What is the best setup for getting a white background in product photography?

How to set up a light box for photography

What set up are you using? Are you using white boards or light box/light tent or light table? In any case, as suggested by others you may need an extra light to light the background if you are using white board.

Quora is not really suitable to give details about the set ups.

Check some youtube videos on how to light products for product photography - there is lots of stuff.

,Next, are you doing white balancing with white and grey cards? Make sure you do that.

How to build a large light box photography

The most cost-effective way will always be to do it yourself.

n,Buy a camera.

You want something better than your phone, preferably with a good macro function for close-up texture shots.

You can get one that will meet your needs for less than $500, even less than $300.

,Build or buy a light box.

This is probably the biggest help in making your product photos look professional.

A good light box provides even lighting, a white background, and no edges, all of which help minimize unwanted shadows and make your product look good.

You can buy one ready-made light box for $100 or less, or you can build one using any of a thousand guides on the internet.

Heres one, with photos of the process and the results: How to Make An Inexpensive Light Tent - DIY - Digital Photography School.

If you want to take photos of clothing on a model, then it becomes a bit more complicated and you will likely spend 2-10x more money.

,Buy cheap photo editing software and learn how to use it.

These days it is ridiculously cheap to get good, professional-level software.

The basic Adobe Creative Cloud plan is $9.

99/mo and includes Photoshop and Lightroom: Creative Cloud pricing and membership plansnBUT.

If you are working with large brands, you should always ask the manufacturer for photos first.

Some big brands will provide you with photos because its in their best interest to control exactly how their clothing is pictured, shown on a model, etc.

The worst they can do is say no.