Do you need a special camera to capture the Aurora BorealisNorthern Lights?

How to cut something out in Photoshop on iPhone

Not u201cspecialu201d as in u201cdesigned for the Northern Lights.

u201d,But you wonu2019t get any good pictures on a cellphone camera.

,Because some u201caktchuallyu201d person on Quora will jump in with u201cI got a picture of the aurora on my iPhoneu201d u2014 yes, you can get pictures on a phone, but they wonu2019t be any good.

This one was shot in northern Norway on an iPhone 7.

Itu2019s soft, pixellated and obviously a u201cphone picture.

u201d Apparently it was shot on the Northern Lights app, which will moderate your smartphoneu2019s exposure and other settings.

Butu2026 cu2019mon.

You went to Tromsu00f8, Norway, and you took a phone?,If you want at least decent pictures, you should invest in u2014 at minimum u2014 something like a Canon Digital Rebel, which isnu2019t an expensive camera.

The body sells for about $300 or less.

,Itu2019s your lens that really matters, though.

A prime lens even on a Digital Rebel will do OK.

(Not amazing, but passable.

) Even for just doing photography in general, if youu2019re poor and trying to cut corners, you can put a $500 lens on a $300 camera body and get decent results (again, not absolutely pro quality, but not terrible, either).

,A camera body that can shoot at about ISO 800 without getting noticeable digital grain is ideal.

But what you really need is just a lens that can shoot at at least f/2.

8 and ideally at f/1.

8 or even f/1.


This is whatu2019s called a u201cfastu201d lens.

,The aperture (the u201choleu201d where the light comes through) opens up really wide on a fast lens.

It has nothing to do with shutter speed, itu2019s simply the largest aperture size the lens is capable of.

The bigger the aperture (something like f/1.

8 is large, whereas f/11 is small), the less exposure time you need.

Consquently, shooting at f/1.

8, you can lower your ISO settings.

Your ISO settings are the feature of the camera that compensates for lack of light but leads to ugly digital grain and softness.

,Camera makes vary.

But on a Digital Rebel, youu2019ll get passable photos at ISO 800 before digital grain kills your pictures.

On more expensive bodies, you can shoot at ISO 5000 or more (really impressive), then reduce whatever grain there is in Photoshop and still have a great picture.

But that camera body alone will probably cost at least $1,000.

(Less if you buy it used.

),Quick exposure time also means that you get something closer to what the aurora actually looks like to the naked eye instead of to a camerau2019s eye during a long exposure, which is a u201cfake.

u201d This is a really cool photo, but thatu2019s not what it actually looked like.

Itu2019s a long exposure.

The thing is, sometimes you need to do a long exposure even at f/1.


,Additionally, in places where the Northern Lights are common, itu2019ll often be so windy and cold, a u201cfastu201d lens will help prevent blurry pictures, because youu2019ll still want a tripod u2014 and tripods shake in the wind.

,The only time Iu2019ve ever seen an impressive display of the Northern Lights was in Iceland on New Yearsu2019 Eve 2017.

I was using a $500 Sigma art lens (f/1.

8) on a Canon Digital Rebel (about $200).

The pictures were not exactly overwhelming, but they were better than what an iPhone or a cheap pocket camera would get u2014 and way better than what youu2019d get with the lame kit lens that comes with the Digital Rebel.

,Then again, even this isnu2019t what came straight out of my camera.

If you donu2019t know how to process pictures u2014 and I didnu2019t know very much at the time u2014 expensive gear is almost a waste.

Thereu2019s a million posers out there with $5,000 in gear hanging on their necks who donu2019t know how to edit.

,Basically, any camera and lens thatu2019s good for night photography in general is good for photographing the Northern Lights.

By the way, you should totally get the hang of night photography before you venture to a place where you might see the aurora.

The aurora is fleeting.

A good one might last 3 hours, or 10 minutes.

You donu2019t want to still be figuring out how to use your camera or shoot in darkness as the aurora is occurring in front of your eyes.

,And to be honest, after a while, you just want to sit back, put your damn camera away, and take in the spectacular sight.

How to cut out a person in Photoshop

Let me tell you the simplest way to remove a person or object in photoshop.

You can use this method when an image doesnu2019t have a complex background.

Although you can use it for complex backgrounds also but the result may not be satisfying.

,To remove the person from this image, follow these simple steps:,Make a selection around the person using the lasso tool.


Go to edit and select fill (or simply press shift+f5),3.

Then select content-aware and hit ok,4.

And this will be the final result,Isnu2019t it easy?,If you want to follow the above steps yourself then here is the picture.

,However, you may not use this method for a complex background like this,If you want to know how can you remove people from the above image then you can see this small video where I explained and showed how I removed people from this image (subscribe also if you like the video).

I hope it will be helpful.

If you want to see more of my photoshop works or want to get your pictures edited by me then you can contact me here: Login u2022 InstagramEdits and suggestions are welcome :)Thanks for reading.

Cut out shape from image Photoshop


This is entirely possible if the conditions are correct.

You can use destructive interference to remove the common sounds and be left with only the difference between the two versions.

If one is instrumental and the other is the exact same instrumental plus the vocal you can use the instrumental to cancel out the instruments from the vocal version so that only the vocal is left.

,What you need to do is invert the polarity of one of the versions and then add them together at exactly the same volume and timing.

The diagram above shows what happens to the signals that are identical in the two versions - they disappear.

If the only difference between them is the vocal that is all that will be left when you complete the process.

,If this doesnu2019t work for you to obtain your separate vocal you can always look for a genuine acapella version or use one of the software tools which aims at this type of problem e.



How to cut something out of a picture on iPhone

What Kevin Systrom intended Instagram to originally be, back in late 2009, was an app that combined features of Foursquare and Mafia Wars.

He called his idea Burbn, and the apps primary functions were to let users check-in to locations, make future plans with acquaintances, earn points for hanging out with friends, and post pictures.

,However, when the future co-founder of Instagram, Mike Krieger, joined Systrom, they reviewed the product, and decided that it was too cluttered with features.

They took a big risk, and stripped it down to something completely intuitive and simple.

They cut everything from Burbun, except for photosharing, liking, and commenting features, and decided to call it Instagram u2013 an acronym of instant and telegram.

They also cut down from 30 filters to just eleven.

,Meanwhile, Systrom was actively building up business connections in Silicon Valley and meeting new people at parties.

He also let many influential techies try out the beta Instagram, some of whom had already tried the Burbn beta app.

Needless to say, all of them liked it.

,At 12:15 a.


, on October 6, 2010, Instagram went live.

Within minutes, it had seen a rush of downloads.

Then, Jack Dorsey of twitter, who had already seen the potential and was going to invest in it, tweeted about the new app he had tried out as a beta, and posted his first picture on it.

After a couple of months, celebrities joined in, and when Justin Bieber tweeted his first picture of a traffic jam in LA, teenage girls discovered the app.

The app gained the attention of many high profile investors.

,When it garnered the attention of Zuckerberg, he wanted it.

And managed to trump Dorseys numbers.

Jack Dorsey stopped using Instagram altogether.

(jack on Instagram) His last photo upload was in April 2012.

Really, the only sad part of the whole Instagram Success Story.

,Therefore, their marketing strategy? Word of mouth.

And it worked best.

,There are many reasons why Instagram became so much more successful than anticipated, and stood out from other apps.

,Photo sharing app: It was a relatively new concept and a brand new product.

There were many apps that let you share pictures, but nothing socially, on a public platform.

And nothing dedicated to only photo sharing.

The creators had already noticed that the photo sharing aspect of Burbn was the most popular and therefore decided to build on it.

And it was a social network in itselfu2013 not only do users get to share their photos with their own friends, they get to display them publicly.

They also get to see other users images, and hashtag their images, inviting more interest.

They also have the ingenious concept of a popular page that lets them discover new people and photos.

,Free! The app was free.

Users are always more willing to download and test an app that is free.

,Simplistic design and ease of use: Instagram is ridiculously simple to use.

You have five tabs- your feed, popular page, upload page, notifications, and your profile.

Its easy to understand and navigate.

,Few and quality updates: The look and feel of the app has hardly changed since it was first rolled out.

There have been few updates, and very few modifications.

,Integration with other social networks: Right from the beginning, Instagram was capable of integration with facebook, twitter, and tumblr.

This allowed for a wider base of users to notice the product and share it on more platforms.

,Mobile app: The app was meant to be used on a mobile phone.

Not at home, sitting on your computer, transferring images from your huge camera, but on the go.

From your phone.

Further features like geotagging enabled Foursquare like features of associating photos with locations, possible only with phones.

,nFilters: The choice of filters used by Instagram are, quite simply, awesome.

All of them work.

And they make your photos look great.

Even a person who has no idea how to point a camera and take a photo of something stupid, like a tree, can have their images look good.

The new filters rolled out in updates just get better and better.

Yay for filters.

n,(Image courtesy of wikipedia),iPhone only, initially: Do you have any idea how it feels to look at your favorite celebrities uploading pictures on instagram and sharing them on twitter, while all you could do was look on because you had the wrong OS on your phone? Teenage girls probably did.

Having the app only for iOS, and its initial success made it more coveted.

When the app rolled out to Android, it had seen 1 million downloads on the first day, and 5 million in less than a week.

,Not money driven: The team was focussed on delivering a quality product, not one that can make money for them.

,Small team: Despite record-shattering success, the team still has only thirteen members.

Eleven new members were added, and it remained a team instead of becoming a business.

,Stayed true to purpose: Instagram was meant to be an app for sharing pictures with people, not an app for photographers.

Instagram managed to stick to its core idea, especially as more and more users got on board.

It was not an app meant for photographers to showcase their work.

You dont need to speak good english to use twitter, you dont need to take good pictures to use instagram! Bad pictures were not subject to negative feedback.

It was simply a means for users to share pictures of anything from their cats, to their food, to sunsets.

And it works.


,Also read Kevin Systroms answer to What is the genesis of Instagram?, written two days after the app went live.

How to cut in Photoshop shortcut

Learn to change a tire: Its very straightforward, but its worth thinking about before you need it.

Heres a video.

-Ben MordecaiIdentify the freshest strawberries: Smell them.

If they smell like strawberries buy them, they will taste divine.

If they look gorgeous but have no smell, they will have no taste.

Simple and foolproof.

-Cyndi Perlman Fink.



and oranges: Pick up the orange or grapefruit.

If it feels light, its not juicy and will taste rather woody.

Go through the bin picking the ones that feel heaviest compared to oranges or grapefruits of a similar size.

Theyll be the tastiest ones.

-Karen OpasRemove tourists from vacation photos: Set your camera on a tripod.

Take a picture about every 10 seconds until you have about 15 shots.

Open all the images in Photoshop by going to File > Scripts > Statistics.

Choose: median and select the files you took.

Photoshop finds whats different in the photos and simply removes it.

-Vishal GalaLearn how to speed read: The first thing you need to do is eliminate the voice inside your head.

Read with your eyes.


Whatever you do dont use the voice inside your head.

As you learn to do this part go ahead and read word by word and go over the lines with your finger.

Just work on eliminating the voice.

Why? You cannot say words nearly as fast as you can comprehend them .



Since youre reading with your eyes, try reading two or three words at a time, and then move up once you get comfortable.

-Raj RaiComfortably fit everything in your suitcase: You can learn the art of packing.

Watch the demo.

-Carlos Amezquita.



and pack a suit in your carry-on without wrinkling it: Learn John Chows clever technique to roll the suit into a cabin-sized suitcase.

-Abhiroop MedhekarCalm nervousness: Chew gum when youre approaching a situation that would make you nervous like public speaking or bungee jumping.

If we are eating, something in our brain reasons I would not be eating if I were danger.

So Im not in danger.

-Abhishek A.

SinghTurn your watch into a compass: Hold your watch horizontally and point it so that the hour hand is facing into the sun.

At the center point between the 12 and the hour hand is your north/south line, with north facing away from the sun.

So if the hour hand is pointing at 4, for example, the 2 would point towards the south and the 8 would point towards the north.

Just remember, this only works in the Northern Hemisphere; and during Daylight Savings Time you would use the 1 instead of the 12 to determine the center line.

-Amarnath GaneshEasily insert mathematical symbols and special characters into Word documents: Insert all your required symbols just on an arbitrary line in the document, for easy access.

Open up the configuration for your word processor, and find the auto-correction/auto-replacement settings.

Add auto-correction rules for each of your symbols, assigning them a kind of command word that can be easily typed.

An example is /pi (no quotes), that would auto-correct to the actual Greek character.

-Trey BrisbaneSave time with computer shortcuts: When using Chrome on a Mac, ?+a selects all; ?+c copies; ?+x cuts; and ?+v pastes.

You can also use ?+n to open a new window and ?+t to open a new tab.

See a more comprehensive list of shortcuts here.

,Recover when you forget someones name immediately after meeting them: Ask them to put their number in your phone.

Its the best way to get their name without even asking for it.

Typically, they will enter both their first and last names, along with their number.

Its a great way to stay in touch with them in the future and also to assure you wont forget their name again.

Find more techniques to remember names here.

,EDIT,As asked in the comment section, some more of them:,How to remember everyones nameYouve just been introduced to someone, and youve already forgotten their name.

Luckily, there are some strategies you can use remember names more easily:,When you first meet someone, take a mental picture of them.

This will helps encode or store it in your brain as a longterm memory.

Use creative associations -- if a person named Joy looks happy all the time, think Joy-ful person when you see her, and youll remember her name.

Finally, and look up their name ahead of time, if possible -- studies suggest it helps!,How to keep reheated pizza from getting soggyNo one likes soggy pizza.

,Microwaves work by zapping your food with electromagnetic radiation, which is absorbed by water, fats, and sugars and converted into heat.

But some waves get reflected and bounce around.

Adding a glass of water to the microwave acts as a sink for all that extra energy, so it doesnt vaporise your pizza crust.

,How to remove furniture scuffs with a walnutAll you need for this simple trick is a walnut and a soft cloth.

How? The natural oils in the nut act as a kind of natural furniture polish, repelling dust by static electricity.

,As this YouTube video explains, just remove the nut from its shell and rub it diagonally across the scratch or ding you want to get rid of.

Then, rub the area with your finger to warm it up, and wait a few minutes to let the nuts natural oils sink in.

Finally, use the cloth to polish the spot.

Pecans, almonds, and Brazil nuts also work.

,How to fall asleep fasterHaving trouble counting sheep? Look for patterns in the random noise of your eyelids and try to follow it.

Once you start seeing complete images youre under way to dreamland.

Dont worry if it doesnt work right away -- Try again, just relax, think about nothing and watch the pretty pictures.

,If that doesnt work, you can also try avoiding using your phone or laptop right before bed, as the bright light can interfere with your brains internal clock, keeping you wide awake.

Or if you cant wean yourself completely, try an app like f.

lux, which dims your screen to a warmer colour that wont keep you up.

,How to tie your shoes so they wont come untiedYou can thank physics for this one.

If your shoelaces keep coming undone, never fear.

Ians secure shoelace knot, also known as a double slit knot, is here to the rescue.

Heres how it works:,1.

Tie a normal starting knot, then make both ends into loops.


Cross one loop in front of the other.


Wrap the first loop around the second and thread it through the hole.


At the same time, thread the second loop through the hole in the opposite direction.


Pull both loops through the hole.


Tighten!,Watch a YouTube video of how to tie the knot here.

,How to speed-readThe key to speed reading is simple: read with your eyes, not with the voice in your head.

Just work on eliminating the voice.

Why? You cannot say words nearly as fast as you can comprehend them.

,How to get a full workoutOK, this ones technically more than 5 minutes.

But this workout app lets you squeeze in a full workout in just 7 minutes, less than the time it takes to get changed and go to the gym.

,The workout includes 12 different exercises, such as jumping jacks, situps, and planks.

The science behind the app rests on the idea that short bouts of intense exercise have many of the same benefits as longer exercise sessions.

,How to use a tampon as a wound dressingThis one might sound odd, but feminine hygiene products can make because theyre 1) sterile and 2) very absorbent.

Theyre great for plugging a bloody nose, as long as you dont mind the strange looks.

They can also apparently be used to , but only as a last resort, because the blood can clot around the tampon and make it hard to remove.