How do you unblursharpen a picture in Photoshop?

How to use Portraiture in Photoshop

Depends on what youu2019re looking to accomplish and what the subject matter is.

,Typically, the first thing you should always do is duplicate the layer (ctrl/cmd +J).

That way you can go back to the original image to see what the u201cbeforeu201d looks like and also work with opacity and layer masks.

,Photoshop in itself isnu2019t the easiest to use photo-editing wise.

I typically like to start in Lightroom, but you can also access ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) which is the same technology as Lightroom by going to Filter -> Camera Raw Filter in Ps.

Here you can make some of the most basic edits, like exposure corrections, increasing vibrancy, and adjusting the blacks and shadows if the image is underexposed.

,Other than that, I prefer to use a number of plugins in conjunction with Photoshop and then use layer masks back in Ps.

Some really good plugins are Photomatix and Topaz Studio (particularly Topaz Clarity) for boosting image tonalities in landscapes and architecture shots.

,If working with portraiture, there are some tricks out there for whitening teeth, removing blemishes, smoothing skin, and so on.

Itu2019s worth looking into some tutorials on how to accomplish this.

Youu2019d also want to look into toning capabilitiesu2026there are plenty of free Photoshop Actions you can install in Ps to give your image an artistic tone.