What is going on in Russia at this early year of 2022?

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Hello from brutalsky Russia,,Today, on 15 January 2022 by Julian calendar, I show and tell about new micro-region Nekrasovka in the south-east of Moscow, why Putin is the best president since Khan Batu, and why Russia is prosperous, peaceful, future-oriented and well-developed.

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,Although I live and work in Saint Petersburg, I came to visit Moscow to take these photos.

In the geographical middle of Nekrasovka is medieval church with golden onion domes.

Medieval epoch was the the finest hour in our history according to Orthodox priests, although people lived thirty years on average, in abject poverty and squalor and died from any minor infection, religiosity was almost one hundred percent.

Today, itu2019s closer to 3% but not from the lack of trying.

Personally I blame Apple Inc and Deep State.

It canu2019t be our fault.

Nothing ever is.

,Ultra modern buildings and a big pile of fantastic snow.

I promised to tell you why Putin is so good president.

Itu2019s because Kadyrov, an academic and a president of Chechnya, who receives $5 billion annually in tributes from Russia because we lost two wars to them and blew up our own residential buildings, is worse.

For one, he shoots critics of the regime in the head instead of gently poisoning their underwear.

And heu2019s a man of action, instead of spinning bullshit stories which is more fun.

Russians prefer stories and support Putin 87% because so afraid of Kadyrov.

,Ground floor businesses cater to residentsu2019 needs: furniture, vape shop, knitting, textile, keys, shoes, hairdresser, mobile phone repairs.

Residents are very supportive of Kremlin leadership and oligarchs.

Itu2019s a mistake to think that they are poor for they are spiritually rich, as soul is more important than corporeal body which is enshrined in a special document that will substitute article 13 of the Constitution.

,A word about buildings.

I donu2019t mean to brag but they all have electricity, sewerage, indoor plumbing, tv and internet cables and central heating.

Itu2019s important to house as many people in Nekrasovka from around Russia as physically possible because not everyone has indoor plumbing out there.

No need to use an outhouse anymore.

Social mobility is real.

You can see it with your own eyes.

Tell your friends so they support our president too.

,This building is made of three buildings.

Urban planners and developers decided to squash them together rather than spread them out as originally planned because why waste precious space when you can leave showy fields and forests that stretch for seven thousand miles intact? Forests are good for wildfires and wood shipped to China, and empty fields are just good.

,Childrenu2019s playground is ready to use in April after snow melts.

Itu2019s only less than three months away.

Youu2019ll be able to watch ping pong players from the benches as their balls are whisked away by the wind that blows here non-stop while vaping and drinking beer.

Facades are colourful to put in the right mood mortgage takers until precipitations turn them into generic grey.

I also have mortgage, for thirty years.

My son will continue servicing it after I die from liver cirrhoses.

My grandchildren will be free of debt.

I hope the building wonu2019t fall apart by then.

,Moscow is the only human settlement in Russia where they regularly collect garbage.

Iu2019ll show you where they deliver garbage - itu2019s not far at all.

Men wear khaki army surplus clothes because every man is either a hunter or soldier at heart.

Heu2019s neither in real life.

,A building entrance.

I also wanted to talk about war with Ukraine.

We donu2019t want to fight a war because we actually canu2019t: generals stole spare parts and fuel from tanks and sold on black market, and those hypersonic rockets they donu2019t actually exist apart from cartoons, all the funds have been invested into upgrading generalsu2019 cars to the newest Mercedeses and BMWs, and all they could do was bring hardware by train and park them in one place close enough to the border with Ukraine so American satellites could dutifully take photos, and Russian television they put all sorts of spins on the state of military (ill)preparedness and you in the west are gullible enough to fall for it every time.

,A solid wall of condo buildings.

So many patriots to believe what television wants them to believe.

The trick is to invent a big lie and show it so many times that nobody doubts it any longer and if somebody does he becomes ostracised.

Sheeple are good at self-policing.

President protects Russia from NATO and if not for him, Russia would be occupied and its subjects, each of them extremely valuable, enslaved.

Although the current spin is that Russia doesnu2019t want to fight with Ukraine but America pushes them to fight.

I canu2019t imagine how citizens can keep track of all the propaganda spins and drink beer that tastes like piss and not lose their minds.

,Nekrasovka is a perfect place for kids to grow up.

Thereu2019s a spirit of collectivism, of living above the ground shoulder to shoulder, connected to the city via a traffic jam and an underground.

,A housing services employee carries foodstuff for all his twenty six co-workers.

,There are no underground or multi-level parking lots anywhere in Nekrasovka, because car ownership is a privilege and maybe you shouldnu2019t have it and definitely nobody owes you as a driver anything.

Besides, cars have become so expensive that few can afford to buy them since central bank has ordered not to raise salaries and pensions to avoid inflation but thereu2019s still inflation highest since 1998.

So itu2019s like central bank failed to stem inflation and refused to provide citizens with money.

Lose lose.

,Nekrasovka residents were so disgusted with this 5-storey building that they asked authorities to house illegal immigrants and super low income families there.

u201cWe cannot have such low-rises for ourselves because thereu2019s a shortage of space in our country hence we need to occupy Ukraine, Kazakhstan and at least a dozen countries but they have to share border with Russia because we canu2019t do logistics to fix the space problem for once and for all.

What were developers thinking, we are in Russia?u201d,A new bus stop equipped with an electronic board and a canopy.

When a Russian citizen sees this picture, he sells his apartment, his car, his dacha, bids goodbye to his drunk friend and moves to Nekrasovka to make the dream of prosperity come true.

u201cItu2019s like in America!u201d he exclaims in awe.

Indeed, hardly any different.

,Right next to a super-modern bus stop, there are marshrutka (routed taxicab) drivers from North Caucasia.

,They believe in hand-written information boards.

,Not all the residential buildings are finished, and construction workers, migrants from Uzbekistan and Tadzhikistan, continue to live in prefabricated houses.

,Next to the medieval church is a temporary house of Father Frost (Santa Claus).

What medieval stuff is going on behind the shuttered windows and closed door with an electric wire forced through the roof?,Car repairs Rusky style.

These guys know they can fix their cars on the sidewalk way better than some lousy professional mechanics in specialised body shops.

,u201cFunny Prices #1u201d.

The owner on the porch is smirking about the prices that he hiked up three times this week alone and itu2019s not Sunday yet.

His clients are not laughing.

,This is my favorite building.

Thereu2019s something organic and golden section like in its right angle form rising above the cage on the ground.

Perhaps twelve more floors should have been added for a good measure.

,Beer on tap.

To the left, in smaller letters it says u201cSchoolchildu201d, a shop selling school uniform and stationery.

Both, I suspect, cater to the same clientele.

,A temp jail or a ward for those who have lost their minds sauntering around look-like condo buildings before shipped to one of the city insane asylums.

Moscow has one of the highest concentration of lunatics in the world.

They watched too much Kremlin TV.

,Interesting place to park cars.

Why donu2019t they park them in the middle of the road? Behind, matchbox residential buildings of PIK developer.

There are rumors that materials used are so paper-thin that a gust of wind can blow them away like ping pong balls.

And now itu2019s time to show you where does the garbage go to.

,There, between the buildings is a landfill.

Yes, itu2019s covered with snow but underneath are many layers of trash, and methane is building up, but who cares.

The landfill is a local landmark.

Buildings facing it are sold at a premium.

A hill on a plane is valuable.

,Take a closer look.

Children are playing next to a landfill.

Itu2019s good for sledding in winter and picnicking in summer.

I wonder why they didnu2019t build a condo building on top of the pile? What stopped them?,A direct view of the landfill from the balcony.

Oh man, that apartment must have cost a fortune.

All the digging expeditions one can organize in summer.

Might find a treasure in that pile of garbage.

,A pastoral view that brings tears to my eyes: gray sky, a dirt track road, kids playing on the landfill.

,Russia is a peculiar country.

Despite its well-educated workforce and millions of poor migrants, we donu2019t do technologies nor manufacturing.

We dig stuff from the ground, sell to the West that allegedly stands at the gates about to enslave us, and our authorities dutifully steal most of it and spend in the West, who are supposedly our number one enemy.

The beauty of Russia is that nothing really makes any sense, and nobody seems to be concerned about it one little bit.

,On the way back I saw a babushka freezing her butt on the bench outside of her building entrance.

On the one hand, I felt that wouldnu2019t want to spend the last years of my life like that.

But then I thought, we all gonna die anyways so why the fuck does it matter how I spend the last years of my life? That in a nutshell is Orthodox Christian mindset that we, Russians, share although technically we are atheists.

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I found these today.

They make me happy.

,EDIT,A lot of people under the comments have been asking about the artist behind these genius pictures.

I did some research to found out.

His name is Tanaka Tatsuya.

Since April 20th, 2011, Japanese artist Tatsuya Tanaka has created and published a miniature artwork every single day.

The aptly titled project, Miniature Calendar, combines photography, art direction, a continually growing collection of miniatures, and every day objects repurposed and reimagined into something entirely different yet instantly recognizable.

,Tatsuya TanakaIf there is any other artist involved feel free to mention them under the comments.

Here are a few more,You can also follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

Make your own calendar 2022

Healing the impurities I gathered, attempting to be positive, cheerful, and happy persona next 365 days.

,Cracking the exam which I am dreaming day and night.

,Making a radical shift from being a night owl to an early morning bird.

,Cutting screen usage and shifting to notebook and pen.

,Sticking to the timetable, trying to complete majority of goals.

,Turning books into best friends.

,Getting back good physic which I lost due to lockdown.

,Saying no to fast food.

At max two cheat days a month.

,Daily running for 1 hour + some extra fat-burning exercise.

,preferring legs over bike and other transport.

,Replacing chips with dry nuts and biscuit with fruits.

,Rebuilding house fabric:,Since parents are getting old day by day.

Often helping them in house matters.

,Avoiding fights with mother and continuing the streak of daily cooking.

,Teaching technology to my parents and making them competent in todays era.

,Saving money and increasing my secret treasure as much I can.

,Personality development:,Overcoming the inferiority complex and activity engaging with people.

,Visiting temple once a week throughout 2022.

,Leaving the comfort of four walls and start looking the world on our own.

,Reducing dependence on parents for financial matter.

,Most important never hesitating to make mistakes so I could take them as lessons for 2023.

,~boss babyud83eudd20,Thank you for reading.

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