Should I buy a Redmi Note 5 Pro?

Redmi Note 8 Camera replacement

Hi Lets us start by saying that its October 2018 and somehow (and just somehow) Redmi Note 5 pro is still the most bang-for- buck smartphone on the Indian market.

,When it was sold initially at Rs 13999 and then at Rs 14999( due to GST and other tax issues) it was the best sub 15k phone and now its available at a beggarly price of Rs 12999 on Flipkart Big Billion Day sale after 8 months of release and its still a hell of a deal at that price point.

,Common NitpicksThe UI is heavy: Well MiUi is heavy.

But the question is does it affect performance.

The simple answer is NO.

Why? Because MIUI is not heavy enough to cause any discomfort to a SD636 and 4GB RAM combo.

,No USB-C : To be fair most people dont even know the difference between USB-B and USB-C.

Hell even I googled the difference before writing this.

So if you dont know the difference between the two it probably wont make any difference to you.

,Hybrid sim slot: This can be a deal breaker for some but let me tell you about something called a micro-usb flash drive invented ages ago that can allow you to use two SIMs simultaneously.

And hey you are still getting 64GB internal ( thats about 20hours of Brazzers in HD.

) which is enough for most users.

,Old design: Thinking that the new Notch-design is very modern opposed to the RN5 pros no-notch screen is stupid because the Notch trend will probably be replaced by a new trend before your notch phone is even delivered and youll be stuck with a notched bastard for a year.

,The only reasonable cause that I can fathom of someone deciding not to buy RN5 pro for RS 12999 is because they have small hands ( mind you the thing is massive.

) One hand usage is difficult and I have massive hands.

,The alternativesNokia 6.

1 Plus looks better,has Android One, a slightly better screen but is yet to be seen as a credible challenger especially in Camera and overall optimisation department because Nokia is new with Android.

( We all know how Nokias last experiment went).

,Asus Zenfone max pro M1 is a slightly snappier phone ( due to a light ZenUi) with almost stock Android like features but stumbles in battery (5000MaH but poor back up) and Camera sucks big time.

,Honor phones use their in-house HiSilicon chipsets manufactured in China are highly unreliable.

So I hate them.

(They look like toys too).

,So there you have it.

Go for RN5 pro if you want the best all round phone with great battery, reasonable camera, killer processor all packed into a premium metallic body( okayish looks) at a steal price.

Otherwise just buy something else and regret it later.

,Edit: Stop cribbing over that plastic ass ugly realme2pro.

It just looks cheap like a toy.

Theres no two ways about it.

,Edit 2: Redmi note 5 pro is now available for INR 10999 on Flipkart.

Thats some offer I can tell you.

,Edit 3: Wassup playrs! See I predicted that soon notches on smartphones will soon be replaced by something else.


Redmi Note 8 Pro

Xiaomi just takes warp of its much talked about Redmi Note 8 Pro in China.

The successor to the extremely popular Note 7 Pro, the phone will be launched after 8 weeks in India.

It seems like the company is considering to launch this phone during Diwali.

,Xiaomi launched Redmi Note 8 Pro alongside Redmi Note 8.

The Note 8 Pro phone is touted as worldu2019s first 64MP quad-camera smartphone.

Another highlight of this phone is its MediaTek Helio G90T SoC.

This for the first time that Helio G90T has been used in any smartphone.

,The Helio G90T has been paired with 6GB or 8GB RAM for smooth smartphone experience.

The chipset comes with gaming-specific optimisations like HyperEngine and Game Turbo 2.

0 mode.

It is further accompanied by liquid cooling.

The chipset is designed in such a way that the user gets an incredible gaming experience.

With cooper coating near Helio G90T, Xiaomi has ensured that users donu2019t get heating issues while playing the game for a long time.

,In the camera department, Xiaomi has got something really good for its users.

The phone comes with Quad camera set up on the back which consists of 64MP primary camera, 8-megapixel wide-angle shooter, a 2-megapixel depth camera, and 2-megapixel macro camera.

,Xiaomi had recently revealed that it was developing a phone with Samsungs Bright GW1 64MP camera sensor and that it would be launched soon.

Now its confirmed that the phone in question is none other than the Redmi Note 8 Pro which will have a 64MP quad-camera setup on the rear.

Xiaomi has also teased that the 64MP camera will offer up to 25x zoom.

,The device comes with an IP52 rating which means the phone is splash-proof.

,Furthermore, Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro boasts of a 4500mAH battery unit with support for 18W fast charge.

Redmi Note 8 photo Black

u200bnu200b,Display:nRedmi Note 3 comes with 5.

5u2033 Full HD IPS display with 401 ppi.

IPS provides good viewing angle and without being biased we must say sunlight visibility is really good and there is no problem you will face while looking at the screen during day time under the sun.

The one thing which the company has turned its back is its glass protection.

Redmi Note 3 does not support Gorilla Glass Protection but there is some protection glass fitted which might be sourced locally and might be an unbranded product but it works good.

You can see many Youtube videos where in you donu2019t get scratches on screen with keys or knife.

Most of the videos are rubbish and we want our viewers to know that keys or knife would have no impact on screen protection even if it is taken from Gorilla Glass or from good unbranded company as their hardness level is below the hardness level of any of glass protection used in mobile phones.

Yes, if you scratch the display with small SANDS, than you would most probably get the screen scratched easily as its hardness level is more.

,u200bnu200b,nBody Build and Design:nGOODnWithout being biased, we must appreciate Xiaomi for really working hard on the build and design of Redmi Note 3.

It has managed to provide full metal unibody with its superb design.

The sand blasted finish on the back panel gives it a premium feel.

The phone is also surrounded by a chrome strip along its edges which is little shiny and gives it a premium look and it also gives protection to the screen as it is slightly raised above the screen which you might not able to notice.

,,u200bnu200b,Xiaomi has also tried and avoided simple and small mistakes which many manufacturers do.

Like the capacitive buttons on the bottom of the front panel are backlit so that you donu2019t mess up at night with no light.

Also you can lock those capacitive buttons directly from top quick setting options so that you donu2019t accidental pause or go back while playing games.

Xiaomi also has given the option of stopping the backlit of those capacitive buttons in case you want to save battery.

,,u200bnu200b,We appreciate Xiaomi for providing those 3 capacitive buttons.

This helps the customers fully utilizing the 5.

5u2033 screen and not compromising on screen size as many manufacturers provide on-screen buttons for HOME and BACK buttons.

This is a good tactic wherein you get full screen as well as the lower body of the front side is fully utilized which works as a good design.

There is no branding done on the front side which is a good thing many manufacturers are following to avoid distraction.

,,u200bnu200b,The speaker grill was placed back side which we do not appreciate but if you look closely just below the speaker grill, you would notice a small nib raised which is really a good design and we must appreciate the work of its design team.

This small thing like the small raised nib just below the speaker helps in escaping the sound when kept on flat surface.

Keeping the speaker grill on rear side might be a technical problem for Xiaomi as it has to distribute and fit all the equipments in the smartphone body and Xiaomi was knowing about this awkward position of speaker grill and so it provided that slightly raised point to eliminate the problem of sound getting blocked when kept on flat surface.

,BADAs you can see in the below picture, Redmi Note 3 has round curved shape from rear side so that customers can hold the smartphone comfortably as it avoided sharp edges.

But without being biased, the phone easily slips out from your hand a lot of time.

We really appreciate the design of rear side but it is too smooth and you would most probably miss out the gripping the smartphone in our hand.

,,u200bnu200b,nSpecification: Processor/RAM/ROM:n,u200bnu200b,Xiaomiu2019s Redmi Note 3 houses one of the finest Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 with hexa core processor our of which 2 cores runs at 1.

8 Ghz Cortex A72 for powerful performance while the rest 4 cores runs at 1.

4 Ghz Cortex A53 to save battery.

It has Adreno 510 GPU which is really good.

This processor has outperformed many big companies smartphone in benchmarking score of Antutu though we do not recommend that the performance of a smartphone should only rely on Antutu score as actual performance might vary.

,It has 2GB/16GB and 3GB/32GB variant both of which are exactly the same in other department.

The performance of 2GB is really good and during unboxing we got 980MB to 1GB of Free RAM.

During these approximate 7 days usage we always monitored the free RAM department and it managed to get 850 MB to 1014 MB free RAM.

The device do not hang even after playing big games like Asphalt and Morten Combat at high graphics.

,The smartphone comes with Fingerprint sensor and we must say it really worked good even at 360u00ba.

But we have noticed many times fingerprint sensor stop detecting which can be solved by just opening the smartphone using security pin code manually and again the fingerprint sensor will start working.

This might be a problem with software or might be limited only to our unit but without being biased we felt its our responsibility towards our viewers to know about this problem which we have observed 3-4 times in those 7 days usage.

Otherwise the fingerprint sensor works 9/10 times you touch it.

,Camera:n,u200bnu200b,Redmi Note 3 has 16 MP rear camera with dual tone flash and the result is really bad.

Many website and reviews tell you about the camera of Redmi Note 3 to be superb but we guess that the 16 MP rear camera is only on papers.

It was clearly outperformed by many Samsungu2019s 5 MP camera.

The HDR provided is good and if you click photos via HDR than and than only you will get good quality photos.

Xiaomi provided many good features like on-screen brightness changing option while clicking the photo and without being biased, it really provided good brightened photos.

Its autofocus is really very quick and one thing which we liked is its shutter speed.

The moment you click, the smartphone takes with picture under 1 second.

Though it is a matter to think, how it managed to get autofocus within that time frame.

,It has 5MP front camera which is good and clicks decent photos.

,Software:n,u200bnu200b,The MIUI 7 is based on Android 5.


1 Lollipop and the company is working on Marshmallow update which will soon be rolled out but there is no time given by the company.

In the MIUI 7, there is no app drawer and in the setting menu, the background is kept white which uses more battery and there is no option to turn the background of the setting menu to black.

You get quick setting which houses many quick setting options wherein you can customize the position.

,You can change the theme, you can even change the color of the notification light to Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Cyan, White or Violet.

The company has provided Lite mode where you get only most necessary features like calling, messaging in order to save battery.

You can the Child mode where in you can lock apps and rest features are normal so we do not want to waste time of our viewers.

, Battery:nnXiaomi really provided a good 4050mAh battery which can easily provide you 2 days of normal usage and some 7-8 hours of on-screen usage.

It takes too long to charge.

A full battery takes 2.

5 hours approximately to charge.

,Heating Problem;nLast but not the least, we would like to give our viewers an unbiased review of heating problem of Redmi Note 3.

Since it provides a full metal body, we must say the while playing heavy games, the product do heat up but it does not go to boiling stage.

One more thing we would like to mention is it cools down very quickly.

Means if you playing games for 15 minutes and you would most probably feel the warm in the back panel near the camera side and than you keep the mobile aside for 3-4 minute and you will realize that the mobile has cooled down a lot.

,One more thing is that while charging, the mobile do heat up along with the charger but than it cools down very quickly if you stop charging.

This might be because it houses a big 4050mAh battery with high density as Xiaomi managed to reduce the size and weight even after increasing the battery capacity.

So we think its all normal but again you do get to see mobile getting heat up during charging.

,Source-Tekz 24