Do solar panel phone chargers create waste?

Solar Panel Phone Charger

If you mean environmental waste, Absolutely No, Solar panel phone chargers dont create environmental waste.

Best solar cell phone charger

Solar phone chargers typically consist of a solar cell, or set of solar cells, that convert sunlight to electricity.

These are the same types of solar cells that are in the larger solar panels that you see on the roofs of homes or in large solar energy farms.

,The chargers will also include some power conversion electronics to provide a simple USB output that you can plug your directly into your phone.

Some will also include a battery that allows you to store up power when the phone is not connected.

,There are literally hundreds of different varieties of solar phone chargers out there, ranging from cheap to very expensive.

They typically look something like this:,Or this:,I personally have found these useful for emergencies, or camping.

But, not very practical for daily charging.

Military grade solar phone charger

I had taught ESL for several years, so when I got assigned to teach a group of my ESL single ladies aged from 22 to 35 or so.

So as a writing exercise I got the bright idea to write to service men in Iraq.

And specifically put u2018to a single maleu2019 on the outside of the package.

It started out very prim and proper, but rapidly went south.

You may ask how so? Little did I have any idea how this would go.

,Well they started out writing informative letters, with nice proper pictures of themselves.

I had a diverse group of women from all over Eastern Europe, Mexico and Brazil.

The English level ranged from 5th to 8th grade.

Better spoken than written.

So we sponsored a drive to generate stuff to send, got a contact for used movies on DVD etc, used music CDu2019s books, books on tape, and even a guy who would coordinate the shipping and sending (he ended up paying for all of the costs!).

One of the ESL teachers worked at Hershey Chocolate so we got all kinds of candy.

What I had intended to be a small project grew like a weed into this huge production.

14 ladies originally in the class, but we had so much stuff, So each lady wrote and sent two letters and each packed two 20 pound boxes.

I wrote a note, stating that this was a writing project for ESL, and that if the men wrote back, and sent a picture, we would send more letters and stuff.

u2018Tell us what you need and we will try to get it for youu2019.

,omgu2026letters came pouring back.

The response was absolutely incredible.

The men were so appreciative and encouraging.

I know now it was in the run up to the invasion of Iraq, so there was a lot of waiting and down time.

Some of the guys wrote everyday.

And wrote page after page.

,All of the men asked for more pictures.

So this grew into a separate chapter as two amazing ladies took the gals clothes shopping at thrift and bargain outlets, and a guy offered his photography services.

A lady spent day teaching them how to use makeup, hair care, the works.

The pictures came out like glamour shots and were amazing.

I suspect there were pictures of the gals all over tents, barracks and vehicles all over the staging areas to Iraq.

,The average gal got so many letters, answered so many letters that it was just amazing.

These gals didnu2019t care if the guy was handsome, if he wrote about field striping an MP4 or sand fleas.

The classes where they asked questions about what the men had written were sometimes hilarious.

MREs, lubricants, zeroing weapons, inspections, air conditioned tentsu2026how in the world to they?u2026 they were just amazed.

They were so excited and engaged it was amazing.

Came to class early, stayed late, called me during the with some of the oddest questions about the letters.

,One of the nicest and most shy girls was like Mr.

Jim im not gonna write himm noo moreu2026he swear at me.


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no Lydiau2026ruck-up can mean packing or getting through something stressful.

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Jawa made since because of the sand and Starwars.

Cannibalizing u2026they eat u2026nou2026lol nou2026they take parts to take parts from a broken down vehicle to repair another.


J how do they men ride birdsu2026helicoptersu2026sigh The classes sometimes were hilarious, other times very serious.


J why do they want more and more pictures? Because you are beautiful ladies and they appreciate your smiles.

Sighu2026so it went.

,So each 3 or 4 weeks we packed boxes and sent them to the guys who had written.

It went from 14 boxes to 20, to 31 u2026more and more each month.

Wet wipes and batteries, phone chargers, cables, steno and little yellow line legal pads, these nifty little solar powered battery chargers, pens by the gross.

Before the 6th month class was over we had shipped well over 200 packages, the ladies had answered and written dozens of letters each week, to so many guys I could not keep track.

,And now the reason this anonymous.

,Two of the gals got very personal connected to the specific guys they were writing to, and the relationships continued, they met, and there were two marriages, and I got fired because two of the relationships had become intimate.

I had conducted a campaign to seduce these poor men and get the women citizenship through marriage.

Solar Charger

If youu2019re talking about the types that youu2019d hang off your backpack while hiking to charger you phone.

Iu2019d personally have to say know.

For the same weight, you can get several days worth out of power bank thatu2019s much less expensive.

,If youu2019re trying to save electricity by charging your phone off one.

If you do the math, a full charge a day of 3,000mAh 3.

7V typical sized smartphone at $0.

12/kWh nation average is about $0.

05 a year in electricity charges.

Amazon Solar Phone Charger

It depends on the phone.

,For standard USB 2.

0 charging you need 5w.

Propitiatory u201cfast chargeu201d can be higher.

USB C is much higher, up to 100w.

,The ratings of a solar panel are for best case sunlight, and donu2019t allow for conversion losses in the electronics (assume 80% efficiency there).

,Worse case sunlight (cloudy, not near mid day, high latitude) can provide as low as 10%.

Solar phone charger backpacking

Yes in fact all of them do.

Solar panels turn any light into electricity, not just light from the sun.

I used to joke around with my friends about having u201cinfinite poweru201d by plugging my phone into a solar charger, then shining my phone flashlight on the solar panels (obviously not true).

,But hereu2019s proof: green light means solar charging, and the only light in here is from lightbulbs.

,Edit: if youu2019re looking for a good rugged solar battery pack for backpacking or other outdoorsy activities, I suggest the Outxe 16000mAh

Solar Charger for iPhone

They u201cworku201d with any light - but the charge rate will be minimal.

The sun is at least a hundred times brighter than typical artificial light sources - and your charge speed under artificial light will be 100 times worse because of that.

Solar powered phone Charger near Me

Because a solar panel isnu2019t a magic device that puts out endless, unlimited free energy.

The largest and heaviest component of any modern smartphone is the battery.

,For instance, my iphone 5 has a 3.

8VDC, 1440mAH lithium ion battery.

It looks like this:,It lasts me, on average, less than 24 hours of normal usage before it needs to be recharged.

Letu2019s call it 20 hours because I like round numbers.

So, the constant (average) power consumption of my iphone is 3.

8V * 1440mAH = 5.

5 Watt Hours, 5.

5 Watt Hours / 20 Hours = 0.

27 WattsNow, a quarter of a watt all day doesnu2019t sound like much power consumption, and indeed it isnu2019t on the scale of normal household usage.

But when youu2019re talking about recharging from a solar panel it gets more complicated.

They donu2019t really make sub-watt panels, but thatu2019s fine.

Weu2019d most likely want a 1 Watt panel, 5V.

Like so:,This panel is capable of a max output of 1W continuous (in direct full daylight sun) at ~5V.

That would actually work really well for charging our phone! But wait, what about the size? The panel is roughly 4u2033x 3u2033; the iphone 5 is roughly 4u2033x 2.


Ok, so the panel will take up the entire backside of the phone, and hang over the side a bit.

Goodbye to storing it in your pocket u2014 itu2019ll rips your pants up bad.

But thatu2019s a relatively minor design problem.

Surely the combined brainpower of Apple engineering could solve that! And indeed they could.

,But that would still leave us with two pretty serious problems:,(1) Charge time.

We need to put in essentially 5 watts a day.

That means weu2019d need 5 hours of ideal charging time in the sunlight.

So, this u201cfixu201d requires that you set your phone facedown, outside, for five uninterrupted hours at a very precise time of day.

If itu2019s cloudy, itu2019ll take longer.

If itu2019s rainy, itu2019ll take longer (and ruin your phone).

So, best case, youu2019re leaving your phone unattended outside during the bulk of your workday.

Andu2026,(2) Charge speed.

Both Android and Apple phones are able to be charged from nearly dead to nearly full pretty quickly.

Like, a half hour or so on average.

To do this, you need to put significantly more power back into your battery than a panel this size is able to do.

If you want it to charge your battery faster, you need a bigger panel.

Much bigger.

Even a 5W panel (about the size of a 3 ring binder) probably wouldnu2019t get enough sunlight during the average personu2019s normal usage to really extend battery life.

,And I havenu2019t even mentioned the extra costs to design a power generation system and hardware to incorporate this physically into our already $600 mobile smartphones.

,The better question, in my opinion, is why everyone whou2019s tired of their phone batteries dying isnu2019t carrying some combination of the following: