What are the most popular printers in the world?

Canon Printer 3 in 1 Price List

The top 5 brand printers are like :,HP DeskJet 4535 wireless colour ink printer:HP DeskJet 4535 printer is an all-in-one product, means itu2019s a low-cost price with the wireless product.

Using this printer we can easily print from our smartphone or tablet.

It has quick setup where we can print wirelessly from any room.

This is in top 10 Multi Function Printer (MFP) list.

,Features are like it support all kind of email print, Wi-Fi print, touch screen dial etc and it has traditional color cartridges with fast printing and scanning speed.

It has the capacity of printing up to 1000 pages per month, auto 2 sided printing and copying.


Canon pixma G2000:Canon pixma G2000 printer is a refillable ink tank with low running cost.

It prints up to 6000 black pages and 7000 colour pages.

The scanned prints are pretty good and it;s quite expensive compared to others.

It is type multifunction printer.

Memory is about 16 MB with USB support.


EPSON L455:EPSON L455 is quite similar to Canon pixma G2000.

In case of Epson, itu2019s ink tank technology where ink needed to print photos and documents sit in bottles.

It is in the 3rd top MFPs list.

This is the home use or small business printer without losing your budget.


Brother DCP- L2541DW:Brother DCP - L2541DW printer has 3-in-1 monochrome laser with multi functions like print, scan and copy.

It has print speed of up to 32 pages per minute (letter size) and 30 pages per minute (A4 size).

On-site warranty is about 12 months.

It contains high speed USB 2.

0 and memory is 32 MB.


SAMSUNG (ML-2161/XIP Laser Printer):Samsung is the most trusted and famous brand in India.

It is made up with single function laser printer which comes from monochrome output.

Printing paper of different sizes and formats such as A4, A5, Folio, ISO B5 etc.

It has the memory of 8 MB.

Canon 3 in 1 Printer Continuous Ink

Ill tackle this as a bullet point exercise as Im sure others will build on this but heres some basic gotchas to consider:n,Do not treat Marketing hype and performance stats from the manufacturer as relevant to your intended use.

nApply huge pinch of salt to the marketing hype from the manufacturer regarding output, speed or capacity.

If you must compare, check for ISO references in test results and find out what those mean against your chosen usage patternsn,Ignore reviews from any paid magazines where that OEM pays for advertising.

nAre they likely to write unfavourable reviews for products by companies who help them pay the bills?n,Dont just focus on Ink/Toner expenditure.

nFind out what aspects of your printer are considered consumable, what their expected lifespan is and their cost.

neg: Lasers sometimes have separate drums, fusers, etc.



all of which impact on running costs.

n,Dont assume that compatible ink/toner availability equals reasonable quality/functionality using such options.

nCase in point are the compatible options for the Epson Expression XP-600 or newer models.

The new printhead/cartridge design has made it very difficult for CIS systems (Continuous Ink Supply) or sponge based compatible cartridges feed ink in a reliable way.

Numerous users are finding themselves wasting considerable ink and money on multiple head cleans and coming a cropper on the Service required error (solveable but certainly not ideal).

,Dont assume New = BetternIncreasingly the build quality of printers has decreased as more and more recycled plastics have been put to use and cost cutting has been applied to the printers themselves.

They are increasingly disposable.

Older model printers (eg: Canon iP4500 vs Canon MG7250) have much better longevity albeit without some features (eg: wireless).

,Avoid emotional or impulse purchases.

nA good printer purchase rarely comes from gut calls, much better to investigate the options, consumables, features, real-user reviews and base a decision on facts.




and lastly.



nn,Measure your available spacenYou dont want to try putting an A3 printer into a space designed for a hamster cage :)

Inkjet Printer price Philippines

This is the first item that appeared upon making a Google Search.

,This is interesting because, in the Philippines, thereu2019s a project called CARTELLINO Where Does the Philippines Stand If Were Not Moving Foward? u2014 Cartellino that is going to be launched inviting artists to send in works they are going to sell print copies of ON DEMAND.

,_____________________________________________________________________________________,Make Prints of Your ArtPosted on,August 16, 2015by Matt FussellAt some point, every artist eventually considers selling the art that they produce.

Some personal works will always stay in the possession of the artist, but others may be created for commercial sale.

,But letsu2019 face it, every work that you produce is personal.

The artist will always put a bit of themselves in every piece that they create.

So for some, the thought of selling their work and u201cletting it gou201d to someone else is unbearable.

For these artists, putting a price on something that you have literally poured yourself into is unimaginable.

,The good news is that you donu2019t ever have to let go of the original work to share it with the world u2013 and make a profit from it.

Instead of selling the original work, you can sell prints.

,The print market is huge and for years, it has been out of reach for many artists.

In the past, you would have to find a print manufacturer to produce, distribute, and sell the prints for you.

Or you could purchase prints directly from a printer and sell them yourself u2013 but distributing them on a large scale was very difficult.

These routes are still taken by some artists today, but if you want to maximize your profit, then the best solution is to print and sell them yourself.

,Before we explore the options, letu2019s discuss the type of prints youu2019ll want to provide to your patrons.

,Fine Art PrintsThere are many options for printing your work.

Your patrons will demand quality and youu2019ll want to provide them with this.

For this reason, your prints will need to meet the industry standard.

,The best approach is to provide Giclu00e9e prints.

Giclu00e9e (pronounced u201czhee-clayu201d) is a process of printing that ensures a high level of longevity and quality to the print.

It is also very u201ctrueu201d to the original work of art.

,If you are are unfamiliar with Giclu00e9e printing, it simply refers to a high quality print, typically produced on a modern, large format inkjet printer.

,For most of us, the standard inkjet printer in our homes will not produce a Giclu00e9e print.

It may be capable of producing a beautiful reproduction, but not necessarily one that is considered a u201cGiclu00e9eu201d.

To create a high quality Giclu00e9e print, several conditions must be met concerning the printer, the ink, the surface, and the resolution of the print.

,Printer u2013 Giclu00e9e prints are typically produced using large format inkjet printers that feature small spraying apparatuses that apply the ink precisely and match the colors equally well.

,Ink u2013 The ink must of high quality and considered u201carchivalu201d.

This is typically achieved using inks that are pigment-based instead of dye-based.

,Surface u2013 The surface is also important as a Giclu00e9e print must be printed on an u201carchivalu201d surface.

This could be watercolor paper, rag paper, canvas, or any specially-designed printing paper that is labeled as u201carchivalu201d.

,Resolution u2013 Most digital photos are recorded at a resolution of 72 dpi, or u201cdots per inchu201d.

While this resolution is acceptable for digital photos, it is not up to the standard of a print, which needs to be printed at a minimum of 300 dpi.

The resolution, however, can easily be altered using a photo editing program such as Photoshop or Gimp prior to printing.

,Printing Through a Print CompanySince there is a small barrier for entry into the print market, you may consider having a print company produce Giclu00e9e prints for you.

,Printing reproductions of your work through a printing company can be expensive, but also worth the investment in some circumstances.

Youu2019ll need to be fairly sure that you can sell your prints before making the investment of using a print company.

If you are sure that you can sell, then the quality of the print is fairly reliable.

,There are several costs to consider.

Many companies charge for the scanning and color matching of your work, sometimes referred to as a u201csetup feeu201d.

Depending on the company that you work with, you may have to purchase prints in bulk.

This is not always the case as some companies allow you to purchase individual prints, but at much higher cost.

Most offer discounts on bulk printing, so it makes sense to purchase many prints.

Beyond the cost of setup and printing, youu2019re also likely to have to pay for shipping.

You can see how the prices can soar very quickly.

,The Acrylic Painting Academynu201cThe Acrylic Painting Academyu201d is a comprehensive painting course designed to guide absolute beginners to a level of producing professional quality acrylic paintings.

,VIEW COURSEIf you can charge enough for your prints to make a profit beyond the costs of printing, then using a print company offers a bit of reliability and quality assurance.

,Print Your Art With Your Own EquipmentBecause the cost to use a commercial printing company can be expensive, many artists opt to make their own prints.

,One thing to carefully consider is the quality of the print.

You do not want to produce prints that are not a good investment for your buyer.

This means that youu2019ll need to produce prints that are high quality and will last for years.

As mentioned before, the quality of the print all boils down to four factors:,The quality of the printer,The quality of the paper,The quality of the ink,The resolution of the print,Another factor to consider is the quality of the photo or scan of the work.

The scan or photo must be as u201ctrueu201d to the original as possible.

This means that you may have to do a bit of editing to the photo or scan using a photo editing program.

Canon Printer with Scanner and Xerox

Nothing really.

They both print and scan in much the same way.

,Going down one level, into the details of the implementation of the printer, there might be some differences.

,Printer manufacturers, like HP, have traditionally used 1 part toner cartridges.

When the cartridge is replaced, you dont just get more toner.

You also get a new OPC drum, and new developer.

On a monochrome printer, the cartridge contains the entire imaging system.

On a color printer, only the transfer belt is outside the toner cartridges.

,Copier manufacturers, such as Xerox, Ricoh, Canon, and Samsung, have traditionally used a different system.

Toner is delivered in a bottle and the imaging parts are changed, by a repair technician, as needed.

The imaging system parts are also designed for longer life.

,The printer cartridge system allows end users to easily change toner cartridges, and do most of the printer maintenance themselves, if they choose.

However, it also leads to more expensive costs per page for the cartridge because so many parts are included.

,The copier system requires more regular service visits from service technicians, but can offer a lower cost per page, especially on larger copiers that print a high number of pages per month.

,With HPs recent purchase of Samsung printing, HP now has copier technology also.