My Android phone is always showing storage space is running out but I had deleted everything in it. Why does it do this?

Phone with only WhatsApp and Spotify

I had a a very annoying and consistent 23-50MB left for a good while.

,I did a factory reset when made sure that: ,I dont download the backup when setting up the device again.

,All of the Google apps I dont use (Play Games, Play Music, Pay Newstand, Talkback, Text-to-speech, etc.

) never update, are disabled and stay as the factory version, because this are what silently eat most of your storage if you let them update on their own.

Chrome and Photos are also always at the very small factory version and never update.

,I dont download Facebook, because its huge, nor Twitter, because I check both of those on Google Chrome.

,I believe if you use WhatsApp, Google Play services will sneak its way in, which an almost 100MB waste.

,Move as much as possible to the SD card, because not all apps will let you.

,This my current state:,As far as big apps go I have Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Spotify.

Only WhatsApp wont allow me to move media to SD card, which is a fail, so I have to be deleting that cache and the chats constantly.

n,I have 0.

99GB available in the phone and about 1.


84GB in the SD card (most of it is Spotify offline music).

,Finally, always be very cautious with any update.

Note what you had before and after any update.



: Im thinking of getting another phone and Im definitely picking one with over 8GB internal storage.

Nobody should have to go through this mess.