Can you show your K-pop bias with a comic filter?

Comic filter

kim hongjoong of ateez.

i dont have a comic filter, so i went with the cartoon filter.

close enough, i guess?

How to turn a photo into anime Photoshop

A2A by Swapnali Bose.

,You can do this in five minutes.

,I will show how I have created cartoon from a photo of Mr.


,I have given some caricature effects too.

You can see.

,I have made the above cartoon from this photo from a movie.

,I have already explained how to create a pencil sketch from a photo in my answer Vijaya Lakshmis answer to How do you turn a photo into a pencil sketch in Adobe Photoshop?.

The same steps are to be followed here too except the last step that is pencil strokes.

,Any how I will explain again in brief.

,Copy the original layer to new layer by pressing Ctrl+J,Desaturate the copied layer by using command Image>Adjustment>desaturate,Copy the desaturated layer to another layer by pressing Ctrl+J,Invert the color of this layer with command Image>adjustments>invert,Change the blend mode to either linear dodge or color dodge.

,After achieving the pencil sketch effect, create another adjustment layer u201cLevelsu201d,We do this to achieve print effect and make the drawing dark.

Then create another gradient fill layer.

You can choose any gradient.

This done to give some color to the cartoon.

But if you donu2019t want the color, you can avoid it.

If you feel the color is too saturated, you can create another adjustment layer u2018hue and saturationu2019 and reduce the saturation.

,You can see after how it looks after each step.

,To give caricature effect, I have selected eyebrows, nose and lips with lasso tool.

,Using edit>transform>warp I have reshaped them.

I am showing how I did on right eye brow.

,have reshaped them.

But you should be careful not to overdo it.

,I think this is helpful for you.

All the best in your efforts.

Turn photo into cartoon Illustrator

Atlas of the Heart: Mapping Meaningful Connection and the Language of Human Experience is giftable and physically substantial.

The book is weighty; the thick, glossy pages are photo book quality.

My copy even smelled sweet.

Like all Brene Brown books, throughout it, youll find many passages and memorable lines worth pondering because Brene Brown has a remarkable gift for turning a phrase.

The cartoon illustrating how not to tap out during a difficult conversation is helpful.

(It is exactly what youd find in a college-level Interpersonal Communication text book.


How to make a comic book on the computer

If I were doing this myself, I would first use a free word processor or slideshow maker to make a framework of boxes (e.


creating a table in Google Docs or inserting squares in Slides).

Then, I would save that document/presentation and import it into FireAlpaca, my free drawing program of choice.