Does Apple gives its Apple student discount in India?How to get it?

How to get Apple student discount

Yes They Giveud83dude0e!!,For iPad:,Student discount applies on most of their products except their smartphones.

,You Need to get Verified by Unidays1.

Go to Apple website and open education section,2.

Click on Get Verified by Unidays Option.


Fill up the details asked and Upload Your Colllege ID pic.

,You will be verified within 24hours.

,Bonus tip: They are Giving Airpods for free if you order any product before 27th September 2021.

iPad student discount

Students need to work.

Iphones arent for work.

Ipads and macs are for work.

There is no reason to add a discount to iphones so apple dont.

If they can make money somehow they will.

They also give FREE beats solos worth u00a3200 and may give the pros for free too.