What is the best way to set up a 247 live bird feeder public webcam viewable through a browser wout a PC? I have power at the location & wifi to my router but have only seen stuff that needs a PC, or streams to a device at a time or needs an app.

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Best PoE camera Australia

Almost any network camera can do this - but it really is u201calmostu201d, and unless youre buying from a retail store, it can be a pain to confirm in advance.

I would support the game camera idea, although they are more expensive - but that might only record to a memory card for manual retrieval.

,I have bought several cheap cameras that would suffice for this, and use a couple indoors for spotting my possums when they visit.

I still havent mounted the outdoor ones, but I need to.

My suggestions for features to look for, or decide if you need:,Get a camera supporting the ONVIF standard.

This ensures the video feed is accessible outside the app, as well as giving you a way to find the url, and increases the chances of it having a Web interface also,Use ONVIF Device Manager or similar to view the feed and find a url for it, probably via RTSP - I use vlc on Windows to view the direct RTSP link from my cameras,Decide on whether you will use Ethernet, or wifi for connectivity,Decide how you will get power to it - a simple extension cord and plug pack are fine indoors, but not outdoors.

Power over Ethernet may be a better option, even if you use an u201cEthernetu201d cable for power, but wifi for network connectivity (this is my plan for my outdoor cameras that will be mounted u201creal soon nowu201d),Assume that this camera will expose your network to hackers, and try to isolate it on something like a u201cguestu201d wifi network.

If it has p2p settings that you can turn off, that will significantly improve the security - but you will lose the option of remote access (outside your network) via an app, and the motion detection notifications that can be so handy for knowing when your wildlife are visiting,Consider options for recording video or timed or motion triggered pictures, to a memory card, or sent via email or to an ftp server.

My cameras send me emails when motion is detected, during certain times of the night - I need to setup the ftp option again,Mounting is indeed likely to be a pain,Getting your video stream easily accessible to the public via a browser could be a pain - definitely look at webcam hosting sites, rather than trying to do it yourself.

It really looks like it should be trivial to just run something like vlc on Linux to transform or act as a reflector, and put it out as a simple Web-accessible stream.

Its not nearly as simple as it should be.

,Most indoor cameras will pan left/right, and tilt up/down at a low price, but not zoom,Most outdoor cameras will not move, and if they do will only rotate left/right (depending on how you mount it),SHOP AROUND.

You may find an identical camera at a lower price, or with better accessories.

Or a nearly identical model, with higher specs or better features, possibly at a lower price than the one you couldnt resist ordering.

And you could easily get stuck with a lemon - research and refunds can be very important,If you dont want to spend much, but want to play around and learn more about the features, configuration, software etc, you could get some cheap cameras from an online Chinese store - just make sure you have at least a 30 day guarantee, as you should expect about a 50/50 unusable, or DoA, or doesnt have the listed features, rate.

But for those that do have accurate listings, the features are pretty incredible for the price, and some of them might even last for a year or more!,If you want something that you can get a refund on if it dies in two months, youll likely be spending 2-3 times as much, and get fewer features, but probably get a camera that will survive well over a year - maybe two or more.

You could easily spend ten times as much, and I honestly dont know what you will get for that money.

Amazon reviews could be valuable here, confirming that its waterproof, or that the Ethernet and power over Ethernet can be separated, or are REALLY standards compliant, or which pairs of pins the power is delivered on.

,If you go the cheap route, expect to wind up with incompatible u201cpassiveu201d PoE gear - sending or receiving power on pairs 1,3 or 2,4 - accessories most likely to be the opposite of what your camera needs.

But if you can find the right combination, a few bucks for a passive injector would let you use the power supply that came with the camera, over a short distance.

The cameras Ive bought, anything with 5V power used either a usb adaptor, or a plug pack with connector of varying size.

But all the PoE capable ones accepted 12V on a standard sized connector that matched all the passive injectors, and 12v power supplies I picked up - some listings included the connector size, most didnt.

The switches that provided passive PoE were not compatible, in my experience.

One of my cameras could not take power from a real PoE standard switch, but could from a passive injector, theyre probably your best bet for a single camera setup.

Real PoE is more expensive, but well worth it for numerous cameras as long as you can confirm that the cameras are truly standards compliant, and will negotiate everything with the switch - remember that money back guarantee I mentioned?,I have looked at cameras on Amazon from time to time, but (until this week) they almost never delivered to Australia.

The cameras that were shipped here were a lot more expensive, with fewer features than the cheap Chinese knock-offs - but some like the Wyze brand are very good value, and seem to be well regarded - but I havent checked if they have an outdoor version, last time I looked the outdoor prices were much higher on Amazon, than indoor.

Whereas on my Chinese shopping site, there were some outdoor cameras only $30-40 plus shipping, from memory (its been a few months).

,Ive spent probably more than a few hundred bucks over 2-3 years, getting around a third back in refunds, winding up with 4 good cameras, and a similar number of dead ones, and as many agsing that didnt have the features I needed.

One good solid outdoor camera is a fixed-position cam, the other will pan left/right, but not tilt up/down.

,PS Be wary of u201cPTZu201d markings on camera listings, especially the zoom - and remember that refund guarantee.

,PPS I hope you have a lot of fun playing with the toys, and watching your birds.

Every night, I have my laptop beside me, and look at my camera feeds when my notifications (from the vendor-supported app) go off, so I can see my possums.

Well worth the money, even after I started buying the more expensive cameras.

My possums keep me sane, or as close to it as I can get.

Drop me a line if you go ahead, and let me know how you go with it!