Why does Instagram Stories zoom my picture after I take it?

Why does Instagram zoom in on story pictures

This is the most annoying failure of Instagram lately.

Itu2019s because you do not use a device which has 16:9 aspect ratio.

Considering that most devices on the market has 19:9, 18:9 or 18,5:9 aspect ratios lately, this failure looks like a shame.

,Facebook and LinkedIn has solved this issue but Instagram engineering is still messed up.

Iu2019ve tried many different ways and here are the funny results.

,I use an Android device with 20:9 aspect ratio.

,First I disabled the notch and enabled visible nav bar.

After I apply these my infinite screen got smaller and the loss on stories decreased but still I had annoying loss.

,Then I posted a story from a 16:9 device and from my own device tried to view it.

The funniest thing happened, from my own device(20:9) if I am logged in to my own instagram account and view my own story which is posted from an 16:9 device, half of it is not visible.

,Again from my own device if i switch accounts and see my accountu2019s story as a visitor, it shows correct with black bars added and no loss left.

But again I have to post it from a 16:9 device.

And I have to view it as a stranger if Iu2019m using 20:9 device.

What kind of punishment is that? :),I tried correcting my deviceu2019s aspect ratio to 16:9 and used ways like Smart Screen, Switch Res etc.

None of them works.

It is like a horrible curse.

,Iu2019ve surfed through many blog posts but still no cure.

We will just wait for Instagram engineering team to feel like fixing it.