Why are my UPS and FedEx packages always more damaged than USPS ones?

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I cannot account for actions of other agencies and apologize for the inconvenience Iu2019m sure it may have caused.

With that being said, the USPS requires it delivery carriers to either present packages to individuals directly, leave them in a safe location, and/or, leave a notification for customers to retrieve their items from their local post office.

,It has been my experience from customers of UPS and FedEx that they have found packages thrown in their shrubbery, left in the rain or received a pickup sticker that they were missed and the customers were home.

,Of course, there are incidents from the USPS as well.

We do have our moments of customer inconveniences.

The only thing I can think of as to why packages are less damaged through the USPS than other services is, as the commercials say, u201cPriority You!u201d.

With revisions and restructuring, more attention is paid to mail and package deliveries.

Our carriers care about their customers