Does u201cno location foundu201d mean they stopped sharing?

Does no location found mean they stopped sharing


,They turned it off or no longer wants to share it

No location found but messages delivered

Captain Charles Butler McVay III,Captain of the USS Indianapolis which was sunk after delivering components of the atomic bomb to Tinian Island.

,The USS Indianapolis was traveling UNESCORTED on July 30th 1945 in the Philippine Sea when she was struck by two torpedos from the Japanese submarine I-58.

,Having been on a secret mission she was traveling under radio silence.

The Indianapolis did get off an SOS call in which three locations received the message.

One CO was drunk, one was sleeping and the other thought it was a Japanese trick.

,The Indianapolis rolled over and sank in 12 minutes taking three hundred men down with her.

,Nine hundred men made it into the water.

Even though the Indianapolis was overdue she was removed from the org chart and forgotten.

,Almost nine hundred men made it into the water and were not sighted by patrols for four days .

Only 316 men survived.

,A Navy court of inquiry was convened and their findings were dismissed by Nimitz.

Admiral Ernest King overruled Nimitz and forced a court-martial proceeding.

,Admiral King had an axe to grind with Mcvay since Mcvays father an Admiral had disciplined King, as a young officer for sneaking women onto a ship.

,No other USN Captain had ever been Court Marshalled for losing a ship in a warzone.

Three hundred and eighty USN ships were lost during WW2.

,Mcvay was found guilty of failing to zig zag when he had been assured that his location was safe at that time.

He was not informed that a USN destroyer was lost the week before in this exact area.

,Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal stepped in and exonerated McVay, yet the damage was done.

His name had been smeared by the US press and he was humiliated.

,Mcvay retired from the Navy in 1949 and suffered from depression for his remaining years.

He continued to receive hate mail and phone calls the rest of his life.

,In 1968 he ended his life with his service pistol.

He was decorated with the Silver and Bronze Star during his career and he died a broken man.

,In 2000 president Bill Clinton cleared Mcvays record of any wrongdoing.

How to make Find My Friends say no location found

That money doesnu2019t make you happy but lack of money sure makes you unhappy.

After I had decided military wasnu2019t for me and had my discharge, I went studying to another town.

Now the Finnish military doesnu2019t have any veteransu2019 or reservistsu2019 programs, it is ARMFYAOYO.

So I had basically nothing else but meagre savings, admission to university, small studentu2019s grant and uncertain future.

,Being poor isnu2019t bad in Scandinavia, providing you play by the rules.

Poverty isnu2019t a sin but sure a god-awful shame, is an old Finnish proverb.

The first thing was to find a roof over my head.

Being homeless will kill you when the winter comes.

,I didnu2019t get a subsidized studentu2019s housing - they were all taken - so I got the cheapest rent apartment I managed to find.

It was far away from the university and on a neighbourhood of questionable reputation.

But at least it did not leak, was affordable and had no mildew problem.

And had running water and electricity.

,Yet the rent was high enough to devour the majority of my studentu2019s grant.

The grant those days was smaller than the unemployment compensation or sustenance support.

I had lost all aversion on scrounging in the military, and the second thing was to find me furniture.

I did dumpster diving and found me a perfectly good dining table.

Dumpster diving was a way to extend my budget.

Amazingly, I had lost all the aversion and shame connected to it in the military.

Being shameless and impudent was one thing I had learned, and it is a must for anyone who is poor.

When you are poor, you cannot afford morals.

I found out very quickly recycling centre was my friend.

,Recycling centres are basically second-hand shops where people can leave their old, obsolete or unneeded stuff instead of throwing it away, and the stuff is then sold at cheap price.

I got me perfectly good chairs and other stuff at a price of beer tankard.

I got me also bed, carpet and other stuff at laughable price.

Of course they were old, worn and battered, but I wanted to keep my home and the landlord would not have been amused had I rigged hooks for a hammock there.

,Naturally I could not afford a car.

I got me a bicycle by dumpster diving.

It wasnu2019t broken - just old, rusty and battered, and I fixed it.

Sandpaper and a rattle can found in another dumpster resolved the rust issue.

Transportation problem resolved.

,Scrounging became me the way of life.

I simply learned to fix all kinds of gadgets by myself.

I did not have money to buy me any new stuff.

In the Autumn, I extended my diet by mushroom hunting and berry picking.

I had gotten survival training in the military, so foraging was no issue.

I mentally prepared to rig snares for rabbits.

Fortunately I didnu2019t need to.

,I simply scrounged for just anything.

Any objects lying on the street or pavement, any non-broken items in dumpster, anything abandoned.

,When you are poor, your diet becomes abysmal.

Good, healthy food is expensive and out of reach.

What you get is cheap carbs, mystery meat and other such stuff.

Fortunately potatoes and herrings were cheap.

If I didnu2019t know how to forage, I would possibly have had it really abysmally.

If you are hungry, instead have a litre of good tap water.

You realize you actually were thirsty, not hungry.

,When poor, you cannot afford buying stuff in bulk.

Your packages will be smaller, which means higher kilo price.

You quickly begin to calculate the kilo prices and relate what you can get at which price, and how to maximize the calories you get and the micronutrients.

,Alcohol? I brewed my own.

I fermented any carbohydrates gone stale or which would have gone waste, and any cheap fruits into home-made kilju.

Needless to say the stuff was icky and taste diabolical, but when added enough tabasco, it became drinkable.

The secret was not to drink it immediately, but let it do the lager fermentation for a month or two.

The taste became much better.

,Did I say the neighbourhood was of ill reputation? The walls were apparently made from cardboard, so I heard the neighbours arguing, fighting and quarreling all night long.

Sometimes the ventilation brought in the smell of drugs.

I slept with my Bowie knife attached on my bedpost so I could immediately grab it in case of intruders.

I later heard one of my history re-enactment friends had had a warhammer at her vestibule when she had lived in a similar u2018hood - so that she could have swung it at one move against any intruder.

Yet within two months I learned the quirks, which places to avoid, which roads were safe and how to navigate home safely after dark.

The military had taught me the basic things of the geography of fear, how to avoid ambushes and how to face hostiles.

I never bought any new clothes other than underwear.

I repaired my old, or bought from recycling centre.

Fashion and looking good? Oh fsck.

When life is about survival and concentrating your effort on studies, things like that become irrelevant.

I bought all my books and other stuff second hand, and copy machine was my friend.

,In Scandinavia, you really donu2019t need to live in abject poverty - unless you have something to hide or you want to live outside the organized society.

But I could not afford the usual studentsu2019 joys and entertainments.

For me, the usual entertainment were the singing nights where I could play guitar to accompany and get free beers.

And, of course, as I studied chemistry, I knew the secrets on how to make actually good kilju.

I usually brought my own bottles in parties.

,Needless to say, I wasnu2019t too happy.

I had left military behind, and I faced uncertain future - I had only the hope Iu2019d graduate one day and find employment - and life would get better.

If I hadnu2019t known how to fix things and repair gadgets, I would have been fscked when the household appliances quit their contracts.

,The social aspects of poverty are nasty.

Poverty effectively severs all your social networks, your friendships, your companionships.

You become an outsider.

Yet humans are social creatures, and they long for companionship.

I really knew I was at the bottom of the social pecking order.

I had no joys or entertainment the other u2018normalu2019 youth of my age had.

I could not afford to go clubs, go disco, go concerts.

I lived in a strange town where I knew nobody.

My social circles were nil.

The loneliness was terrible.

,When you are poor, you invent all kinds of gimmicks to get over issues.

I once wanted to get in a music festival which was arranged on an island located at a river in a certain town.

I checked out the security means and the guards.

The island was surrounded by a fence to prevent any boats entering in without ticket.

I simply stuffed my clothes in a watertight bag, went swimming, and simply dived under the fence to get in.

I then went under a dense, shadowy spruce, changed my clothes, and I was in.

I could not have afforded the ticket, and the worst that could have happened would have been arrested and kicked out.

,I worked in odd jobs and temp jobs, to extend my budget.

Summers were spent working, not relaxing, to scrounge any extra money.

I never had a vacation.

I was god-awfully envious to those friends who were the school town natives and lived with their parents, or who had been lucky enough to get subsided student housing.

,Library was my friend.

I spent any spare time at library.

I did not have telly.

I simply read - just anything.

Just anything.

If I seem to be able to answer here in Quora on any kinds of questions, it is because of those years.

,Living as a single is expensive, and most poor people are singles.

I realized that avoid divorce like plague, it is a sure-fire way to bottom.

Even a bad marriage is better than no marriage in that respect.

Unless your husband is violent, a psychopath or a criminal, there is no good reason for a divorce.

,Things got better later after a couple of years.

I got an apprenticeu2019s place at a goldsmithu2019s shop - I had now means to fund my studies and a chance to learn a trade in addition to profession.

My studies, of course, got delayed, but now my living was no more mere subsistence, but I had some spare money to spend.

I got involved in our uniu2019s science fiction club, and I found history re-enactment.

And later got married.

,If you have been poor, you really appreciate the welfare state and social programs.

I mean, you really appreciate them.

The vast majority of the working and middle class are just one serious disease or injury from poverty.

The majority of the working and middle class tend to have negative net wealth, i.


have more debt than assets and real estate.

They donu2019t understand how precarious their situation really is.

This is the reason why I gladly pay my taxes even through my nose.

Because I know they will be used on beneficiary things.

Been there and seen that.

While my poverty was u201cchoiceu201d (I was a student and I gambled with poverty being temporary as I hoped to graduate and find a good job), poverty isnu2019t a choice nor result of bad lifestyle for the vast majority of poor people.

Usually poverty is due to things and circumstances upon which the person can have no influence over.

,But I still do have that dining table which I scrounged as a student, and I still do have 20u201330 year old clothes which are perfectly usable.

If those years taught me anything, it is being stingy is a virtue and learning to do things by yourself saves money.

,[ARMFYAOYO = All Right, Mother-Fscker, You Are On Your Own]

How to find iPhone when No location found

Q: How can I track my friends stolen iPhone when the data is off on her phone? I tried using Find My and it said no location found.

,A: You cannot,Your friend must call Apple, prove their identity, then Apple talk them through the process of tracking their phone,iPhones will update their location to their iCloud account every time they are powered up and when they change locations; they can use their cell connection, any convenient near WiFi access point and or any convenient iPhone that happens to get within range of them, to send the encrypted message with their location, to their iCloud account,Additional Information:,I have written about this before so I will quote myself here:,There are attempts at making viruses, and hacker attacks, written for the Mac, iPhones and iPads, they do exist but they donu2019t work because Apple is successful at deflecting them; Apple expends a huge effort in keeping their customers safe, protecting customer privacy via an effective multi layer defense system built into many layers of the operating system (which deflects viruses, hackers and other malware).

There is no other OS with anywhere near the protection level that Apple provides.

That is why no one sees any active viruses or other hacks on Mac, iPhones or iPads, regardless of how many new strains are made.

,FBI Director Comey testified before United States Congress that the FBI, with the help of the other government agencies, cannot hack into iPhones, which also means that there is no way to bypass the Activation Lock/iCloud Lock, at all.

He also testified that the FBI can hack all other operating systems and products, regardless of marketing claims.

,Companies like Cellebrite make false claims about being able to break into iPhones, the fact is that they cannot hack any iPhone that has the Secure Enclave chip, the same is true of the Manhattan District Attorneyu2019s office who has a million dollar hacking lab, they also can only hack (All) Androids they cannot hack any iPhone that has the Secure Enclave chip in it.

,Cellebrite was given credit for breaking into the San Bernardino phone, the media even claimed that the FBI had paid Cellebrite anywhere from $1 Million to $20 Million USD for breaking into the phone, subsequent legal (court) testimony by the FBI clearly proved that Cellebrite never broke into the iPhone, proving that Cellebrite and the mediau2019s claims had been false the entire time.

Cellebrite never handled that iPhone at all, they were perpetuating a lie.

,This is why the FBI is continuously harassing Apple to install a backdoor in to iPhones, which Apple always refuses because Apple is the only high tech company that is actually dedicated to protecting each Apple-using personu2019s privacy.

,The reality is that Apple cannot unlock iPhones, even if they wanted to, only the owner knows the passcode to their iPhone and only that passcode will unlock it.

,Apple responds very quickly to new virus threats, automatically updating all Mac, iPhone and iPad users around the world immediately and invisibly.

If u201cAutomatic Updatesu201d are turned on (which is the normal setting for all users), then users will receive updated virus protection, invisibly, the same day that Apple releases it.

This is why there is no *Active* virus/malware in the Apple community, so there is nothing to worry about.

,Apple protects iCloud since has been offering online services since 1986, so Apple has many decades of experience securing online accounts.

,Apple also avoids hardware exploits in Intelu2019s CPU (which have multiple security flaws) with the implementation of Appleu2019s own Secure Enclave, T1, T2, etc.

chips that boot completely securely, regardless of all the flaws in Intelu2019s CPUs.

,Apple expends a great deal of effort to make its operating systems (macOS, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS, audioOS, etc.

) secure, safe and private by implementing defenses in many layers of its core OS, which includes but is not limited to:,u2022tXProtect antivirus (scans for Windows malware as well),u2022tYara (users can even add their own rules),u2022tGatekeeper,u2022tSystem Integrity Protection (SIP),u2022tMalware Removal Tool (MRT),u2022tCore Suggestions,u2022tIncompatible Kernel Extensions (KEXT Exclusions),u2022tApplication Firewall (cannot be disabled),u2022tpf Firewall (BSD firewall, optional),u2022tFileVault (high grade encryption of all user data is standard),u2022tChinese Word List (SCIM),u2022tCore LSKD (kdrl),u2022tFlask Security Architecture for flexible mandatory access control,u2022tFile quarantine,u2022tDeactivation of TPM (where applicable) on a hardware level,u2022tSafari Fraudulent Sites protection,u2022teficheck,u2022tMessages (the only text app that is actually secure),u2022tiCloud Lock (in addition to Passcode Lock),u2022tProtection against u201cJuice Jackingu201d,u2022tPOSIX Saved IDs is correct, inescapable,u2022tEncrypted swap is standard,u2022tEncrypted binaries, with decryption code in the paging path,u2022tIntentional page discards, so that an attack involving page modification canu2019t be successful,u2022tApp Store scrutinizes all apps for privacy & security far better than all others in the world,u2022tSigned binaries,u2022tRefusal to run unsigned code downloaded from the Internet,u2022tu201cRootlessu201d mode, requiring substantial effort to escalate privilege in the first place,u2022tCommon Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation is built-in (as documented: TrustedBSD - Documentation),u2022tT2 Onwards,u2043tPasswords are hashed then the hash is stored in an inaccessible hardware encryption chip (T2 and Secure Enclave chip onwards),u2043tCryptographic Boot,u2043tiPhone,u2043tiPad,u2043tMac,u2022tSecure Enclave (T2, etc.

) chip,u2043tIs isolated so even if a host device is compromised the Secure Enclave remains secure,u2043tProvides hardware control of FaceTime camera,u2022tFIPS 140-2/-3 Conformance Validation Certificate,u2043t2018 onwards FIPS 140-2 Security Level 1,u2043t2019 onwards FIPS 140-2 Security Level 2,u2043tFIPS 140-2/-3 Security Level 3 in newer products,u2022tImmediate app revocation for fraudulent use of developer, enterprise, or any other digital certificate,u2043tSuch as the Silver Sparrow attempts that were deactivated and which never were able to perform any malware activity due to to the other Apple defenses,u2022tmacOS Mojave onward,u2043tCamera or microphone access requires user consent prompt (all but the oldest Macs have the webcam hard wired to the green indicator light so the camera cannot be on unless the green light is on); there is also a, physical disconnect that cuts the physical connection when the lid is lowered,u2043tMoving or reading files in the Trash (by an app) require user consent,u2043tPlug-in unapproved list, Safari extension unapproved list,u2022tmacOS Catalina onward,u2043tNotarization,u2043tMandatory app code signing,u2043tSystem Extensions (Apple replaced u201ckernel extensionsu201d so third parties cannot extend the kernel anymore, for security purposes),u2043tSystem files are stored in a separate read-only partition,u2043tEndpoint Security framework,u2043tGatekeeper enhanced with random validation checks,u2043tGatekeeper now requires a User Prompt and approval for changes (anti-ransomware protection),u2043tCamera access, microphone access, screen recording or keyboard input monitoring requires user consent prompt (all but the oldest Macs have the webcam hard wired to the green indicator light so the camera cannot be on unless the green light is on),u2043tDownloads require user consent prompting for each domain,u2043tLocked out ROOT account (not even Admin has access to ROOT),u2043tSecurity & Privacy preference panel,u2043tAccess control settings permissions for functions like Screen Recording, accessing Files and Folders, Input Monitoring, and Speech Recognition.

,u2043tActivation Lock (like on iPad and iPhone),u2043tT2 Security Chip-enabled Macs become nothing more than a brick until the proper credentials are verified, to unlock it,u2022tApple led the industry to require that Safari only accept digital certificates that are not more than 13 months old,u2022tAddress space layout randomization (ASLR),u2022tApple statement on privacy/security: u201cEvery Apple device combines hardware, software, and services designed to work together for maximum security and a transparent user experience in service of the ultimate goal of keeping personal information safe u2026 Apple is committed to helping protect customers with leading privacy and security technologiesu2014 designed to safeguard personal informationu2014and comprehensive methodsu2014to help protect corporate data in an enterprise environment.

Apple rewards researchers for the work they do to uncover vulnerabilities by offering the Apple Security Bounty.

u201d,u2022tDevice management built into Intel CPUs (u201cIntel Management Engineu201d) is blocked and is completely inoperative,u2022tRoot keys for all Messages/iMessage/FaceTime communications were destroyed in front of witness, many years ago, so no backdoor can ever exist,u2022tmacOS - Securityu2022tApple Platform security Fall 2019 PDF https://manuals.




pdfu2022tApple App security overview App security overviewu2022tAbility to deactivate hostile apps worldwide, immediately,u2022tApple A12 Bionic and onwards corrects an unexploited hardware exploit in earlier Secure Enclave chips,u2022tWeb browsers are sandboxed,u2022tSign-in with Apple,u2022tiOS 14 forward,u2043tGeneralized location in Maps App,u2043tTranslate feature,u2043tRecording Indicators for Mic and Camera,u2043tLimited Photos Library Access for Selected App,u2043tApps forced to offer Request to Track,u2043tPrivacy Information in the App Store,u2043tSafari Password Monitoring and Privacy Report,u2043tUpgrade to Sign in with Apple capability,u2043tEnable WiFi Private Address,u2043tEnable Local Network Privacy Access,u2043tSign-in with Apple (on apps),u2043tStatus bar indicator when app uses the microphone and camera,u2043tApp Store self-reported privacy practices,u2043tAll apps required to obtain user permission before tracking,u2043tApp Tracking Transparency,u2043tPassword Monitor & Compromised Password Alert,u2043tRandom MAC address for each WiFi connection,u2043tPrivacy Warning if actual MAC address is visible to a WiFi hotspot,u2043tu201cWeak Securityu201d warning when Wi-Fi is using vulnerable technologies.

ex: WPA or TKIP,u2043tIntelligent Tracking Protection (ITP) is mandatory,u2043tBlastdoor protection (precuts against zero click attacks, ASLR brute force, shared cache region attacks, includes advanced parsing of untrusted data in iMessages etc.

),u2043tiOS 14.

5 onwards,u2043tPointer Authentication Codes (PAC) to prevent zero-click and memory corruption exploits,u2022tApple Silicon onwards,u2043tWrite XOR execute (W^X),u2043tKernel Integrity Protection,u2043tPointer authentication,u2043tDevice isolation,u2043tExplore the new system architecture of Apple silicon Macs - WWDC20 - Videos - Apple Developeru2043tMacs Only,u2043tSelectable security level for each instance of macOS that is installed (Full Security makes the Mac just as secure as an iPhone),u2043tSecure Hibernation,u2043tFull At-Rest protection,u2043tIntegrity and At-Rest protection,u2043tLow battery protection,u2043tFast inline encryption,u2043tAPFS encrypted drive support iPhone/iPad enter password to access the content,u2043tHardware verified secure-boot,u2043tRuntime anti-exploitation,u2022tSecond Generation Recovery Key, prevents access to Apple devices even if the attacker has full access to iCloud and 2FA,u2022tSafari 14; Privacy Report,u2022tiPad Pro 2020 and newer disconnects hardware microphones when the lid of the device is physically closed,u2022tHardware updates when needed such as:,u2043tA12, A13, S4, and S5 products released in Fall 2020 (and later) have a 2nd-generation Secure Storage Component,u2043tDevices first released in Fall 2020 or later are equipped with a 2nd-generation Secure Storage Component.

The 2nd-generation Secure Storage Component adds counter lockboxes.

Each counter lockbox stores a 128-bit salt, a 128-bit passcode verifier, an 8-bit counter, and an 8-bit maximum attempt value.

Access to the counter lockboxes is through an encrypted and authenticated protocol.

,u2022tmacOS Big Sur onwards,u2043tSSV (Signed system volume),u2043tBuilt-in Runtime Security,u2043tEncrypted DNS (DNS over HTTPS or TLS),u2022tApple Silicon onwards,u2043tData Protection (encryption) class for each file,u2022tWeak Password Warning,u2022t2021 Onwards:,u2043tA new encrypted protocol for Developer ID certificate revocation checks,u2043tStrong protections against cryptographic validation server failure,u2043tiCloud defense against malware embedded inside Pages/Numbers documents,u2043tAirTags anti-stalking protection, including:,u2043tUnwanted tag detection,u2043tRotating Identifier,u2043tAudible Alerts,u2043tAndroid app to detect stalking,u2043tCompletely randomized product serial numbers,u2043tEnd-to-end FaceTime encryption for non-Apple users via their web browser,u2022tHidden IP addresses in eMail,u2022tHidden IP assesses in web trackers,u2022t3rd Party domain tracker reports (web tracker list),u2022tiOS 15 iPadOS 15 macOS Monterey,u2043tOn device voice recognition for Siri in Neural Engine,u2043tFamily Recovery Contact List to get back into your account of you are locked out,u2043tLegacy Contact List if you pass away,u2043tPrivate Relay (Safari iOS and macOS Monterey) double relays (VPN) to obscure your web browsing (hide IP address from ads as well), not even Apple can see your activity; It protects:,u2043tAll Safari web browsing,u2043tAll DNS queries as users enter site names,u2043tAll insecure HTTP traffic,u2043tHide My Email to hide your real email address when filing out forms (and stops senders from using invisible pixels),u2043tMail Privacy kills tracking pixels,u2043tMail Privacy Protection hides your IP address,u2043tSecure Paste allows users to copy/paste between apps without the apps being able to see what is inside the clipboard,u2043tEliminates need for Authy and Google Authenticator by providing codes for app-based two-factor authentication,u2043tSMS Spam filtering Brazil and India now, other countries later,u2043tiPhone is still traceable through the Find My network even when the device is powered off via the Power Reserve feature which contains extra power to keep Find My running; location tracking will even keep working whilst the phone is reset to factory settings with Activation Lock enabled,u2043tSafari Intelligent Tracking Prevention,u2043tSafari automatically HTTPS upgrade where possible,u2043tiCloud Passwords (formerly iCloud Keychain) now includes a built-in authenticator will be able to generate codes for two-factor authentication,u2043tAdvanced Fraud Protection to Apple Card, with a regularly changing security code,u2043tSafari Bookmarks end-to-end encrypted,u2043tSafari History and iCloud Tabs were already,u2022tmacOS Monterey specific,u2043tu2018erase all contents and settingsu2019 option for resetting your Mac, while maintaining the operating system currently installed, like an iPhone,u2043tMail Privacy kills tracking pixels,u2043tu201cErase all contents and settingsu201d,u2022tHomeKit,u2043tHomeKit Secure Video (for security cameras),u2022tApple Platform Security Report February 2021,u2043tApple Platform Securityu2022tSecurity Certifications and Compliance Center February 2021,u2043tSecurity Certifications and Compliance Centeru2022tTim Cook on Privacy: