Will Apple release a new iPhone SE in 2022?

New iPhone SE 2022

There are rumors to that effect.

Sone rumors say it will even happen in 2021,but until apple actually makes an announcement nothing is guaranteed,they could be working on one now but decicise not to release it for sone reason

iPhone SE 3rd generation

iPhone SE 2020 has been launched not a long time ago.

So if you look at the time gap between SE and SE 2020 it is 3 almost 3 years.

So dont expect the 3rd generation soon.

You have to wait at least 2 years.

iPhone SE 5G

iPhone SE 2 is equipped with Apple A13 processor and integrated Intel 4G baseband, so it does not support 5G network.

,In terms of other data transmission performance, iPhone SE 2 supports Gigabit LTE and has 2x2 MIMO and LAA technology.

Support wireless local area network (802.

11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax), with 2x2 MIMO technology.

Support Bluetooth 5.

0 wireless technology, support NFC in card reader mode (Express transportation card function that can be used with backup power).

iPhone SE 2022 review

How is the battery life on an iPhone SE?You judge, I think its poor no matter what year SE you are asking about.

2020 was a very bad year.

,An Android phone in the same price bracket as the iPhone SE (2022) for comparison.

,Results are from GSMAreners independent and honest tests of battery life, which are included in their review of the phones.