What are the best camera apps?

Beauty Plus camera app

Here are some best camera apps that transform your simple photos to awesome images that can be cherished lifelong.

,u00b7 PhotoRus u2013 Camera & Photo Editor & Pic Collage MakerIf you want a decent editing tool that can create collages, enhance pictures, use filters, frames and convert photos to art and prepare photo grids, then this is an ideal app for you.

Besides stickers, you can also take beautiful selfies with this app.

,u00b7 PicSay ProThis app has over 65,000 five star ratings on Android and is one of the most trusted tools for photo editing for smartphone users.

With options like Picasa, Flickr, Facebook, and more it is fun and easy to use.

You can adorn faces with mustaches, add varying effects, or insert text bubbles to photos.

You would also find other amazing options, such as brightness, exposure, saturation, tint, and contrast.

,u00b7 Cupslice Photo EditorEasy to use and incredibly awesome, this is ideal photo editor for novices.

With a long list of tools, effects, and photo configurations, this app makes it absolutely easy to transform simple photos and stunning images.

You can even upload an edited photo to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, and chat apps like Line and WhatsApp.

,u00b7 PhotoLab Picture EditorIt is an amazing Android app for those who prefer creating funny images.

This app has 500 plus photo editing effects.

,u00b7 AfterFocusThis app can take your smartphone photography to the next level as you can prepare DSLR-ish photos with it.

It allows you to focus on one feature and set BG or mid focus on the background for depth.

Beauty Plus Camera old version

Features of New Nokia 3310 (2017)The Nokia 3310 features 22 hours of talk time and a full month on standby.

,Nokia 3310 (2017) support old GSM bands - 900MHz and 1800MHz,The old charging pin is replaced by a Micro-USB port to make the charging simple.

,The new version of Nokia 3310 is thinner than the original one.

,Send and receive SMS.

,Admittedly with an awful quality camera (2 MP with a LED flash).

,It has 16 MB storage plus a MicroSD card slot with support up to 32 GB,Listen to radio FM.

,New version of 3310 is added with beautiful push buttons, Headphone jack and 2 MP camera with LED flash,OS : Series 30 allows for web browsing, but a much smaller range of apps compared to an Android or iOS system.

,The 3310 has a built-in MP3 player, so you can buy a cheap microSD card and add your music library it.

,The 3310 also supports regular headphones with a 3.

5mm jack and wireless via Bluetooth 3.

0, and the battery is supposed to last 51 hours while playing music.

,Check your calendar.

,There are a few games installed on the phone, including a new version of Snake.

,The 3310 comes with a version of Opera browser and it is REALLY slow, because it only has support for 2.

5G mobile networks,The modern handset is lighter and more colorful, with options in red, yellow, blue and gray.

,Comparison of old Nokia 3310 (2000) and new Nokia 3310 (2017)Battery lifeold: Up to two weeks,new:A month on standby,Weightold:133g,new:79.

6g,Cameraold: None,new: 2MP,Snake gameold:yes,new:yes but it is different,Priceold:u00a3129.

99,new:u20ac49 (u00a341),Released Dateold: Q4 2000,new: Q2 2017,Resolutionold: 84 u00d7 48 pixel,new:240x320 pixels

Beauty Plus Makeup

BEST STYLE OF DRESS FOR PLUS SIZE-,The age-old rule still holds true.

The color black is the ultimate slenderizing shade.

No matter the outfit.

,The waist area should always be well-defined, as a cinched-in midsection is always flattering.

It creates or enhances an hourglass silhouette, which is a key to maximizing those womanly curves.

Defining the waist can be as simple as adding a belt (just make sure itu2019s not a super-wide one) or looking for pieces with details such as ruching or beading at the waist.

Certain types of wrap dresses that nip in at the waist and skim the rest of the body can also be a good fit.

,When outfitting your body type, itu2019s all about highlighting your assets.

Fuller-figured women can put their curves to work for them in a dress with square neckline /wide neck.

showing some skin up top directs the eye upwards to create a vertical, slimming effect while directing attention away from any bottom-heaviness.

The same rule applies to shirts, too.

,For those who carry more of their weight on the bottom half of their body, an A-line skirt is an A-plus option to wear.

The clean, simple cut of the skirt nips in at the waist and then glides over the hips to hit just below the knee, thereby creating the illusion of a balanced, hourglass proportion, as discussed above with waist cinching silhouettes.