For industrial usages, which type of CCTV camera is best, wired type or wireless type?

Wireless CCTV camera types

For Industrial usage, wired type CCTV camera will be recommended.

,and it also depends the camera type you want, Indoor or Outdoor.

,Dome Cameras are basically for indoor use where as, Bullet Cameras are for Outdoor use.

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Types of CCTV cameras for home

Most security cameras for the home are able to perform the same functions: detect movement, record it and send an alert.

However, not all do it in the same way.

Here i have mention some tips how to buy home security camera.

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You should know that security cameras for the home are usually divided into two types: those that record only when they detect movement, and those that record continuously.

Some cameras can even be used outdoors.

,We recommend, before buying a security camera, to take into account the following aspects, and weigh how important they are for you.


Alerts: itis important that the camera is able to send alerts to your phone (or even several phones) when it detects movement.

,This is the only way you can be aware of anything that happens in your home in real time without having to continually watch the video.


Cloud recording:Many companies offer cloud storage systems when they purchase their security camera.

The video is recorded directly on a server in the cloud.

,Think that there will be many hours of recording, so we think that this system may be very necessary.

Also, keep in mind that some brands charge you an extra subscription for this service.


Facial recognition:some brands, such as Netatmo or Nest, offer the facial recognition tool so that alerts can only be triggered when the camera does not recognize the individual who is recording.


Storage:Many of these cameras have slots so you can insert memory cards and store the recordings in them.

,It is also a highly recommended option, especially if you want to save yourself having to pay for a storage system in the cloud.

However, if they enter to steal and also take the camera, the evidence of the theft will disappear with it.

,That is why brands like Ezviz offer in the same security camera the two services: cloud storage and locally.


App:the latest camera models can be accessed through tablets or smartphones thanks to an app designed exclusively.

,This type of apps, in addition to allowing you to see live what the camera is recorded, usually let you carry out some settings, stop or activate the recording, detect movement, etc.


Motion sensor:This is one of the most important features in a security camera.

It is necessary that the camera has sensors that allow it to detect strange or unusual movements to be able to send you the opportune alerts.

,Some cameras can even differentiate people, animals or cars, everything will depend on the degree of detection sensitivity that their sensors have.


Night vision: itis common for robberies to take place at night, so we think that night vision is a tool almost as important as motion detection.

,The cameras with night vision that we have included in this article are able to switch to night mode automatically when it gets dark, although you can also set an exact time if you prefer.


Panning, tilt, rotation:you can usually manually adjust the tilt you want on your camera so you can capture exactly the space you want in video.

,A good security camera will be able to pan or tilt through the application according to the indications that you give yourself.


Resolution:if your security camera records blurred images, it is useless to have it installed.

Try to find the camera that offers the best resolution at the best price.

,Keep in mind that many 1080p cameras will reduce their quality to 720p when uploading files to the cloud.

In most cases, it is only the cameras that have local storage capacity that benefit from those extra megapixels.


Programming:if the security camera has this option, you can program when it is turned on or off, or choose to only send alerts at specific times.

,It can be very useful, for example, to schedule to notify you when your children come home.

It also reduces the number of false alerts.


Bidirectional audio:although normally the task of security cameras is based on recording image, it can be very useful also to record sound.

,It will help you to know with all the accuracy of the world what happens in your house when you are not.

This tool also allows you to speak through the camera, which can be very useful if you see a thief and decide to give him a good scare.


Angle of vision:this will determine how much your camera can see.

Some models have a wider viewing angle than others, so keep that in mind.

CCTV Camera types and price

What is the full story behind AAPs allegation that the Maharashtra government paid 80 times more than the Delhi government for CCTV cameras?I really dont know the full story, but I would like to share you what I know, some facts.

,Delhi government is installing around 1.

4 Lakh CCTV cameras and the total expenditure is 272 Crore rupees, average cost 19,428 rupees per camera.

,Maharashtra government was to be installed 6000 cameras and the total expenditure was 949 Crore rupees, average cost 158,166 per camera.

,So, the Maharashtra government really paid 80 times more than the Delhi government for CCTV project.

,,Now, detailed analysis of both the projects.

,1) Delhi governments flagship CCTV projectHere are the features of the camera to be used in the project,,Bullet type CCTV camera,IP technology,Day/Night Vision,4 MP resolution,Waterproof,Self storage capacity for 24 hours,I searched through Amazon and found the few models of CCTV having nearly the same features, which are shown below, except storage.

,(Image Source: Amazon Android App),So, the cost of one such CCTV is around 7,000u201311,000 rupees, but without strong capacity.

,The tendering process of the project was done in a very transparent way and under strict guidelines, the total budget for the project was kept 350 Crore rupees, BEL won the bid.

,Few terms of the contract:,The agency will provide maintenance for 5 years and at least 98% CCTV camera should functional anytime.

,The agency will help RWAs (Residential Welfare Societies) and Market Associations to set-up local monitoring centres.

,Setting-up a central monitoring Centre,2) Maharashtra governments projectType of CCTV camera: Two type of cameras were used in this project.

,20 Thermal Imaging CCTV cameras along the coastal line , the cost of one such camera is around 6 Lakh rupees.

Remaining were IP based CCTV cameras with better resolution, as it is not clear which camera was actually used, so here is the one of the most expensive CCTV cameras under this category having excellent specification, which costs not more than 65,000 rupees.

,(Image Source: Amazon Android App),Few terms of the contract:,Setting-up total 100 local monitoring centres at the police station and the traffic police station.

,Setting-up 2 central data centres which should be able to preserve the CCTV recording upto 1 month.

,2 Mobile monitoring Vans to be provided.

,There is no mention of maintenance terms in any of the news reports.

,,So, total cost of CCTVs in both the projects.

,10,000x140,000= 140 Crore rupees, rest 137 crore rupees is for installation and maintenance.

,65,000x6,000 + 600,000x20= 40 Crore rupees, rest 909 Crore rupees for installation, monitoring and maintenance.

,Please, note that I have taken maximum price for IP based CCTVs in case of Mumbai.

,,900+ Crore rupees for installation, maintenance and monitoring of only 6,000 cameras?,Even if we assume the cost of setting up the monitoring centres to be 150 crore rupees, 750 crore rupees still would have been spent on installation and maintenance of only 6,000 CCTV cameras, which doesnt seem legitimate.

,Here is another twist:Only 4717 CCTV cameras were installed in place of 6,000 as claimed by Maharashtra Goverment in graphic provided below.

,(Image Source: Maharashtra Government),Even though, the L&T was the lowest bidder, the project cost is highly inflated, and it requires probing by any independent agency.

,,Thanks for reading.

Bullet CCTV Camera

Bullet camera can be mistaken for Outdoor cameras, I think that is what prompted the question.

,A bullet camera can be used both indoor or outdoor; indoor, in replace of dome cameras and outdoor, in replace of Outdoor cameras.

It has a fixed aris and its capable of capturing details short and mid-far distance, depending on what your needs are.

Types of CCTV camera connections

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Dome CCTV Camera

It depends on a number of factors.

The number of megapixels, the lens, and what type of detail youre trying to see.