only are these ships numerable, but they are also extremely high-tech.

,So the US rules the waves.

This means we can,blockade nations and restrict trade,cut off enemy supply lines,move our armies where we please,supply our forces overseas,keep the mainland US totally safe.

,Remember how I mentioned that US forces can attack China from Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan? Well China would have to take Japan and Taiwan to stop this and that means going through the US Navyu2026.

good luck.

,Reason 4: The armyThe US military is still the strongest on earth.

Itu2019s isnu2019t the largest as China does have a larger army.

Yet Alexander the Great was often outnumbered 4 to 1 and never broke a sweat.

,A group of men is no more an army than a stack of bricks is a house.

Chinau2019s military is very large indeed but large portions of it are poorly trained, poorly equipped, and the Chinese command structure is sub-par.

,The US also sports more modern cutting-edge equipment.

From rifles to tanks the US arsenal is untouched by any army on planet earth.

,,The US has 1 big disadvantage- war-weariness.

,American is an all-or-nothing society.

If a war with China grows long and lots of bodies start to come home people will question the validity of the conflict.

,Support for WW3 could plummet rather easily in the US, hindering our ability to fight.

China meanwhile seems to be immune from this.

If things get really bad that may change but for now, China has absolute total control over the population.

,The US would need to either get big victories and do so quickly, or blockade China and slowly (and bloodlessly) strange them into surrender.

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Indian people are breeding.