How small is Sylvester Stallone in front of Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Arnold Schwarzenegger height in cm

Hereu2019s the tale of the tape.

Sylvester Stallone is reportedly 5u2032 9u00bd or 1.

77 m.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is said to be 6u20322u2033 or 1.

88 m.

The math is a difference of 4u00bd or 11.

43 cm.

Here are photos of the pair side by side.

If the pair seem to be closer in height, itu2019s probably due to Sylvester wearing shoes with a heel.

,Look at his Sylvesteru2019s shoes in this photo.

Can you see the heel that appears to be around 2u2033?

Arnold Schwarzenegger age

In humans or in fact any animal, Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and ageing have a close relationship.

The higher the BMR of an individual, the faster is the aging process.

BMR is closely related to muscular mass of an individual and calorie intake.

A life long body builder like Arnold Schwarzenegger has high muscle mass and high calorie diets.

This in turn results in high BMR.

The high energy turnover increases oxygen free radicals in the body which the diet supplied anti-oxidants are not able to neutralize fully.

These free radicals causes damage which subsequently are seen as signs of ageing.

,Rate of living theory proposes that higher the metabolism of an organism lower is the lifespan.

This is the same reason why Mayflies live for at most a day or two while large and slow giant tortoises live to be 150 years old.

There has been high level of evidence that supports this theory even in humans.

When humans who were 100+ years were studied, it was found that they had low Thyroid hormone levels which meant lower metabolic rate in the body.

It has also been observed that high performance athletes have shorter lifespans than average life expectancy among their non-athlete counterparts.

Apart from this, several animal and human studies support this theory of correlation between BMR, free radical induced damage, aging as a result of that damage and lifespan.

,Getting back to the question, Arnold Schwarzeneggers ageing looks may have multifactorial causation but certainly his high muscle mass, high calorie food intake and resulting high BMR certainly are the most important factors in his ageing.

His congenital bicuspid aortic valve (normal is a tricuspid), his long term anabolic steroid abuse, multiple heart surgeries , unhealthy lifestyle choices and several injuries during his career has made him quite an unhealthy person as it is.

Add to that the high BMR, there is definitely every chance that hes ageing faster than his chronological age.

,However rate of living theory does not apply to exercise induced energy expenditure.

Exercise is obviously useful to the cardiovascular and metabolic health of the body.

But higher muscle mass and high calorie intake are clearly risk factors for faster aging.

,So exercise by all means.

A good amount of muscle mass is important and healthy.

This BMR and lifespan thing is not an excuse to become a couch potato.

However go easy on the heavyduty bodybuilding in the gym if you want to live a long life looking younger than your chronological age.

Arnold Schwarzenegger height at 15

Schwarzenegger was a big dude for various reasons- one of which was without doubt chronic, hardcore steroid abuse.

Apparently, (according to legend & hearsay) in his heyday he was popping approximately 25 Dianabol tablets a day with his one time training partner Sergio Oliva.

I think most ethical medics & pharmacists would agree that this amount of Dianabol was slightly more than the recommended daily allowance.

,Both guys were genetic freaks- at the very top of the bodybuilding food chainu2026u2026& perhaps more sinisterly both guys were also self-confessed steroid freaksu2026u2026u2026So I suppose youu2019re thinking- what if a random couch potato type of u201cJoe Bloggsu201d simply took the same u201cjuiceu201d as Arnoldu2026u2026u2026Would he not one day become just as well built as Arnold too? Itu2019s not quite so simple & straightforward- the steroids are performance ENHANCERS.

The steroid doesnu2019t create lean muscle on its own but enhances what you have (& your performance).

So in theory, if the couch potato guy trained as intensely as Arnold, consumed the exact same diet, took the exact same u2018roids, had the same genetic profileu2026u2026.


then I suppose he may one day be as big as Arnold.

,But I can give you an exact prime example of what Arnold may have looked like MINUS the steroids.

,This guy was virtually the exact same height & frame size as Arnold & as you can see from the image he weighed around 15 and a half stone.

Steve Reeves was probably the last great natural bodybuilder before the dawn of the u2018roid freaks forever changed the bodybuilding landscape.

The steroids enabled Arnold to pack on about 2 stone of extra pure lean mass, otherwise Reeves was as good as Arnold.

Arnold Schwarzenegger height, weight

This is Arnold at the site where he crashed into 3 other cars.

He is 6u2032 2u2033 ( 188 cm ), weighing about 245 lbs ( 111 kg ).

,As you can see, he is till fit and perfectly healthy.

Arnold Schwarzenegger young

He was not made to look young, he simply looked young.

,A lifelong of regular exercises, probably mostly away from alcohol, no cigarettes keeps humans young for many decades.

,Those who look old past 35 probably have awful lifestyles, like smoking, drinking, avoiding sleep and exercise and sometimes even worse.

,Not sure what is so attractive in that kind of self-destructive lifestyles, but there should be something, given the number of individuals going after it.

,There is no magic secret here.

,Arnold Schwarzenegger at 55, looking younger than many 35 y/ou2026

Arnold Schwarzenegger height 2022

There are three answers to this question.

In a wrestling match between Andre the Giant (Andre Roussimoff) and The Big Show (Paul Wight), the winner would be:,In a scripted match the winner would be picked by the scriptwriter(s).

Since Andre the Giant seldom lost, Andre would be the most likely winner.

Andre was a bigger star and a bigger attraction than The Big Show.

,In a u201cfor realu201d wrestling match between the wrestlers in their primes, The Big Show would have been one of the few professional wrestlers with a legitimate chance to beat Andre.

But Andre was bigger, stronger and before the injuries set in, a good athlete for his size.

In a battle of giants, bet on the bigger, stronger giant.

,If the wrestlers met in a u201cfor realu201d match when The Big Show was at his peak and Andre was no longer in his prime, I think The Big Show would probably win.

But I see no point in comparing a prime Paul Wight to an infirm Andre.

,I say prime Andre wins two out of three falls.

,The question of Andreu2019s height came up in the comments.

Here is the first of three pictures from the set of Conan the Destroyer that can help us judge Andreu2019s actual height:,Wilt Chamberlain, on the left, was 7u2032-1u2033.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, in the middle, was supposed to be around 6u2032-2u2033, and he looks like a munchkin compared to the two giants.

In this picture, if we adjust for Wilt having u201ctalleru201d hair, he and Andre look pretty close in height.

So I would say Andre was about 6u2032-11u2033 to 7u2032-0u2033 and thus shorter than his u201cofficialu201d height of 7u2032-5u2033.

But I seem to remember Andre having some sort of illness and/or surgery that left him shorter than in his prime.

So he may have been over seven feet tall when he was younger.

One clue that Andre may have been taller is his size 24 shoes.

I remember NBA seven-footers like Will Perdue having size 22 shoes, and that was something reporters took note of and mentioned in their articles.

So a size 24 shoe may suggest a height north of seven feet.

,Another reason to suspect Andre may have been taller when he was younger is hand size.

No one matched Andre the Giant when it came to hand size.

This is the mammoth Brock Lesnar comparing his hand size to Andreu2019s.

,Arnold Schwarzenegger looked like a child compared to the mighty Wilt Chamberlain and Andre the Giant.

And look at the size of his hands and feet compared to Andreu2019s.

,Arnold was officially 6u20322u2033 and 235 to 260 pounds in his prime.

But he looks like a munchkin in these photos.

Many people believe Arnold is closer to 5u203210u2033 or 5u203211u2033 while others believe he is even shorter.

But in an interview Arnold insisted that he was actually 6u20321-1/2u2033 and presumably just rounded up!,In two of the three pictures from the set of Conan the Destroyer, Wilt looks taller than Andre, but he has a more upright posture and u201ctalleru201d hair.

In the picture directly above, adjusting for u201chair heightu201d and lining up the eyes, they seem to be the same height.

Is Andre standing up a bit straighter, perhaps? Based on the third picture, I am going to say that I think Andre was 7u20321u2033 at the time these pictures were snapped, and quite possibly taller when he was younger.

However, someone pointed out that Andre is wearing cowboy boots in the pictures while Wiltu2019s shoes look flatter.

So itu2019s hard to say, exactly.

,Arnold tweeted this about the humbling experience: u201c#tbt [it was] one of the rare moments I felt completely puny, with Wilt Chamberlain and Andre the Giant.

u201d,Arnold was more impressive when standing next to someone other than two Goliaths:,For instance, Arnold looks much taller here, standing next to the diminutive Danny DeVito:,Jamie Lee Curtis is 5u20327u2033 so how tall do you think Arnold is, really? Please feel free to guess at his height in the comments.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger children

The son that doesnu2019t use his last name looks the most like himJoseph Baena has a great relationship with his father but has no interest in using the name Schwarzenegger.

,The young actor opened up about what it was like when news leaked that Arnold Schwarzenegger is his dad.

He said in a new interview that he remembers the day, when he was 13, vividly.