Which laptop should I get for IITB CS?

What size SSD do I need for my laptop

Update (Jan 2021): I have used this laptop for 4 years now.

Itu2019s still working really good and has a better exchange price than laptops bought this year.

Itu2019s not as snappy anymore, but the battery life is still holding up to 7u20138 hours.

It would be a better deal to buy Vivobook/Zenbook/Inspiron series for laptops in this price range today.

I am replacing it with the M1 MacBook Air at 83k from the official website using the student discount.

Itu2019s a solid laptop with a solid OS, and the new ARM tech is just so fresh that any CS student would like to get his hands on.

,Go for MacBook Air.

(In March 2017),Value price.

(can get it for 50,000/-),Really Fast, never Hangs.

Fast SSD.

( upto 1GB/s speeds),Classy Design, Very Thin.


( 1.

3kg ),MacOS is like Linux.

Has Terminal and mostly the same commands.

Good for programming.

,Bootcamp for Windows / Steam, for gaming.

Though this laptop is not good for gaming.

,Very good battery life ( avg - 10 hours ),Really Good Speakers.

Especially for the size.

,Very good User Experience with good keyboard and the best trackpad.

What else do you need for programming.

,The only problem you may face is screen resolution, ( which is fine for me) and SSD capacity ( mine is 128gb, I have an external HDD anyways for my collection.

),The capacity can become a real bottleneck if you install windows via bootcamp.

I donu2019t play games, so I didnu2019t install windows.

Other than for games you will not need windows.

The gestures in macOS will make you forget windows.

,Buy It.

You wonu2019t regret it!

Best SSD for laptop

yes it is very important which laptop is best i am a hardware engineer my persnol favorite laptop is hp and dell because this laptop build quality is too good to another laptop in future your laptop create a problem you fixed easily because this laptop parts are easily avilable in market.

its repair cost is very low.

best ssd is many company.

How much SSD do I need for work

Hi There !,To answer your question ; I have two different answers.

please read it till end.

,But First letu2019s understand the difference between HDD & SSD*please note that I have used HDD Laptop in past & Currently Using NVME SSD Laptop.

,* u201ce.


u201d stands for u201cas for exampleu201d,HDD Stands for Hard Disk Drive,which contains a disk which rotates and one hand writes the data on disk & reads it.

hard disk drives have huge capacity for storing data e.


1 TB , 2 TB at lower price point means they are cheap to buy compared to SSD.

,HDD have following benefits ( from point of student),More Storage in Less Money ( Important For Student),Long Lasting Storage Good For Archival Purpose ( e.


Movies, Music, Footage , Projects),HDD have following DownsidesRead/Write Speed or in simple word copy-paste speed for big files is slow.

10u201320 MB/PS,They are huge so they weight more ( Back Pain for Students who will carry the laptop to college/work),Not Shock Proof & Does Lot of Noise( compared to SSD,SSD stands for Solid State Drive,it is a flash memory which is like your SD Card or Pendrive but supercharged SSD do not contain any moving parts inside them.

they have less storage capacity compared to their price e.


256 GB, 512 GBSSD have following benefitsSSD are Super Fast for Read/Write or Copy-Paste For huge files ( helpful when you do video editing or website designing.

) 200 MB/PS + Copy Speed,SSD are Small weight less or nothing ( Small Relief In Back Pain of Student),They are shock proof dont make any noise.

and tiny in size.

,SSD have following downsidesSSD are expensive to buy ( Normal 250 GB SSD would Cost around u20b9 4000 which is sata.

If you buy NVME then it would go to u20b98000 for Samsun SSD),SSD are Not good for Archival for long time.

( In Simple Words if you are not going to use your laptop daily or Your Planning to save your photos or movies , music for more than 5u20136 years then itu2019s not good for you.

it wares out,Now for Main question which on of them would be good for student.

Answer is HDD because itu2019s cheap can store data for longer period of time like if you are in engineering it would last you more than 5 years.

everyone should go for HDD.

For those who like gaming with AAA titles 25GB + Games and do Video Editing and have budget should buy SSD but only 512 GB +.

,Thanks For Reading.