What kind of website should I make to earn money?

Video portfolio website examples

Following are some examples of the most profitable types of websites that you can create right away to generate good permanent income online.


E-commerce Websites,2.

Blog Websites,3.

Entertainment Websites,4.

Educational Websites,5.

Answers and Questions Websites,6.

Social Networking Websites,7.

Bio Websites,8.

Video or TV Streaming Websites,9.

Online Payments Websites,10.

Niche Affiliate Websites,11.

Business Websites,12.

Community Forums Websites,13.

News Websites,14.

Online Portfolio Websites,15.

Job Boards Websites,16.

Crowdfunding Websites,17.

Picture Sharing Websites,18.

Nonprofit Websites

Best filmmaker portfolio websites

From my experience, itu2019s best to keep different work separate.

Try to put yourself in the shoes of the potential client.

If they are coming looking for your illustration work, what are the chances that they will ALSO be looking for someone whou2019s a filmmaker as well? Itu2019s more likely that the different work will just add to the confusion.

,Hope that helps!

Video editor portfolio site

UpworkUpwork is the most popular job site to find a freelance video editor.

It came into the function when Elance merged with oDesk nearly a decade ago.

You can find video editors from across the globe on Upwork.

There are millions of video editing tasks posted by various companies each year and an equal number of video editors to take up the tasks and complete them successfully.

,FiverrIn Fiverr, you can hire top-rated sellers by going through their profiles and skills.

To meet your deadlines, project planning, and goals, you can find several freelance video editors promoting their profiles with their set of skills.

You can check their profiles and hire them to complete your project within a certain timeframe.

,VieditIf you need a video editor, you need not go far.

By browsing Viedit sitting on your couch, you can get a freelance video editor with the apt skills required for your project.

For freelance video production, you can check out the portfolio of the video editor and hire one as per their previous experience.

,VideopixieIf you are looking for video production, you can easily find videographers, editors, and animators on Videopixie.

You can find thousands of video editing professionals in your budget on this site.

Choose the fittest freelance video editor according to their portfolio, production cost, and talent.

Free video portfolio website

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