Which camera should I get between the Canon G7X Mark II and the Canon EOS 4000D?

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Canon G7X Mark II Specs

The 4000D is a Canon camera that I dont recommend.

Generally, I use Canon cameras, and I think theyu2019re great.

The fatal flaw of the 4000D is the plastic lens mount.

In my experience, plastic fatigues and fails relatively rapidly.

This camera is cheap.

The specs are similar to the 1200D, which was discontinued a few years ago, but it had a metal lens mount, and a more robust build.

Used, it will probably cost you less than the 4000D, but IMO, itu2019s much better.

,The G7X Mark II, is a u201cbridgeu201d camera, allowing manual control similar to a DSLR.

It is fixed lens, but with a reasonable zoom range, and a relatively fast (f/1.


8) aperture.

It has a 1 inch sensor which limits its performance.

I see it as the camera to take along when youu2019re planning to not take pictures, maybe a travel camera.

It will not have the resolution and dynamic range of the 4000D.

,Of the two, I would get the 4000D but I would not ever change the lens.

I donu2019t trust that lens mount.

But, take a look at the 2000D, which is current, and costs about the same as the G7X M2.