How can I measure the topography of my (steep) driveway?

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Most commercially-published topographical maps arenu2019t going to have enough resolution (or enough source data) to accurately represent the topography within an individual property, unless itu2019s covering several acres.

,You could hire a surveying company to come out and collect the data youu2019re interested in and prepare a map for you, but theyu2019d probably charge a few thousand dollars for their time and effort.

,Alternatively, you can apply some of the basic principles of surveying yourself with a few relatively cheap tools and likely get a decent estimate.

The gravitational accelerometer in any smartphone can be used with free apps to report the angle of a surface to a fraction of a degree.

A laser pointer can produce a straight reference line from which you can measure height deviation using a surveyoru2019s pole or even a tape measure.

Smartphone GPS is not likely to be sensitive enough to resolve the detail youu2019re looking for, but it might be able to provide a quick first pass.

,There will be some geometrical and trigonometric calculations to be done, but they should be within the grasp of most high-school graduates.

The specific steps really depend on the site and the tools you have available.

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Thatu2019s a little like asking how heavy a 150 lb.

man is.

,I guess you would like to know what 5 mW of green laser light can do.

So let me give a short list.

,It can cause eye damage if it falls on the same spot of the retina for a second or more,It can permanently damage a video camera, web camera or phone camera,At night, in a clear sky, it is just powerful enough to be able to see the backscatter of the beam if you point to a star.

It is not a bright beam, and it does not look like a light sabre.

,It cannot set paper on fire, burn through black electrical tape, or light a match,At night, if you point the beam at a white wall, you can probably see the spot 150 to 200 feet away in the city.

Further in a very dark environment.

,It is powerful enough to be an eye distraction to a pilot within a mile or two of the laser pointer (and get you arrested).

,By the way, the average green laser pointer probably has more infrared beam than green, so the hazards above have been understated.

A good laser pointer will have an infrared blocking filter built in, but most do not these days.

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Red led flashlight,Mosquito repellent (summer) or warm layered clothes (winter),Snacks: coffee, pbj sandwich,Laptop with Stellarium, Starry Night, or other astronomy app,5mw green laser pointer.

Donu2019t point it at people or airplanes!,Star finder,Rich field refractor on equatorial mount.

Orion 120ST is a good choice for about $700, highly portable, 36 pounds including mount.

,One good eyepiece,The company of a loved one who will tolerate your astronomy obsession,Of such things are great observing memories made.

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Hi, Guys Here is some tech hacks that can be learned in 10 minutes or less.

Lets See What are this some useful tech hacks.

,i donu2019t know if some of this posted before or, if you know already then please ignore ok now, Lets Begin.

,Give Your Eyes some Relaxation while looking at Phone screen at nightYes you may think How? its simple by just Avoiding blue light that is in your phone screen, Recent research suggests that exposure to blue light before sleep may distort your natural (circadian) rhythm and cause inability to fall asleep.

,The cause is the photoreceptor in your eyes, called Melanopsin.

This receptor is sensitive to a narrow band of blue light in the 460-480nm range which may suppress Melatonin production - a hormone responsible for your healthy sleep-wake cycles.

,so solution ? simple one app called Twilight App, The Twilight app makes your device screen adapt to the time of the day.

It filters the flux of blue light emitted by your phone or tablet after sunset and protects your eyes with a soft and pleasant red filter.

The filter intensity is smoothly adjusted to the sun cycle based on your local sunset and sunrise times.

,For more Head on to Google play store link of this app: Twilight - Android Apps on Google PlayNow for iphone users they donu2019t need any app they have night mode feature already packed with their latest iOS.

,i Highly Recommend this to turn on blue light filters during late evening so your eyes donu2019t get gurt and you can enjoy whatever Movie you watching or youtube or like me reading on Quora during late night.

,Turn a laser pointer into a macro lens for your phoneu2019s cameraThis is so cool.

If you have a used laser pointer around (or if you can borrow one from your office clerk or professor), break it open and you will find a lens inside.

Get a hairpin and some scotch tape.

Prop the lens between the hairpin and place it on the camera lens of your phone.

Use the scotch tape to hold the pin-lens combo firmly in place.

And there you go! A rough, DIY macro lens for no cost.

,Turn your wallet into a smartphone standNeed to prop up your phone for a quick video chat or to watch a movie, but donu2019t have a smartphone stand around? Just whip out your wallet and open it up.

If your wallet folds thrice, place it on its back and open up one flap to prop the phone.

If your wallet folds twice, open it and place it in the shape of a boomerang.

Your phone can stably rest on that.

,Photos Credit: Google PlayStore and Reddit.

,update 1 : Some more.

:DIf that ugly router clashes with your decor and you have no idea what to do about it, try hiding it between the covers of a classic book.

No one will know its there.

Tie cords around a wooden spoon and make your own unique headphone holder.

If you have friends who like to borrow your stuff and somehow never return it.

Dont forgo lending it to them, instead take a picture of them holding the item.

This will give you a nice reminder of who has it.

The space behind your computer is filled with a plethora of cords, most of which are exactly the same color.

How can you tell them apart? How can you keep them from becoming a jumbled mess? Just label your cords by using little colored bread ties.

Store USB cables and other connectors in toilet paper tubes.

In case this sounds too cheap, paint the tubes and make the whole thing a work of art.

Thanks ! Hope this is Useful Tech hack for You, i will keep update this answer as soon as i will find some more cool tech hacks ! Peace !

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Okay, I went through all the answers hoping that someone would have figured out what that lame keychain is all about.

Amazon is not some company that was born yesterday, and its definitely not too stupid to realize that the piece of plastic that they sent will do nothing but gather dust in some storage room cabinet (Or worse, swallowed by some household canine).

,So here is the revelation, in my opinion.

Having worked with payments for quite a while, I have come across many draconian commission amounts that monopolistic payment gateways charge.

Two of the industry stalwarts of this juicing machine are Google and Apple Payment Gateways.

These PGs force app developers to use them exclusively for all purchases made on apps hosted by Google and Apple Application stores.

The commission amount a regular PG charges for buying that Hot Dog using your card in the neighborhood 7/11, ranges anywhere from 1.

2 - 2%, Google and Apple, for what they are worth, charge a staggering 30% (Please do read that as thirty, that zero at the end is not a typo).

Having said that, there are some exceptions where Google and Apple allow you to not use their PG (And avoid paying that double digit commission), the one that is relevant in this context is, and I quote, u201cDevelopers offering products within another category of app downloaded on Google Play must use Google Play In-app Billing as the method of payment, except for the following cases:,Payment is solely for physical products,Payment is for digital content that may be consumed outside of the app itself (e.


songs that can be played on other music players).

,(CTRL C + V from Here)In my view, that keychain is a method used by Amazon to thwart the 30% commission they will need to pay Google or Apple for the prime membership users are purchasing.

I mean, it makes sense, you are actually paying for that keychain (Which is a physical good that can be used outside of the app), the annual / monthly membership, is nothing but a loyalty reward they are offering their users for purchasing a very expensive keychain.

,Again, this is my assessment of trying to make sense of that slab of thin plastic that reached my home having zero utility (Heck, I even tried using it as a paperweight, to no avail).

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You specifically asked about Laser pointers - which implies that your want to use a laser for visual pointing or recreational use.

Everyone of course wants high visibility, which is why most novices assume they want more power.

That is an incorrect and dangerous approach.

For visual use, you want the right color - which turns out to be 532nm (green) - right at the peak of human visual perception.

nMy suggestion is to purchase a quality green laser pointer with a 5mw output.

,I also believe that people should be free to make stupid, uninformed choices, so I will reluctantly point out (no pun intended) that you can purchase much higher powered laser pointers very easily in many places online - specifically eBay.

In the past few years the sale of laser pointers with blue or violet output in the 405nm to 450nm range has become widespread.

All of these lasers have outputs far greater than 5mw despite how they are marketed or labeled.

Most of the blue (450nm) handheld lasers sold from China for around $50 have output power levels between 1 and 2 watts.

They are extremely dangerous to eyesight, because the short wavelength does not easily trigger the human blink response to bright light.

In addition to not appearing as bright as green lasers, the blue laser diodes have rectangular emitters with high beam divergence which can not be easily focused to a small spot over any significant distance.

With very large and expensive optics that can be mostly overcome, but not in a consumer priced blue laser.

The are really only useful for burning/cutting engraving at close distances ( a few feet maximum).

In those use cases proper eye protection is not optional, it is absolutely essential.

,My recommendation, stay with lower powered green laser pointers.

If you decide you really want more than 5mw, then proceed cautiously, but stick with green (532nm) unless your have a very specific application for close range cutting/engraving.

In my business I use CO2 lasers for cutting and engraving, and I consider them to be far superior for that application.

CO2 lasers have a totally invisible beam, far higher power levels, and are even more dangerous.

And yes, you can buy those on eBay also.