My iPhone 6 front camera displays the pictures rotated on the opposite side. How can I fix this?

How to turn off mirroring on iPhone 6 camera

How to fix this, I dont know, and nobody else seems to so far either.

But its a great feature, because were used to looking at ourselves in mirror images.

,A side effect is that your phone can substitute for a pocket mirror if you need one.

For example, I used mine this way when Mom was in the hospital and wanted to comb her hair.

Recording turned off, of course.

But it would be almost hopelessly confusing trying to comb your hair looking at a non-mirrored image.

iPhone 6 Settings menu

nI use an iPhone 6 plus 64GB.

This is the screenshot of my Usage panel in settings menu.


4 + 18.

6 =56 ,So 56GB is the space available to the user.

Rest is taken up by iOS file system and pre-installed apps.