What does "R" stand for in an iPhone XR?

what does the r in iphone xr stand for

Itu2019s not been officially announced by Apple what exactly it means and they probably wonu2019t come out and say.

It most likely it doesnu2019t really stand for anything or stands for lots of things or just they liked the name.

,XR has been used a lot in the Virtual and Augmented Industry to cover all the `Realities` which may be a clue with Apple ARKit 2.

0 being talked about more during the conference but this is unlikely.

,Just look back at the 5C.

There was no real reason for the C other than they liked the name.

What does S mean in iPhone 6s

Tim Cook gave a definitive answer to this question at the 2012 All Things Digital conference (answering a question about how Apple names products):,u201cIf you keep the same [industrial design], like in the case of the 4Su2026, we kept the 4, but put an S on there to denote a differenceu2026 We were thinking of Siri when we did it.

For the 3GS we were thinking of speed.

u201d,Heres a link to a video of Tim Cook making those comments.

,When the iPhone 3G S was announced, Apples Phil Schiller specifically said the S stands for speed.

Heres a link to a video where you can hear him say it: n

Difference between iPhone XR and XS

The basic rundown of it is this:,iPhone XSu2014 more expensive, with more premium materials and features.

Intended to succeed last yearu2019s iPhone X and possibly the iPhone 8 Plus.

,iPhone XRu2014 more reasonably priced, with bright colours and less premium features.

Intended to succeed least yearu2019s iPhone 8.