What is the best brand in power banks for smartphones?

How to check power bank battery level

There are various power banks for smartphones in market with battery capacity ranging from 5000mAh to 20800mAh.

Obviously there are certain power banks with cell capacity as high as 40,000mAh ( yes, you read it right ).

But if you are Indian or Asian customer then you might not get your hands on them as they are mainly available in US or UK.

,Make sure to check this collection of best power banks.

10 Best Power Banks for 2018So hereu2019s few of my personal favourite power banks which I will recommend to you.

,Updated: Before I use to carry MI Powerbank 2 but now I carry QuantumZERO because it has support for quick charge 3.

Its batteries charges in half time when compared to MI.

Thatu2019s something really important for me as I usually have to travel atleast 1u20133 times in a week for business related works.

,Hereu2019s my short review of QuantumZERO powerbank.

,Equipped with premium LG batteries this power bank comes with a capacity of 10,050mAh.

One of its most impressive feature is support for quick charge three which is almost 4 times faster than other conventional chargers.

,It also comes with various safety features such as overcharging protection, overcurrent protection, search protection, inbuilt temperature control and is equipped with fire resistant inner jacket.

,Some other essential features are:It is BIS certified.

,Comes with 1.

5 years warranty,you get lifetime customer support from QuantumZero.

,16750 mAh model is also available for purchase.

,MI Power Bank 2This is the second generation portable charge which is 18% lighter than two 10000mAh chargers.

,It weights just 330.


It comes with 20000mAh cell capacity and has a modern, sleek design.

,It is currently available in two different colors, white and black.

,In Order to protect your devices, it comes with advanced over charging protection.

,It also has an integrated temperature monitor which stops the charging if a certain temperature level exceed.

,You can carry it on your flights as it is approved by various Airline companies.

,It has got 2 usb ports which means you can charge two devices simultaneously.

,It even comes with USB Type-C support which means now you can charge almost every Apple devices including some small laptops.

,Pros:Cheap yet quality product.

,One of the highest rated power bank/portable charger on Amazon.

,Cons:Sometimes the outer cover gets heated.

,Syska Power Pro 200This is one among the few power bank which is approved by Bureau of Indian Standards.

So you can stay assured that you will get only high quality product at lowest price.

,You get 20000mAh power bank with modern design.

,It weights around 403 grams.

,It has got two USB ports which means you can charge two devices like smartphones or tablets simultaneously.

,It can attain 100% charge within 6 to 8 hours and then can easily recharge your smartphones almost 3 to 4 times.

,It comes with an intelligent hibernation mode which save the power when the device is not in use and when you forgotten to switch it off.

,Outside India, I donu2019t think you will ever find any better portable charger than Poweradd Pilot Pro 3.

It is by far the most durable, stylish powerbank.

It comes with monstrous 30000mAh capacity which is more than enough iPhone 6 - 6 times over.

,Furthermore, it is fully recharge itu2019s cells within 7u20138 hours as it utilizes 2 input ports.

,10000 mAh Mi Power Bank 2iTwo USB output, Two-way fast cost, 14.

2mm thin out.

Lithium polymer power packs, 9 levels of circuit chip safety.

Xiaomi stretches the dedication of its to produce the worlds very best energy banks in India.

10000 mAh Mi Power Bank 2i provides on the style that is revolutionary, the quality that is outstanding, and substantial production capability.

,Lithium polymer batteries arent merely less dangerous, they develop asking conversion process fees and stabilize discharging voltage.

With advanced resistance capacitance receptors, 10000mAh Mi Power Bank 2i is much more durable and optimizes asking effectiveness.

,The all-new style today boasts Dual USB result without compromising on the dimensions, extending the energy of yours to talk about with other people in demand.

,The all-new 10000mAh Mi Power Bank 2i is actually a lightweight powerhouse that provides two way quickly charging and also guarantees that the products of yours make it throughout the longest and busiest days or weeks.

,10000mAh Mi Power Bank 2i is actually lightweight and ultra-slim.

Just slip it in your container or maybe pocket and include it in the hectic lifestyle of yours!,COOLNUT CMPBAND-53 20000mAh Power BankBest ever power bank Ive seen.

The electric battery of it does not drain fast.

Electric battery backup is actually best and lastly, the litter of its on the thicker side.

But overall it is a the very best power bank.

It is able to charge my 3100 mah telephone six times.

In addition, it additionally has fast charging which will be the greatest thing.

,This places out a sufficient amount of result to easily charge my Samsung S7 (feels the just like plugging it into the wall).

I love its numerous outlets to charge several devices simultaneously.

,I have had it for approximately four weeks now and it still is effective.

Mine goes down to seventy-five % following one charge, therefore I do not understand how many charges itd truly give.

,I want that the screen granted a real percent vs.

a range.

Obviously, it is not going to be at hundred % after fully charging a cell phone, but could it be really already down to seventy-five %? Still a room for enhancing the item, but in general I would suggest it for the low cost as compared to goods from the US.

,Pebble PICO 10000mAH Power BankPebble Pico 10,000mAH Palm-sized Power bank, It is genuinely convenient - Palm Sized (ten x 6.

7 x two cm) style makes it probably the smallest among any other power banks offered.

,With two USB outputs you are able to charge two devices simultaneously, it additionally includes a digital screen that shows staying energy readily available to juice up the devices of yours in digital (25-50-75-100) structure.

,The power bank is actually having 10000mAh and it is long lasting in the testing of mine.

,Youve to press the power switch for five seconds and itll on.

I analyzed it charging my one as well as 5T and it has taken 1 hour forty eight mins to charge type thirty two % to hundred %.

The USB of its a person outputs 5V - 1A.

The USB of its 2 outputs 5V - 2A and it supports fast charging.

USB input is actually of 2A.

,Its received a digital screen which displays the battery portion that is really convenient.

Its easy, lightweight, and small to have.

,Lenovo 13000mAH Power BankNever run out of the battery power.

Running late for office and do not have some time to demand your phones battery power.

Do not care as well as belief in Lenovo PA13000 13000mAH energy bank.

Todays lifestyle is actually incomplete with no cellophane so we just cant manage without the handsets of ours even for one day.

To make sure that we never ever face such type circumstance, purchasing a power bank becomes crucial.

Lenovo power bank is sleek and stylish, so you are able to very easily carry it along on the way of yours to the office or perhaps anywhere on-the-go.

,Great energy bank from Lenovo.

Im using Moto G3 movable and can certainly completely charge my movable effortlessly up to three occasions with a single cost of the energy bank.

Once you plug your mobile to demand it instantly begins charging.

No requirement to transition it on.

quality that is Great and durability of the service.

Amazed to have it.

Thank you, Amazon.

,This portable charging device includes a capacity of 13000mAH and may be quickly charged with micro USB style connector.

With such a very long battery life, you are able to keep the device of yours on charge many times in one day.

Very easy to use, feature loaded device.

Lenovo portable power bank is actually suitable for all the smartphones and could charge 2 phones at the identical time.

,Its incredibly simple to run, as you only have to link the dive of yours with charger with the assistance of 5v/2A kind USB input connector.

Once you begin charging the phone of yours, it wont take the time that is very much to attain the complete battery sign, thanks to its really high conversion rate.

The unit has sensible energy management chip process which enhances the performance of its great time.

,Theres one power switch button and then led light unchanged in the charger, and that simplifies the usage of its further.

Manufactured with good quality matte plastic, this particular Lenovo device is actually high on sturdiness and durability.

Lastly, the power bank will come with 1-year company guarantee from the dare of the order of its.

,Intex 12500mAH Power BankIts one of the most popular portable power bank in India.

Its from one of the well know Indian Brand, Intex.

,This powerbank features 3 ports for charging.

It means it enables you to charge three devices with the help of USB cable simultaneously.

,This portable charger has the battery capacity of 12500mAh.

It sports an attractive design with black and sliver matte.

,As for the convineance of the users it comes with a power button, an indicator which indicates if it is charcing or not and an charging port.

,Morever it also has a powerful LED light which you can use in the case of emergency when there is no power in your house.

,Overall its a ultra portable and durable USB powerbank which you can but at very low price tag.

,If you have any questions then please let me know.

How to charge power bank

LiPo and other Li-ion batteries are rather finicky beasties, so their integrated electronics takes charge of charging (pardon the pun).

They must not be charged too quickly (this is currently the main challenge with shortening u201crefuelingu201d time for electric vehicles - powerful enough chargers are not a problem); charging is first with constant current until the maximum threshold voltage is reached, then (possibly after cell balancing phase) at that constant voltage.

,To make a long story short, your power bank u201cknowsu201d how it needs to be charged.

Simply charge it until whatever indicators the device has show it has been satiated.

Keeping it plugged in longer will not harm it.

How long to charge power bank 20000mAh

Hello there,,Well i faced the same problem which you guys are facing with xaiomi 20,000 mah power bank, upto a point that i had called the company to refund money as i thought its faulty.

,The first time ibtried to charge it took me 2 days ti charge the battery with a standard charger, i dont want to get into the numbers.

,But later i discovered an aap called ampere which shows the input viktage which surprisingly was 550u2013700 from my older charger.

,So what I did?,The power bank supports 12 v charger, bought that onebas i read somewhere that it supports quick charge to charge the power bank with the provided cable.

,I can charge battery in 9u201310 hrs in night time with high capacity 12 v charger.

,I truly believe xaiomi should provide a high capacity charger with it.