Does NVIDIA Titan V support G-Sync?


Looking at their official site the cheaper Titan Xp has the G-SYCH-Ready support but itu2019s not listed in the much more expensive Titan V I think this is just a poorly set up site with an oversite since they have lumped the Xp with the V as offshoots of each other in the same generation,Here is the Titan Xp specs:,NVIDIA TITAN Xp Graphics Card with Pascal ArchitectureNow look at the Titan V specs: the Technology Support section is missing,Introducing NVIDIA TITAN V: The Worldu2019s Most Powerful PC Graphics CardBoth cards are listed under the Titan Xp page.

,NVIDIA TITAN Xp Graphics Card with Pascal ArchitectureI do not like how they set up each cards specs as itu2019s impossible to do a side by side comparison.

NVIDIA Titan V gaming

Titan V is good for gaming, but you are paying way too much premium for little performance increase if you compare to GTX cards.

NVIDIA TITAN V release date

Because GPU and RAM manufacturers do not produce new product all year long.

They produce in batches and then spend a lot of time sorting chips for quality to produce varying product lines.

,For example the GTX 1060, 1070 and 1080 are all the same batch of chips.

They are made in a large volume and then tested for quality.

The better ones go into the 1080, the lesser ones into the 1070u2019s and 1060u2019s depending on what they can handle.

Itu2019s a silicone lottery when you manufacture chips that small.

,Since the retail pool of products is already depleted, the prices will remain high.

,Your follow up question should be:,So, why arenu2019t manufacturers producing more right now while retail inventory is low?,And the answer is due to the current product development cycle.

Weu2019re litterally sitting on the threshold of the next generation of chips (Nvidias 1100 family) about to be released.

,None of the manufacturers are willing to invest large amounts into u201clast generationsu201d technology as interest in cryptomining is on a down cycle again (as it frequently is, itu2019s a very up and down market with unpredictable spikes), and they see no need to flood the market with last generations GPU that are about to become out of date,Youu2019ll see manufacturing ramp up with the 1100 release, and youu2019ll prices remain at near MSRP for a while.

Then as enough batches are tested that retail inventory catches up with demand youu2019ll see the first sale prices (below MSRP),Then a year later youu2019ll see retail inventory becoming in less and less supply and the prices will go up or down depending on whether interest spikes the supply chain again, or not,The 1100 series should be more price resilient to crytocurrency fluctuations however because nvidia has promised to mining-lock the majority of their product line to keep prices relevant for gamers,Cryptominers will have to buy u201cproductionu201d or u201cdevelopmentu201d tier GPU like the Titan V for $5,000 while the gamer category *60, *70, *80 should remain at or near MSRP for most of its lifecycle

Nvidia graphics cards list

xx10 display cards (adding one 4K display),xx30 multimedia cards (three 4K displays),xx50 budget gaming (& low profile gaming),xx60 entry level gaming,xx70 mid tier gaming,xx80 professional tier,xx90 enthusiast tier (sometimes multiGPU)