Do You Know Best Security camera which can use for outdoor securities?

Best outdoor security camera system for business

VIGI is a brand by TP-Link dedicated to making professional security technology available to businesses of any size.

VIGIu2019s versatile security cameras provide a myriad of easy-to-use surveillance options and smart detection features for vigilant security.

,VIGI C300HPThe versatile C300P-4/6 delivers good performance in virtually any scenario.

The 3MP resolution ensures the camera captures every detail in the wide field of view provided by the 4 or 6 mm lens.

An IP67 dust and waterproof rating ensures the outdoor camera provides constant vigilance even in extreme conditions.

A compact build makes it easy to mount on walls or poles with its included brackets

Video surveillance

Video surveillance should be used with their wide range of styles and features, security cameras are common in most industries around the world.

These applications can range from theft and vandalism deterrence to traffic and weather monitoring and more.

,By combining advanced camera features with sturdy outdoor housings or discreet camera design, an IP camera can be installed in almost any location.

This makes them ideal for monitoring inside and outside of businesses and offices, recording in remote locations, or recording high-quality video to identify suspicious people.

,Most Popular Video Surveillance ApplicationsThe following pages cover the most popular applications of video surveillance systems, along with surveillance best practices and things to consider when installing a system.

Learn how securing your facility with a surveillance camera system can bring you peace of mind and improve the management of your organization.

,Prevent Copper TheftCopper theft is a common problem on construction sites and with electric utility companies, but your business doesnt need to be a victim u2014 a modern, updated security system with real-time monitoring by trained security professionals can help you be aware of what happens on your site and react quickly to prevent theft.

,Stop Copper ThievesThere are many ways copper theft can harm a business:,Loss of materials or tools, which need to be replaced,Loss of time as you must redo work damaged by the thieves,Loss of money from contractual penalties for projects completed late,So what can you do to stop theft? Increasing a businesss security system will help you know instantly when someone enters your work site.

,Video SecurityVideo surveillance cameras are common features in security systems, allowing you or your security team to monitor an entire work site remotely.

With alerts set up when motion is detected, youll know when anyone trespasses onto your site.

,Virtual GuardsOur construction tower security solutions employee trained professional security personnel to monitor your system in real-time, allowing them to react quickly when anything happens.

Our remote guards are trained to watch for criminal activity.

,Police InvolvementIf a crime is spotted, you or the virtual guards can call the police and have the surveillance video in hand.

,Remote Video MonitoringAs a business owner, one of your top priorities is protecting your property against theft and break-ins as well as dishonest employees.

Thanks to advancements in security technology, you can rely on remote security experts to monitor your system live and react quickly to any activity on your site.

These solutions work with surveillance cameras you may already have installed, or complete security towers that can be installed at your business.

,Benefits of Video Monitoring ServicesStop Crime - Our video monitoring experts are highly skilled at spotting suspicious behavior and intervening before a crime occurs.

They have several options including active intervention by using the speakers installed in your security system to talk down to the individuals trespassing on the grounds, or dispatching police.

,Augment Security Guards - A security guard walking the perimeter of your site can only be in one location at once and sees only one direction.

Cameras mounted around the site and monitored remotely have a wider field of view so one person lives monitoring the video can see more and react quickly.

,Reliable Surveillance - These security solutions provide a 24/7 record of activity, saving your security videos for review in case of an incident.

You can also remotely log into and monitor any cameras on your system using a computer, tablet, or smartphone if youu2019re alerted of activity at the site.

,Affordable Security - A fully equipped security tower provides a fully managed turnkey solution for your business, at a fraction of the cost it would take to hire security guards to cover the same area.

,Monitor Your Property and Facility 24/7 Video Surveillance Goes Beyond SecurityKeep a close eye on your property or facility when youu2019re not onsite with our mobile-enabled video surveillance systems.

Youu2019ll be able to see clear detail with a video surveillance system, allowing you to pinpoint any suspicious activity such as theft and vandalism.

There are a broad number of noteworthy benefits of property & facility protection for business owners & building managers.

,A Modern Video Surveillance Helps in Multiple Ways:Deter theft and capture evidence of suspicious activityKeep an eye on who enters and exits your facility/propertyIdentify all individuals on your propertyInstill a sense of safety for employees or anyone else with regular access to your propertyIncrease peace of mind by viewing your facility or property from a remote deviceView Your Property on Your SmartphoneThanks to advances in video surveillance, you can now monitor your entire video surveillance system directly from your smartphone device or tablet.

Most video surveillance systems come with free mobile monitoring apps to give you the ability to check in on your property during all hours of the day & night, saving you time on making trips to your business.

Make sure to speak with one of our mobile surveillance experts to learn about all the advantages of remote viewing u2014 you can even monitor several cameras at once with quad-views!,Maximize Business EfficiencyCultivating and maintaining a productive work environment is critical to the long-term success of your business.

Monitoring the internal operations of your business with video surveillance can shed light on the most efficient business practices and point out those that slow down the production process.

Effective surveillance practices also deliver important business intelligence to owners and managers.

,Surveillance as a Customer Service ToolFor retailers, operations monitoring is an excellent way to monitor customer traffic and understand shopper behavior.

Youu2019ll be able to see where shoppers are frequenting once inside your store as well as locate aisles and sections that need to be restocked.

,Benefits of Video Surveillance for Operations MonitoringStrengthen business practices & strategiesBoost employee productivityProvide insight into how your business runsReduce ineffective employee behaviorIncrease business intelligenceGain insight into customer behaviorProtect Your Retail BusinessTheft is a real and insidious threat to both retail and office environments, resulting in billions of dollars in losses each year.

Arming your facility with a video surveillance system is essential to thwarting theft in the workplace.

,Benefits of Retail Video SurveillancePrevent employee and customer theftReduce shrinkageReclaim lossesImprove employee behaviorInstill a safer working environmentReduce liabilityHD Resolution for Pristine DetailCatching theft on video is not nearly as valuable as being able to identify the person who did it.

Investing in an IP video surveillance system with 720p or 1080p HD resolution provides the level of image detail needed to make a positive identification.

Low-resolution security cameras, which are most often CCTV systems, can produce grainy images that make it virtually impossible to identify distinguishing features on a person.

When you speak to us, weu2019ll assess whether 720p or 1080p suits your loss prevention needs.

,Safeguard Your Property Against VandalismTake control by warding off vandals with powerful video surveillance solutions.

If your property is vulnerable to vandalism, nowu2019s the time to take charge and stop it.

Video surveillance can be an indispensable tool in preventing trespassers from stepping foot onto your land or in your building.

,Benefits of Video Surveillance for Vandalism DeterrenceReduce vulnerability to vandalismCatch criminals in the actPrevent trespassers from loiteringMaintain safe grounds for patrons & staffVandalism-Resistant CamerasMany of todays IP surveillance cameras are able to withstand physical damage, thanks to intelligently designed vandalism-resistant enclosures.

This is an important consideration when selecting a camera, as perpetrators will often attempt to disarm them with physical force.

The tough design of vandalism-proof security cameras ensures that youu2019re well guarded against miscreants with ill-intentions.

,Protect Your Employees with Video SurveillanceMore than ever, businesses and organizations need to ensure their employees are not only protected against internal conflicts and on-the-job injuries but are physically safe in their working environment.

Here at Video Surveillance Systems and Services, weu2019ve worked on countless projects focused on augmenting employee safety and understand how crucial it is to focus on the safety of your companyu2019s employees.

,Modern Video Surveillance Systems Have Numerable Advantages:Reduce and/or prevent employee lawsuitsEnforces safety policies, resulting in a safer workplaceLimit liability as a business ownerRecord and analyze employee injuriesMake employees feel safer in their working environmentSpot and address unsafe working practicesMaintain a safe working environment for everyoneMaintaining Internal Safety ComplianceAn HD video surveillance system plays an integral role in helping companies stay in compliance with safety policies.

In many work environments, the safety of employees is of utmost importance and the only definitive way to ensure safety policies are being enforced is through the use of security cameras.

Monitoring the workplace enables management to control employee safety and other hazards that may present a harmful threat to employees.

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) recommends taking safety seriously in the workplace by continually identifying and implementing solutions to mitigate potential workplace hazards.

Video surveillance systems make it possible to avoid workplace accidents and maintain employee safety.

,Your Ticket to Enhancing Safety & SecurityWith the constant influx of vehicles coming in and out of parking lots, keeping tabs on each vehicle is imperative to nurture a safe environment for everyone, especially in poorly lit parking lots that are susceptible to criminal activity.

Implementing a reliable surveillance system within the confines of a parking lot greatly enhances security and safety.

,Benefits of Parking Lot SurveillancePrevent Vehicle Theft u2013 Many thieves see parking lots as potential gold mines u2013 miles and miles of cars or personal property that they can take.

Visible security cameras can help deter thieves from breaking into cars on your lot and can help aid law enforcement in identifying criminals who do rob cars on your lot.

Cameras can also help prevent theft of store property u2013 shopping carts, outdoor displays, tables and chairs, landscaping, etc.

,Increase Public Safety u2013 Customers are undoubtedly the most essential aspect of many businesses.

Keeping your customers happy and giving them a sense of safety and peace of mind when theyre shopping at your business establishes a sense of trust and loyalty.

,Reduce Liability u2013 Its inevitable that an accident will happen in your parking lot.

Whether its a car crash, a slip, or an errant shopping cart denting cars, video surveillance is an easy way to avoid costly liability claims and even suits.

,Identify Unpaid/Prohibited Vehicles u2013 Similar to a u201cdine-and-dashu201d in restaurants, drivers can attempt to leave the parking lot without paying.

While most parking lots are monitored by attendants, itu2019s virtually impossible to ensure that every area of the lot is fully covered by staff.

Surveillance cameras have the power to capture license plate numbers, allowing you to decide if you want to press charges or prohibit that customer from utilizing your parking lot in the future.

,Instantly Strengthen Crowd Control EffortsEvent security is an imperative measure to ensure that public events remain under control at all times.

Whether itu2019s viewing the parking lot or keeping an eye on spectators at an event such as a football game, you can deter and catch any suspicious acts such as illegal drinking, theft, and harassment.

Weu2019ve worked with prominent clients from all industries, helping them to drastically improve crowd control efforts and stop violent acts before they occur with HD IP video surveillance.

,Modern Video Surveillance Systems Have Numerable Advantages:Improve crowd control effortsFaster response times from security personnelIncrease safety among the publicPrevent violence, harassment, and theft at eventsCount or keep track of the number of attendantsZoom in on suspicious acts or behaviorEnhances the evidentiary value of video for prosecutionsConsider PTZ Cameras at Your Next EventPTZ IP cameras are a popular and recommended solution for large events, as they cover a wide swath of space.

Built with 360-degree endless pan, many of the modern PTZ cameras deliver best-in-class resolution paired with hundreds of PTZ presets and optical/digital zoom.

The zoom feature is critical to event management, as security staff can narrow in on any suspicious activity to see close-up detail.

Find out some of the most effective PTZ cameras by connecting with one of our event video surveillance specialists.

,Enhance Public Safety with Video SurveillanceSafety is an important component to consider in public parks, communities & neighborhoods and other municipal districts.

It can be challenging for law enforcement to properly control a crowd and monitor for other public disturbances without some type of monitoring system in place.

Our IP video surveillance experts have years of experience working on projects with strict public safety policies and specialize in designing security camera systems that meet this need.

,Modern Video Surveillance Helps in Multiple Ways:Deters harassment, vandalism, and other violent actsProvides an unbiased picture of the publicu2019s behaviorMakes the public feel safer and more at easePolice can view the video in real-time from smart devicesAllows law enforcement to react faster to suspicious behaviorCapture Fine Detail with HD Network CamerasOne of the benefits of high-definition IP cameras is that theyu2019re designed to capture spectacular detail when recording activity or an event, resulting in a video that often has greater evidentiary value.

Should someone or something be deemed as a potential threat, law enforcement personnel can go back and review previously recorded footage to pinpoint suspicious activity.

Thanks to the clarity of HD video, itu2019s possible to identify facial characteristics as well.

,Video Surveillance for TrafficTraffic cameras are an innovative and extremely functional use of video surveillance technology.

Youve seen their footage during traffic reports on the TV news.

Theyre atop traffic signals and placed along busy roads, and at busy intersections of the highway.

Whether theyre recording traffic patterns for future study and observation or monitoring traffic and issuing tickets for moving violations, traffic cameras are an explosively popular form of video surveillance.

,Advantages of Traffic Surveillance CamerasAid commuters - Traffic cameras placed at common congestion points on highways, freeways, interstates and major arteries often share feeds with news outlets - both radio and TV, which in turn pass them onto commuters in the form of traffic reports.

Normally, traffic flows do not vary much from day to day, but in the event of a severe accident or road closure, a traffic alert can be extremely valuable for a time-crunched commuter.

,Valuable data - Traffic cameras that simply monitor car flows on roads and major arteries are often maintained by state departments of transportation.

Along with monitoring the roads for accidents or major closures, footage from traffic cameras is influential in decisions regarding future road development and construction.

,Enforce laws - Cameras used to enforce speed and red light laws are effective in catching moving violations and issuing tickets.

,Encourage safe driving - Visible surveillance cameras posted at intersections can encourage safe driving habits and discourage moving violations.

,Risky Aspects of Traffic Security CamerasWeather - Weather theyre monitoring intersections or looking out for traffic jams, traffic cameras are subject to damage caused by weather.

Heat, wind, rain, snow, and ice can all damage or ruin a traffic security camera.

,Accidents - Since theyre placed on busy roads and intersections, there is also a chance that accidents could damage traffic cameras.

,Configuration Considerations for Roadway CamerasTraffic monitoring cameras and red light or speed cameras have different purposes and therefore deserve separate consideration when installing.

Consider the following when looking to install traffic monitoring or red light cameras,For traffic surveillance cameras:What are the major roadways in your area?,At what time is traffic in your area the heaviest (aka Rush Hour)?,Are there certain features in roadways where traffic naturally congests?,For speed and red light cameras:Are there any particular intersections in your area where accidents and violations are common?,Are moving violations a particular problem in your area?,Setup Advice for Traffic Surveillance CamerasFor speed and red light cameras:When installing cameras, make sure that all areas of the intersection are covered.

Usually, cameras are placed above the signals or mounted on each corner of the intersection,Consider installing a flash or other light source for night recording,Consult with local law enforcement to find the most troublesome intersections,Make sure your cameras are placed and calibrated to record the license plate data off of violating cars.

,To protect cameras against the elements, place them in environment-controlled housings.

,For road surveillance and monitoring cameras:Place cameras so they overlook common congestion areas,Make sure cameras have adequate visibility and a good view of all lanes involved,Temperature and humidity controlled camera housings can help protect the camera against the weather.

,Video Surveillance Goes Beyond SecurityVideo surveillance systems are not only used for security purposes but unique applications as well.

Weu2019ve worked with a diverse range of customers, from property owners and zoos to video production artists and animal researchers to ensure their video monitoring needs are met.

Today, there are a wide variety of industries and submarkets that count on IP video cameras to record unique events and occurrences.

,Video Surveillance is used in the Following Applications:Observational researchWildlife monitoringTime-lapse videosReal-time weather updatesTourism videosAnimal behavioral studiesFilm projectsVideo for Animal MonitoringScientists who study the behavior and patterns of animals donu2019t always have the resources to do so on a daily or nightly basis.

Because of this limitation, many scientists, interns, and species specialists count on day/night video surveillance cameras to film the behavior of animals that are often difficult to see and view close up.

See how an IP video surveillance played a key role in the monitoring of Pandas in China, a species with askew breeding tendencies in one of our many case studies.

,Time-Lapse VideoTime-lapse videos are used for a variety of media, government, construction, and corporate projects, ranging from the build-out of a new facility to road pavement work and creative art videos.

Video surveillance can monitor events and actions 24-7 to make certain that every detail is recorded.

,Internet Security Camera SystemsItu2019s no surprise that Internet security cameras are becoming the preferred surveillance solution among businesses and homeowners.

The increased demand for Smartphone devices, pocket PCs, and laptops has been a driving force behind internet video surveillance.

Simply put, people want to access their security cameras online so they can go about their day-to-day schedule without having to worry that their property is vulnerable to theft and break-ins.

,It can be rather cumbersome to view analog security over the Internet because theyu2019re not designed for that purpose.

Unlike analog video, Internet surveillance cameras transmit and receive data over an IP network.

Each has its own IP address that can be viewed over the Internet.

This is one of the chief advantages of using online security cameras.

People appreciate the remote accessibility, scalability, and flexibility that it offers, which is why internet video surveillance is becoming more popular.

,Video Surveillance Systems and Services features an extensive range of internet security cameras for indoor and outdoor applications.

Whether you own a retail store, warehouse, or own a house in the country, you can rely on us to meet your security needs.

Read more about the basics of online security cameras below:,Remote MonitoringTo view your internet security cameras from a remote device such as a Smartphone or laptop, you will need to either set up port forwarding or connect through a network recording device.

Port-forwarding sends the network ports utilized by your IP camera to the World Wide Web for viewing online.

These network ports are forwarded through your router, which IP video experts at Video Surveillance Systems and Services can help you configure.

You must obtain the IP address of your router in order to set up port-forwarding.

If port-forwarding is not an option, consider going with an NVR manufacturer like Smartvue.

Smartvue offers unique plug-and-play cloud-based surveillance solutions that allow users to monitor their live camera feed and view recorded video from Internet-ready devices.

For viewing your camera feed, all you have to do is sign on to the Smartvue cloud service with your user account number and password.

Youu2019re then instantly connected to your internet video surveillance system.

Itu2019s that easy.

,Streamlined InstallationInternet video surveillance cameras are powered via a network cable, thereby limiting the amount of cabling needed to install your security camera system.

Analog video systems require one video cable and one power cable to operate.

Since two types of cable are needed, it can be more of a hassle to install CCTV cameras in outdoor environments or in areas that arenu2019t within close distance to a power source.

With an IP internet surveillance camera system, you can power several security cameras through the same network cable.

NVR manufacturers such as Smartvue allow you to view multiple cameras at once from different locations.

This gives you much more power and flexibility.

In the end, online security cameras are much easier to install than CCTV cameras because they use Power over Ethernet technology.

,Mobile SurveillanceMany IP internet security cameras and NVR manufacturers and NVR providers deliver mobile surveillance apps for viewing online security cameras on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone.

These mobile viewing apps let you monitor your business or home in real-time.

You also have access to a variety of functions such as video playback and video search.

You can even zoom in and out to get a closer look at figures and objects.

The advent of mobile surveillance has played a major role in the push for IP video.

Businesses and homeowners can look at their security camera feed from virtually anywhere in the world on their smartphones.

If that isnu2019t convenience, we donu2019t what is.

This is especially great in todayu2019s fast-paced world.

Business owners donu2019t have to be onsite to protect their assets.

Homeowners can go on vacation and know that their home is safe and under surveillance.

,No LimitationsInternet security cameras can be used in indoor and outdoor settings, alike.

Thanks to the advancements in IP video surveillance, online security cameras are available in a variety of designs.

From bullet cameras and domes to PTZ models and box cameras, internet security cameras are not limited to any type of form factor.

Whether youu2019re looking for a discreet, difficult-to-detect camera for your retail store or a bullet camera to monitor your backyard, Video Surveillance Systems and Services has an online security camera solution for you.

,Video Surveillance Systems and Services is an Expert in Internet SurveillanceVideo Surveillance Systems and Services is home to veteran IP video experts who take the time to listen to your every need when it comes to internet surveillance.

Our staff has garnered 50+ years of experience in this industry and leverages that experience to help you find the right online security camera for your application.

Call us today to learn about the benefits of investing in online security cameras.

And in case you didnu2019t know, we offer free shipping on all internet surveillance cameras in the continental US!,Outdoor Perimeter SecurityOutdoor perimeter security can be maintained in a variety of ways including guards who walk the grounds, locked gates and entrances with alarms, and surveillance solutions to monitor the grounds.

,Using one or all of these solutions together will be a key part of increasing your business security, a central tenant to reducing the risk your business faces from crime.

,Importance of Outdoor SecurityWith entrances and exits into buildings, storage for materials, and parking lots or garages, many businesses are at risk when it comes to their outdoor perimeter security.

Increasing your security system to protect not just the materials you may keep inside a building can:,Reduce theft & loss of materials,Improve business operations,Prevent expensive downtime to repair damage,Protect high-value business assets,What can Perimeter Security Systems Do?Outdoor perimeter systems can include a wide variety of security products including surveillance cameras with night time recording, lights, and alarms.

,Intrusion Detection - Outdoor cameras are designed to work in all types of weather and low-light conditions, giving you reliable video footage.

The system will send an alert to your security manager or whoever needs to respond to the situation.

,Deter Theft - Visible security systems can deter criminals who do not want to risk being seen and caught or having recorded security video turned over to the police for an investigation.

,Active Intervention with Remote Guards - One popular security solution is a remote monitoring service, where trained experts watch your cameras to maintain security; these remote guards can react instantly to suspicious activity by triggering alarms, using speakers attached to the system to alert would-be thieves that they have been spotted, and calling the police.

,Reduce Risk - Reducing the risk of crime, and the time and material loss from theft, will increase your business profits and reduce risk.