Can you delete pictures from an iPhone and still have it saved in iCloud? If so, how?

How to delete photos from iCloud but not iPhone

Hi,,Go to Settings/iCloud/Photos and disable iCloud Photo Library.

Now go to your Photos gallery, it will display the photos thatu2019s only there in your phone memory.

Delete all the photos.

,Note: Before deleting make sure that you have already taken a back up of those photos or itu2019s uploaded to Icloud.

,After deletion, again go back to Settings/iCloud/Photos and enable iCloud Photo Library.

,Photos gallery will now display all the pics thatu2019s there in iCloud as well as the photos in your phone memory, if any.

,Hope this helps.

How to delete photos from iCloud on PC

You can delete Photos from iCloud on computer.


Access iCloud.

com in your browser and sign in your Apple ID and password.


Click Photos to open the next page.

Press Ctrl on Windows or Cmdon Mac and select photos to delete from iCloud.


Hit the Delete key on your keyboard and click Delete on the warning dialog.