How should I set my camera settings for Bokeh?

Bokeh effect

Im not a professional but I love clicking bokeh.

If you find something technically wrong with my answer, then please feel frer to correct me.

,Aperture : Set the lowest aperture number possible.


5 is good.

,Focus: Use manual focus.

Auto focus gives you bokeh in rare cases.

Look through your viewfinder and experiment with the focus ring.

,Lens: A prime lens gives excellent bokeh.

I have used 50mm f/1.

8 prime lens, 18u201355mm Nikkor lens and 55u2013200mm Nikkor lens and when it comes to bokeh, prime lens is my favorite.

,Mode: Use manual mode if you want a dark background with lights in the foreground.

And if youre shooting portaits with bokeh, then go for aperture priority.

,Im attaching some pictures clicked by me with the EXIF details.

,lens: 50mm prime ,aperture: f/1.

8, ISO: 250, Shutter speed: 1/125s,lens: 50mm prime f/1.

8, ISO: 100, shutter speed : 1/3200,lens: 18u201355mm Nikkor, aperture : f/4, shuttet speed: 2s, focal length : 18mm,lens: 18-55mm Nikkor, focal length : 36mm, Aperture: f/4.

8, ISO: 1600, shutter speed: 1/100s,If you like my work, then follow me on Instagram (prism_dimension).

How to get blurry background Nikon

Iu2019d recommend using the Nikon 35mm f1.

8G lens which is very reasonably priced ($165), and setting it at f 1.



That should get you a pretty decent blurry background for video or stills.